Dukaan VS Shopify

Let’s have a side-by-side comparison of Dukaan vs Shopify to find out which one is better. This software comparison between Dukaan and Shopify is based on genuine user reviews. Compare software prices, features, support, ease of use, and user reviews to make the best choice between these, and decide whether Dukaan or Shopify fits your business.

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Dukaan VS Shopify : Comparision Video

A Quick Comparison Between Dukaan and Shopify

Let’s have a detailed comparison of Dukaan vs Shopify to find out which one is better. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider and decide whether Dukaan or Shopify fits your business.

Setting up an e-commerce store can take numerous days due to multiple plugins, themes, designs and listings that must be meticulously merged together. But with Dukaan and Shopify you can easily create your online store in just a few minutes.

Dukaan is the perfect choice for small shop owners who are aspiring to go online. Shopify, on the other hand, is a great option for both beginners and high growth direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands.

Let’s look at some major differences between Shopify and Dukaan in detail, which will help you in making a well-informed buying decision.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: An Overview

Dukaan and Shopify are both e-commerce platforms that allow small sellers and big entrepreneurs to set up their online stores. However, there are certain differences between these platforms. Dukaan mainly focuses on a mobile-first approach as its founder Suumit Shah believes that soon entire e-commerce will be operated and used by consumers on their mobile phones. If we talk about Shopify, its main focus is on desktops and personal computers.

Dukaan comes with the unique capability of allowing users to customize the store's appearance and layout through themes. Even a beginner can easily manage their stores, add products and handle orders with ease on Dukaan. These distinct functionalities differentiate this platform from its competitors. Moreover, Shopify has a learning curve, which can be a time-consuming and costly affair for some users.

Dukaan and Shopify: Pros and Cons

  • Thanks to Shopify's 24/7 customer support, you can get timely resolutions to all your queries. You get multiple communication options that include live chat, email, and hotline support. But in Dukaan you have to fill out an online form to get in touch with their customer support team.
  • Dukaan offers much cheaper plans and valuable features like invoice generator, latest plugins, multi-language support, etc. than Shopify. Plus it also has an in-built payment gateway and delivery app for both Android & IOS users.
  • Hosting on Shopify can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket because it has three different paid plans that only come with 14 days trial. However, Dukaan offers you a free hosting service with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dukaan is a brand-new platform, hence all modules and plugins are not available yet. As per reviews, customers sometimes find it difficult to customize complex products and display multiple discounts and offers due to a lack of API. Moreover, it also has lesser functionalities than Shopify.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: In Terms of Features

Many users believe that Shopify is better than Dukaan because of its payment integration, slogan maker and many other unique features. Let's have a detailed comparison of their features and check which software has the most useful attributes.

  • Email marketing: In Dukaan, the email marketing feature is available through Mailchimp integration while in Shopify, you get Shopify email feature which allows you to create, run and manage your email marketing campaigns.
  • Invoice generator: Shopify has a wide range of free tools, starting from a slogan maker to an invoice generator. Dukaan also comes with an invoice generator, but it is integrated with your online e-commerce store so that you can easily access everything from one single place.
  • Payment integration: Shopify payment is the simplest and most reliable way to accept online payments. It eliminates the requirement of setting up an integration with a third-party provider. As soon as you create a Shopify store, you can accept payments via all major transaction methods. If we talk about Dukaan, it has very limited payment integrations, the main payment integrations in this software are PayPal, cash and Stripe (for users located outside India).

Comparison of Dukaan Vs Shopify in Terms of Pricing

Both Shopify and Dukaan offer three different quarterly plans along with yearly plans to fulfill the varied requirements of their customers. Dukaan's basic quarterly plan(silver) is suitable for new business owners and influencers. You can purchase it at ₹667 per month or ₹1,999 quarterly. Here you'll get Android + iOS partner application, discount coupons, additional pages, upto 200 products and other benefits. Apart from this, the most popular quarterly plan(gold) is available at ₹1,167/month which offers premium themes, unlimited product listing facility, delivery service for hassle-free shipments, plugin access and multi-warehouse facility at additional cost.


