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Best Chit Fund Software in 2024

What is Chit Fund Software?

Chit fund software is a web-based application used by chit fund companies to manage their operations, keep track of chits and generate reports. It improves information accuracy and simplifies report management. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Chit Fund Software in 2024

  • top product arrowdovyo CRM
  • top product arrowWebsoftex
  • top product arrowChitCare
  • top product arrowChit Biz
  • top product arrowChit Soft

Best Chit Fund Software

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dovyo CRM

dovyo CRM

Brand: Dovyo Technologies Private Limited


4.6 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

dovyo CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses automate tasks, manage leads and customers, and improve customer servi... Read More About dovyo CRM read review arrow

₹1,000 User/Month

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Brand: Websoftex Software Solutions

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Websoftex is a complete designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This for has a simple interface and is easy to use. Websoftex provides end-to-... Read More About Websoftex img

Price On Request



Brand: Kireeti Soft Technologies

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ChitCare is a web and mobile-based chit-management software for managing chit-fund operations with easy interfaces, automation, and security features.... Read More About ChitCare read review arrow

Price On Request

Chit Biz

Chit Biz

Brand: Chit Biz

Be the first to review is a web-based Chit Fund ERP for accurate, transparent, and secure remote management of chit-fund business, customers, and financial transactions.... Read More About Chit Biz read review arrow

Price On Request

Chit Soft

Chit Soft

Brand: Smart Global Solutions


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Chit Soft is a web-based software for chit fund management and helps companies manage their accounting, subscribers, agents, auctions, and prizes.... Read More About Chit Soft read review arrow

₹1,000 /Month

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eSoftcube Chit Fund

eSoftcube Chit Fund

Brand: Esoftcube Technology


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

eSoftcube Chit-Fund Software manages chit operations and finances securely and enhances customer service.... Read More About eSoftcube Chit Fund read review arrow

₹2,499 /Month

InfoCentroid Chit Fund

InfoCentroid Chit Fund

Brand: InfoCentroid Software Solutions

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InfoCentroid Chit Fund software manages chit fund business through cloud-based, responsive interface support for members and administrators.... Read More About InfoCentroid Chit Fund read review arrow

Price On Request



Brand: Kapil IT Solutions

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EasyCHIT is a chit fund management software with modules to support automation, customization, and a user-friendly interface for operations.... Read More About EasyCHIT read review arrow

Price On Request

Ultimez Chit Fund

Price On Request

Deco Chit Fund

Deco Chit Fund

Brand: Decospaa Cloud

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Deco Chit Fund software helps manage Chit Fund data and processes with easy forms and interfaces, robust security, multi-user support, and SMS integration.... Read More About Deco Chit Fund read review arrow

Price On Request

Last Updated on : 10 Apr, 2024

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Software listed

Best Chit Fund Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

ChitCare, Marg Chit Fund, Websoftex Chit Fund, and Chit Fund Manager stand out as notable chit fund management software solutions tailored specifically for chit fund management.

Chit fund software is advantageous as it's a web-based application specifically designed to assist chit fund companies in managing operations, tracking chits, and automating tasks such as payment tracking, auction management, and member communication.

The primary purpose of chit fund software is to simplify operations for chit fund companies by offering features like member management, auction management, accounting, and reporting, streamlining the management of chit fund operations.

Chit fund company software is primarily utilized by chit fund companies to facilitate the management of their operations, including member tracking, auction management, and financial reporting.

Chit Fund Software Reviews


dovyo CRM


“Customer service executive support is excellent. They support calls and recorded videos are ver beneficial.”

- Raja

See all dovyo CRM reviewsimg

Chit Fund Software Price List In India

Chit Fund Software Cost
Top Chit Fund Software Starting Price Rating
dovyo CRM₹1000.00 User/Month4.6
Chit Soft₹1000.00 /Month4.5
eSoftcube Chit Fund₹2499.00 /Month5

Buyer's Guide for Top Chit Fund Software

Found our list of Chit Fund Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Chit Fund Software?
  • How Does Chit Fund Software Work?
  • Key Features of Chit Fund Software
  • Benefits of Chit Fund Software
  • Top Chit Fund Software

What is Chit Fund Software?

Chit Fund Software is an online tool designed specifically for companies managing chit funds. It helps organize and automate various tasks involved in chit fund operations. This software efficiently handles activities such as tracking contributions, conducting auctions, and maintaining member information. Essentially, it's a system that assists organizations in efficiently managing their chit fund activities in one centralized place.

How Does Chit Fund Software Work?

Chit fund accounting software streamlines the operations of chit funds, a common savings and credit system prevalent in India. It automates various tasks like;

  • Member Enrollment: The software makes it easy to add members who regularly contribute fixed amounts. It simplifies the registration process, keeps track of each member's contributions, and creates clear receipts for transparency.
  • Contribution Management: Managing contributions becomes effortless as the software efficiently tracks individual amounts and maintains a clear record. This simplification in overseeing member contributions ensures accurate bookkeeping and organization.
  • Auction Management: Chit software helps in auctions where members bid for the shared funds. It oversees the auction process, making sure it's fair and transparent. The member offering the highest bid wins the prize, and the software ensures the process remains unbiased and open at every stage.
  • Financial Record-Keeping: The software carefully keeps important financial records, including total funds collected, auction outcomes, and individual member balances. This attention to detail ensures that the financial data remains accurate and trustworthy.
  • Reporting: The chit management software generates comprehensive reports for members, administrators, and regulatory bodies. These detailed insights into the fund's financial status and performance are instrumental for informed decision-making and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Key Features of Chit Fund Software

