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4 Best Tamil Typing Software in 2022

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Lipikaar Typing Software

By Lipikaar

4.5 (5 reviews)

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Lipikaar Typing Software is a comprehensive tool that helps writers and editors with their tasks. It’s a simple and i... Read More About Lipikaar Typing Software

Azhagi Tamil Typing Software

By Azhagi

Price On Request

Azhagi is a fast and user-friendly Tamil translation software. It allows users to type in 16 Indian languages such as T... Read More About Azhagi Tamil Typing Software

Keyman Tamil Typing Software

By Keyman

Price On Request

Keyman Tamil Typing Software is a complete Typing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Typ... Read More About Keyman Tamil Typing Software

Google Input Tools

By Google

Price On Request

Google Input Tools is a complete Typing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Typing Softwa... Read More About Google Input Tools

Last Updated on : 18 Jan, 2022

What is Tamil Typing Software?

Tamil typing software for PC supports various encodings for typing using Tamil99 and phonetic keyboard layouts. Tamil keyboard for PC offers user defined encodings along with auto-correct tools, special Tamil numerals and symbols and backspace manipulations.

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Buyer's Guide for Top Tamil Typing Software

Found our list of Tamil Typing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Tamil Typing Software?

Tamil typing software represents popular translation and typing tools used for writing in Tamil language using an English keyboard. Tamil typing masters are intuitive typing solutions, which help with typing even the most complicated Tamil words in seconds. 

Tamil typing software for PC supports various encodings for typing using Tamil99 and phonetic keyboard layouts. Tamil keyboard for PC offers user defined encodings along with auto-correct tools, special Tamil numerals and symbols and backspace manipulations.

How Does English to Tamil Typing Software Work?

English to Tamil typing software solutions have inbuilt translation APIs that come in handy for translation and typing purposes. End-users need to start typing in the English language first before going ahead with clicking on the Translate button available. Once you click on this button, the typing master software would change all text into Tamil language.

Tamil typing software for PC works on a transliteration system that in turn offers an easy mechanism for transferring this English language into Tamil. The mechanism being speech to text translation where you have to speak in English instead of typing for getting Tamil script.

What is the Best English to Tamil Typing Software for PC?

The best English to Tamil typing software for PC for accurate & fast typing are:

Kural Tamil Software: Kural Tamil software provides a keyboard manager, which is compatible with Windows applications. It also supports Tamil typing on Open Office, MS Office, Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Chrome, Facebook and more. Kural free Tamil typing software is also ideal for chatting in Tamil language over Facebook, MSN, Google Talk, etc.

Lipikaar Tamil Typing Software: Lipikaar Tamil typing tool can be accessed online on your PC. You don’t even need to install Lipikaar Tamil typing software. Along with Windows software, the Android app version of Lipikaar Tamil typing software is also available.

Keyman Tamil Typing Software: Keyman for Tamil99 follows the standard set by Tamil Nadu government and is popularly used for typing on MS Word, Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop, and more. It’s widely used in eKalappai.

What is the Best English to Tamil Typing Software for Mac

The best English to Tamil typing for Mac include.

Tamil Keyboard: Tamil keyboard is a Thanglish to Tamil typing software. It comes with a Thanglish keyboard, where you type in English and get Tamil letters. Tamil Keywboard is suitable for typing on all messaging apps and social media channels. You can also chat with your friends and family members using Tamil Keyboard.

Bamini Tamil Font: Mac users can download Bamini Tamil font for free. It is one of the most popular Tamil typefaces used by writers, designers and marketers. You just have to search for Bamini font file on your device and click on ‘Install Font’.

Azhagi Tamil Software: Azhagi Tamil software can be downloaded and used directly on Windows and Android devices. For mac and Linux systems, it works under the Wine environment. You need to install Wine on your Mac device to start using Azhagi.

How Can You Type Tamil on MS Word

Follow the given simple steps for doing Tamil typing in MS Word.

Step 1- Open Microsoft Word

Step 2- Go to the Review tab. Then, click on Proofing button before going to Set Language tab. You have now reached the Language dialog box. 

Step 3- A list of languages would appear now. Click enter on Tamil and from here select the Default button. Press the Yes tab, and you are now ready to start typing in Tamil.

How Can You Type in Tamil Keyboard

Tamil typing software online helps with typing on a Tamil keyboard for PC. These require no installations and you can start typing directly using a mouse and keyboard. Else, you may use the online keyboard.

To make letters visible that may not seem to be available for typing, click on Shift tab and the Tamil typing software online would display it for you. Use the Esc button to shuffle between virtual Tamil keyboard and the original Qwerty one.

How Can You Install Tamil Typing Software on PC

Tamil typing master for PC can be installed by following the given instructions:

Step 1- Download the Tamil typing software.

Step 2- Find the file setup once it is downloaded.

Step 3- Double click on it and follow the instructions to start the installation process.

Step 4- Once the installation is complete, configure it as per your requirement and start typing in Tamil.

What are the Best Apps for Tamil Keyboard for Windows 10

The following are the popular Tamil keyboard for Windows 10 and PC:

  • Lipikaar Android app for typing in Tamil the easy way
  • Keyman Tamil typing app for Android & iOS follows the Tamil99 standard set by the government
  • Tamil Keyboard for Android & iPhone that is easy and available for free of cost
  • Tamilini app for iOS devices

Top 3 Tamil Typing Software for Thanglish to Tamil Typing

Top three Tamil typing software for fast and accurate Thanglish to Tamil typing are:

Azhagi Tamil Typing Software: Azhagi is a Tamil typing software offering voice input support for easy Tamil typing. Along with multiple keyboards like inscript and phonetic, Azhagi also offers superfast transliteration capabilities. Azhagi's unique feature is its functionality for Tamil typing in MS Word with STMZH Tamil fonts.

Vanavil Tamil Typing Software: Vanavil Tamil typing software for Windows 10,7,8, XP & Vista offers an easy functionality for typing in Tamil. The easy-to-use Tamil typing software for PC not just makes typing easy but also helps end users assess the speed of their typing. Also, this translation tool supports converting text from any language into Tamil.

Bamini Tamil Typing Software: Bamini Tamil typing master is ideal for fast and easy typing. The Tamil typing software for windows 10, 7, 8 and Mac is easy to set up and use. Bamini can be used with a QWERTY keyboard for quick typing.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Tamil Typing Software FAQs

Tamil typing software installation is easy as all you have to do is first download the app and double click on it to start the installation process. Double click would unzip or extract the file and the download is now complete.

Typewriting with Tamil typing software online is quick. Use the given space to type in English and click on the translate tab for typewriting in Tamil.

Typing Tamil in Excel can be done using the right Tamil typing software. Just press F10 and you will see the Tamil language option available.

Tamil keyboard can be enabled on an android device by going to the settings section, clicking the ‘Language and Keyboard’ tab and entering the option, ‘enable Lipikar keyboard’.

Tamil typing in Photoshop can be done by going to the Edit section and clicking on Preferences and then Type.

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