Moreover, the platinum plan is also available for ₹3,333/month (quarterly ₹ 9,999). The platinum plan comes with a comprehensive set of attributes that are perfect for growing a business. It allows you to store AAB files, provides 10 multi-warehouse support, & dedicated marketing support, an automated abandoned cart recovery feature and many more unique features.

Dukaan’s yearly silver plan is billed at ₹ 500 per month/ 5,999 per year and consists of all the similar features of basic quarterly plan. It also has a gold plan which is perfect for D2C brands, agencies, and growing businesses. This plan is billed at ₹9,999 per year (₹834/month). Lastly, the premium plan has a set of distinct features and is perfect for growing businesses. It is available at ₹ 29,999 per year (₹2,500 per month) and allows you to store AAB files, provides WhatsApp business solutions, 10 multi warehouse and dedicated marketing support, Android + iOS + Web support and many other beneficial features.


On the contrary, in Shopify to use the basic plan, you only have to pay ₹20/month for the first three months then you'll be charged ₹1,994 per month for its usage. The plan offers you everything that is required to create an online store, process payments and ship products. You get 2 staff accounts, a basic reporting facility and up to 1000 inventory locations. If you want to create professional reports and grant access to 5 or even 15 staff members then you can choose the Shopify plan or advanced plan. Both these plans are available for rupees 20 for three months, then you'll have to pay ₹7,447 per month for Shopify and ₹30,164 for the advanced plan. Moreover, Shopify also offers a yearly billing facility for all these plans.


You get 24/7 support with all the plans, which is not available in Dukaan. You get free SSL certificates to secure your online store, gift card features to attract new customers, built in fraud analysis function, language translation, and a customer segmentation facility. All these features are missing from the attributes offered by Dukaan.

Compare Dukaan Vs Shopify in Terms of User Experience

Shopify comparatively outperforms Dukaan in terms of features, pricing plans and security. However, Dukaan has a much better onboarding process and user-friendliness as it can be easily used by a newbie or an old person. This app's target audience is business owners who might not be tech-savvy with the latest technology, Hence the company has ensured that the shopkeepers only have to follow a handful of steps to establish and successfully run their online store.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: Supported Platforms

You can access Shopify from any web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & it is also available in mobile app (android & iOS) version, which allows merchants to handle their online store on their mobile devices. It allows them to build, manage and grow their business from anywhere, anytime with ease.

On the other hand, Dukaan is primarily a mobile friendly app (android & iOS) that empowers its users to keep a tab on their sales, customers and deliveries on the go. The company also provides a ‘web version’ that can be accessed with a browser on any laptop or desktop.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: Integration

Dukaan offers seamless integration with Google Analytics, PayPal, Drift platform, Razorpay, and Intercom. Recently, they have announced an integration with ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) to offer leveled and simplified playing field for both small and big sellers. Owing to this integration, sellers can showcase their whole product catalog on Open Network for Digital Commerce and receive orders.

Then comes Shopify which offers many more integrations than Dukaan to improve customer experience every step of the way. Its ability to integrate with numerous third-party applications makes it simple for you to add a wide range of functionalities to your e-commerce store. You can integrate it with popular social media websites and advertising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr and even analytical tools like Google Analytics. Not only this, but Shopify can also be integrated with hundreds of other apps covering a gamut of functions you'll want to use for your Shopify store.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: Support & Training

Shopify help center and support team provide seamless support to merchants as they learn about and how to use Shopify. You don't need to pay anything in the beginning as it offers a free three-day trial that empowers you to get a first-hand experience of the platform before you make a purchase. Whereas in Dukaan, you get the training in form of video tutorials, blog posts, webinars and frequently asked questions. Lastly, you get 7 day free trial in Dukaan where you can try and test every feature and functionality before buying.

