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Aarvi E-Commerce Solution

by : Aarvi Technology

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Aarvi E-Commerce Solution logo

Aarvi E-Commerce Solution

by : Aarvi Technology

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Brand: Aarvi Technology

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows(Phone)

Free Trial Available: No

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Aarvi E-Commerce Solution Software Overview

What is Aarvi E-Commerce Solution?

Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is an eCommerce software platform for online product sellers and business owners. It has a fully customizable main panel with secured online ordering and checkout features.

It also supports electronic communication in intra-company and inter-company business activities. Being an SEO friendly platform, Aarvi E-Commerce Solution helps you to attract more customers with ease. You can also plan and schedule multiple deals, bargains, group buying, and coupons to generate new leads and retain existing customers. Buyers can access instant payment options with the portal displaying business-related information in multiple regional languages.

How is Aarvi E-Commerce Solution helpful for you?

You can perform the following customer-related operations on Aarvi E-Commerce solution.

  1. You can add new customers within your database.
  2. View all the orders generated by the customers.
  3. Send emails to the customers about the latest offers, discounts and product launches.
  4. Manage newsletter-related subscriptions
  5. Edit, search and block customer’s accounts in order to prevent them from causing damage to the business.
  6. You can also manage multiple business addresses.

Pricing of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution

The pricing of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is available on request. You can request a callback and our experts will connect with you with a negotiable quote.

Compatible platforms for Aarvi E-Commerce Solution

Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices.

Benefits of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution

There are several benefits of using Aarvi E-Commerce Solution, such as:

  1. Aarvi E-Commerce Solution supports multiple languages, enabling you to display your business-related information to customers in their preferable regional languages.
  2. Aarvi E-Commerce Solution offers a digitized platform which helps reduce paperwork. You can enhance your business productivity by generating effective feedback from customers on the products you design.
  3. Aarvi E-Commerce Solution includes website designs, website development, product description, payment, shipping integration, social media integration, SSL integration, and deployment on live server.
  4. Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is an SEO friendly platform. It helps in designing coupons, scheduling attractive deals and bargains. You can also share the coupons with customers via SMS and emails.

Aarvi E-Commerce Solution Features

  • Product Management The software enables you to manage categories of products, filter them as per color and size, manage catalog and make bulk
  • Order Management You can generate invoices, view existing orders, add new orders, batch process them and generate shipping labels and send
  • Customer Management Aarvi E-Commerce Solution allows you to edit, search, and block customers, view customer’s orders, reset passwords and manage
  • Sales Management You can view and respond to contact requests, product inquiries, partner inquiries and review management through the sales
  • Voucher Module The software allows you to create new coupons and email them to customers. You can also put restrictions on coupon codes and view
  • Content Management With the content management module of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution, you can manage page categories, enable or disable pages and
  • SEO Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is an SEO friendly platform and allows you to redirect one URL to another, generate an XML sitemap and
  • Administration Admins can manage groups, enable or disable a user, make a new super admin, manage group-related permission and change user
  • Communication Aarvi E-Commerce Solution allows you to manage keywords for signatures, email and SMS templates.
  • Reports Aarvi E-Commerce Solution offers a wide variety of reports based on inventory stocks, products review, notifications, monthly
  • Multi User login & Role based access Admins can authorise department wise restrictions on their employees and create multiple user accounts.
  • Real Time Analytics Aarvi E-Commerce Solution offers a wide variety of charts with real-time analytics enabling you to analyze business parameters
  • Email and SMS Notifications You can send notifications about offers, discounts, and sales to customers through email and SMS.
  • User friendly interface Aarvi E-Commerce Solution features a friendly user interface, offering a simplified solution to enhance business productivity.
  • 24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud The software stores all the data on the cloud database, and you can have access to those data at any time from anywhere.

Aarvi E-Commerce Solution Plans & Pricing

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Aarvi E-Commerce Solution Specifications

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  • Language:
  • Ubuntu Windows iOS Android MacOS Windows(Phone)
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Aarvi E-Commerce Solution FAQ

Q. 1. How is the vouchers section of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution helpful for users? arrow

A. You can create new coupons, email them to customers, put restrictions on the coupons from being overused and view coupon wise redeem reports.

Q. 2.Does Aarvi E-Commerce Solution provide daily sales reports? arrow

A. Yes, you can get access to daily sales reports for your business with Aarvi E-Commerce Solution.

Q. 3.Can I get a demo of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of the Aarvi E-Commerce Solution. Our product experts will get back to you as per your mentioned time and date.

Q. 4. How is the sales management feature of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution useful for you? arrow

A. You can view and respond to contact requests, product-related inquiries, manage reviews or individual products and respond to the inquiries via the sales management feature of Aarvi E-Commerce Solution.

Q. 5.Does Aarvi E-Commerce Solution have a mobile app? arrow

A. No, Aarvi E-Commerce Solution does not have a mobile app.

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