Chit fund software packs in a range of super useful features that make managing chit funds a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of what these features are all about:

  • Security Management: Chit fund software prioritizes security by employing automatic logout functions, encrypting passwords, mapping approvals, and actively monitoring logs. These measures ensure that sensitive information remains protected and unauthorized access is prevented.
  • Timely Alerts and Intimations: This feature sends out notifications to customers regarding crucial information such as upcoming auction dates and the amount set for auction. This ensures that all participants are informed well in advance, reducing the chances of missed opportunities.
  • Auction Dates List: Users can easily access and refer to a comprehensive list of scheduled auction dates. This organized list assists in planning and preparation, keeping everyone involved well-informed about upcoming events.
  • Subscriber Ledger: The software provides a detailed ledger system that categorizes outstanding statements based on groups, collections, branches, and the overall company. This structured approach simplifies tracking and managing financial records.
  • Channel Partner Management: Chit management software facilitates the nurturing of relationships with channel partners by fostering trust and mutual respect. This feature aims to streamline collaborations and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Chit Process Tracking: This functionality keeps a close eye on the chit fund processes. It aids in efficient management by ensuring proper monitoring and simplifying reporting procedures.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The CRM tools integrated into the software assist in managing customer relationships effectively. It enables tracking customer information and identifying potential sales opportunities for improved engagement.
  • Group Creation and Management: This feature streamlines the creation and management of groups within the chit fund system. It assists in member administration, prize management, and ensuring seamless communication within groups.
  • Guarantor Forms Streamlining: This aspect focuses on centralizing and streamlining information related to guarantors. It simplifies the management of crucial data concerning guarantors associated with the chit-fund operations.

Benefits of Chit Fund Software

Chit fund software offers a range of benefits that streamline operations and enhance user experience. These benefits include;

  • Member Management: It facilitates the management of member contributions, creating receipts, recording auction outcomes, and maintaining accurate financial records for seamless administration.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Online chit fund software enables the generation of detailed reports categorized by loan ID, customer profiles, monthly summaries, and outstanding payments, aiding in comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Customer Convenience: Chit fund accounting software offers customers the ability to access account information online, receive automated SMS alerts for updates, participate in auctions through online platforms, and make secure online payments for added convenience.
  • Administrative Efficiency: The chit software empowers administrators with personalized dashboards for streamlined operations. They can add new employees, introducers, and members, view various reports, create new chit groups, access member passbooks, assign bid winners, and process payments efficiently.
  • Online Access for Members: Online chit software provides secure online access for members to view upcoming payment schedules, outstanding amounts, and detailed loan information, enhancing transparency and user autonomy.

Factors to Consider When Using Chit Fund Software

When considering Chit Fund Software it's important to weigh various factors to ensure optimal management. These factors are;

  • Timely Payment Records: Ensure the software comprehensively records chit receipts and prize payments. These records facilitate smooth tax-related filings such as GST and audits.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Look for software that sends timely alerts to customers regarding crucial auction details like dates and amounts. Effective communication is key.
  • Customer, Employee, and Group Management: Seek chit fund accounting software that efficiently handles customer data, employee information, and chit group organization. Streamlined management leads to improved operational efficiency.
  • Robust Security Measures: Prioritize software equipped with strong security protocols to safeguard sensitive information and transactions from unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Customization Options: Choose chit software offering customizable features, allowing tailoring to specific business needs and workflows for optimized performance.
  • Integration Capabilities: Opt for a chit fund company software that seamlessly integrates with other systems or tools. This will ensure smooth data flow and process synchronization across platforms.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the chit fund management software adheres to regulatory standards and legal requirements, mitigating potential compliance risks and ensuring industry compliance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Look for an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface while choosing chit fund accounting software. This will promote user adoption and reduce training time for enhanced usability.
  • Device Integration: Consider software that supports integration with diverse devices, facilitating accessibility and use across multiple platforms or devices.
  • Effective Communication Channels: Prioritize software that fosters efficient communication among stakeholders, ensuring clarity and transparency in operations and decision-making.
  • Geo-location-based Receipt Collection: Online chit fund software offering geo-location-based receipt collection streamlines payment tracking, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in managing chit fund transactions.

Top Chit Fund Software

Here is a list of some of the best chit fund software along with their features and price;

Softwares Features Price
VYO CRM Lead Management, Marketing, Sales, Goals, Remarketing Starts at ₹667
Websoftex Dashboard, Financial Management, Masters, Transactions, User Friendly Price On Request
ChitCare Dashboard, Transactions, Masters, Security, Reports Price On Request
Chit Biz Member Management, Group Management, Lead Management, Member Notification, Transactions Price On Request
Chit Soft Secure Data Management, User Friendly, Cost Effective, Access Anywhere, Any Time, Transactions Starting at ₹1,000
eSoftcube Chit Fund Dashboard, Transactions, SMS Integration, Masters, Transparency Starting at ₹2,499
InfoCentroid Chit Fund Dashboard, Transactions, Masters, Security, Reports Price On Request
EasyCHIT Dashboard, Customisation, Secure, Statutory Compliances, User Friendly Price On Request
Ultimez Chit Fund Dashboard, Transactions, User Friendly, Security, Easy Integration Price On Request
Deco Chit Fund Dashboard, Transactions, Member Registration, Security, Group Enrollment Price On Request

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