Dukaan Vs Shopify: Deployment

Shopify Deployment Process

To create your account on Shopify, you need to enter a valid address, email id, password and unique name of your online store. The name of the store will become your primary domain, which is also known as the domain name. It will look like and will be considered the default domain name for your online business. Shopify gives you the option to modify your domain name only once, but it allows you to change the name of your online store at any time. Moreover, the company also lets you purchase a customized domain name and it's not necessary to match it with your myshopify domain.


To add a product on Shopify

On Computer

  • Login to your admin account and click on the products tab to go to the add products page.
  • You need to write a title and additional details for your product.
  • The product detail makes it easier for customers to find your products and it also makes it easier for you to organize your items.
  • Along with product titles, you'll be asked to enter product descriptions, prices, images, weight, shipping details and more.
  • Click on 'save product'

IOS Devices

  • Go to the Shopify app and click on 'Products'.
  • You'll be routed to the Products screen, tap on the + button.
  • Write a unique title & additional details for your product.
  • These product details make it easier for customers to find your products and it also assists you in organizing your items.
  • Along with product titles, you must enter price information, product descriptions, images, weight, shipping details and much more.
  • Tap on 'Save'


  • On the Shopify app, tap on Products.
  • Then on the products screen, tap the + button.
  • You have to write a title for your product and add additional details.
  • Product information makes it easier for your customers to search for your products and it also helps you properly organize your items.
  • In the next step, you should enter the product information, images, prices, shipping details, descriptions and more.
  • Click on the 'Save' icon

Dukaan Deployment process

  • You may start selling online with Dukaan in only 30 seconds after setting up your online store.
  • Download the Dukaan app from the Google Playstore to get started. Launch the app after downloading it, then add your mobile number. You'll get an OTP on your phone, which will be auto filled, if not entered manually.
  • Once you're done, you need to click on the 'Finish' tab, and you are ready to start your journey on Dukaan app.
  • It's time to start adding items to your online store. Click the ‘Add Product’ button to add your first item.
  • The name of the product you wish to add should be entered.
  • For instance, if you want to add toothpaste in the product section, you need to type 'toothpaste' in the product field.
  • Based on it, you'll receive a range of toothpaste options.
  • Choose the appropriate product option from the given suggestions.
  • If you don't get the exact product from the given suggestions, click on the 'continue' button, located at the bottom.
  • A new screen will appear, where you can add specific information about your product along with photographs.
  • Enter quantity, maximum retail price, selling price and appropriate unit for the product.
  • If your product has multiple color options, you need to choose the 'add color' option and select the appropriate color from the given options.
  • If the given colour doesn't match the product, you have to click on 'custom' field to select the right color as per your product.
  • Once it's done, click on 'save & continue'.
  • Congratulations!! your story is ready.

Which Is Better: Dukaan or Shopify

After meticulous research, we can say that Shopify is a great option for small businesses who want to build an online e-commerce store and sell their products through one powerful and feature rich dashboard. On the contrary, Dukaan is a perfect and economical solution for beginners planning to launch their e-commerce store and sell online without any hassle. The store has user-friendly and modern interface, and it is an apt choice for the non-tech-savvy public. Furthermore, it is specifically created for Indian sellers and provides excellent support in the Hindi language.


While Shopify offers better features and numerous integrations, Dukaan has an easier onboarding process and user-friendliness. You can choose as per your business needs.
Both these products offer similar features but with a different approach. While Dukaan emphasizes on user experiences, Shopify focuses on functionalities.
Both Shopify and Dukaan are popular e-commerce platforms that offer a wide range of features and functionalities. However, the choice between the two platforms depends on your preferences and specific needs.
No, the difference between Dukaan and Shopify lies in terms of features and functionalities. While Dukaan can be customized as per the user’s needs, Shopify addresses the needs of a more diverse audience.
It depends on your business requirement. Both Dukaan and Shopify provide standard features to cater to diverse industry needs.
The difference lies in terms of the user interface, features, themes, pricing plans, functionalities and many other aspects.

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