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  1. What is an Encryption Software System?
  2. What Is Encryption Software Used For?
  3. How Does Encryption Software Work?
  4. Why Should You Use Encryption Software?
  5. What is the Difference Between Software Encryption and Hardware Encryption?
  6. Key Features of Encryption Software
  7. How to Choose the Right Encryption Software for Your Business?

What is an Encryption Software System?

Encryption software is a special kind of software designed to help organizations keep their sensitive data and digital information safe and protected against any type of data theft or breach. The software helps in protecting all the sensitive information related to your business by using various encryption tools.

The files are encrypted with a special encryption password or a key for the safe transmission of data with the software. To access the file, the receiver should have installed the same software or have access to the password or key. Hence, your data would be protected against any type of data theft.

What Is Encryption Software Used For?

With the advancement of technology, the issues of data breaches have become quite common. Hackers can easily get access to a business's sensitive piece of information. However, encryption software is a kind of encryption program to protect their sensitive information from any unauthorized access from outside sources. With this software, only people with the data key can read the encrypted data. If you also want to keep your data protected against any type of data theft, you must invest in encryption software.

How Does Encryption Software Work?

File encryption software uses various algorithms to transform the sensitive data into a scrambled file. This scrambled data file will be unreadable for normal users. After that, the software generates an encrypted key that can help to read these unreadable data files. Hence, with the help of the key or password, the receiver can easily read these files.

Since the encrypted data remains almost unreadable to most unauthorized users, it stays confidential and protected. Hackers and unauthorized users would only see the information in the form of scrambled data and only the person with the key can view the data file. However, the data would only remain protected when the businesses would effectively manage the encryption key.

Why Should You Use Encryption Software?

There is a plethora of reasons to choose encryption software for your business, including

  1. Protect sensitive data and confidential information.
  2. Ensure compliance with the various compliance requirements.
  3. Prevent the alteration of the data.
  4. Protect the data whether it is in transit or at rest.
  5. Keep your data protected across various platforms.

What is the Difference Between Software Encryption and Hardware Encryption?

There are two types of encryptions, software and hardware encryption, each having its own merits. Here are some key differences between these two encryptions.

While software encryption requires software to be installed on your computer, hardware encryption functions independently on a processor. As a result, hardware encryption doesn’t slow down your computer.

Hardware Encryption Vs Software Encryption

Hardware Encryption

Software Encryption

It does not require software installation.

It requires software installation for the host computer.

It does not slow down the operating system.

It might slow down the operating system.

Can encrypt data at rest

Can encrypt data at rest and in transit

No update required

Needs regular updates


Cost effective

Highly secure

Less secure

Ideal for small application environment

Ideal for mid-sized and large application environments

Key Features of Encryption Software

The encrypt file system software has several key features. Next time you plan to buy the encryption software to encrypt files online, ensure it does have the following key features.

  1. Various Encryption Algorithms: The encryption algorithms help in transforming your sensitive data into a coded data form. All the algorithms and codes work differently, and some even perform promptly than others. Some of the algorithms you often find in encryption software include AES, Triple DES, RSA, Blowfish, Twofish, etc.
  2. Encrypting the File Name: Protecting only the content of a file does not mandate that your data would remain protected as hackers can still access your file names. The encryption software allows you to encrypt the name of your file as well for the complete security of your data. Therefore, you can not only protect your data but file names as well.
  3. Safe Deletion of Discarded Files: The data files you want to discard might also contain some vital piece of information related to your business, hence, you may want to protect this information from any type of data breach. With the help of file encryption software, you can delete your discarded files safely and securely. In this way, your data would remain protected, and no outsider would be able to access the discarded or deleted files.
  4. Two Way Authentication Process: Passwords are an indispensable part of protecting your data and sensitive information. However, unauthorized users can easily hack your passwords or codes. Therefore, to avoid this repercussion, you can make the use of a two-way authentication process. It adds an extra layer of security and makes it difficult for hackers to access your files.
  5. Data Security Across Multiple Devices: The encryption software ensures that your data remains protected across several devices including on the desktop, laptop, or your mobile phone.
  6. Compliance: Compliance becomes important when your organization handles and deals with sensitive information. The right software helps you to safely transfer your data while also complying with various regulations your business needs to meet.

How to Choose the Right Encryption Software for Your Business?

Are you planning to buy the right file or video encryption software but are not sure how to choose the right software? Do not worry, here we have enumerated a few factors that could help you in choosing the right encryption software for your company requirements.

  1. Your Business Requirements: The type of encryption software you want to purchase should align with your business needs and goals. Make sure to know your business requirements before making a purchase.
  2. The Information Exchanged: Learning about the type of information your business exchange with its customers is a prerequisite to choose the right encryption software for your organization. The sensitivity of the data would determine the right software to encrypt your data.
  3. The Size of Your File: The type of file encryption software suitable for your organization would also depend on the size of your data file. If you have large data files, you need suitable encryption software that can manage your big data efficiently and without causing any damage.
  4. Consider Your Data Transfer Methods: Every business uses different methods to share the data. Therefore, make sure to know your data transport method whether you are transporting your data via FTP, Email, HTTP, or any other method or the combination of these methods before buying any software for your data.
  5. Should Run Successfully on Your System: The software you are planning to buy should be compatible with the system you and your business partner use. There is no point in investing in software that might not be compatible with your trading partner's system, thereby making it difficult to transport data. Therefore, choose a data encryption software compatible with both parties’ operating system.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Microsoft BitLocker is a security and encryption software that has been designed to safeguard the data as well as the d... Read More About Microsoft Bitlocker

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FAQs About Encryption Software

The cost of encryption software would vary depending on the type of features and customization it provides to customers. However, it starts at a price as low as INR 700 per month. 

Some of the best encryption software you can consider for your organization are AxCrypt Premium, VeraCrypt, NordLocker, Kruptos 2, and Boxcryptor. 

The right software for your organization would depend on the critical nature of the business data you exchange with your trading partners. 

A good software would streamline your data encryption process. Choose an encryption software that is easy to use and compatible with your operating system.  

There are various online sellers to buy affordable encryption software. And you can find most of them together at Techjockey online software marketplace.  

The data erasure software does not use encryption. However, if your data is encrypted, the software deletes the encryption key to protect the data on the decommissioned hard drive.

There is no concrete evidence that the software encryption affects performance. However, in some cases, it might slow down the processing. 

You can install the encryption software on endpoints in two ways. You can either install it locally, for the purpose of trial installation, or centrally for a standardized installation on multiple endpoints.

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