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About Apnacomplex

What is ApnaComplex?

ApnaComplex is an apartment management solution that takes over security necessities and offers exceptional living experience. It is a brilliant tool for the residents to deploy in their apartment complex, and it also makes the work of managing members and security staff easy. 

ApnaComplex encompasses a wide variety of features to apartment members for hassle-free living. It has an integrated payment gateway to pay your utility bills periodically. The payment gateway also incorporates the collection of dues and takes rents from tenants. It is a top of the line software that takes minimal effort to get used to and very efficiently maintain records of entry and exits timely. 

Features of ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex is a brilliant apartment management software to manage your apartment and society, here are few features listed below for you to get better acquaintance of the software. 

  1.  Billing and Accounting: ApnaComplex takes care of the business side of managing your apartment complex; it offers you an accounting of the building and checks for expenses that entail. It also helps you to collect bills from the members of the apartment. 
  2. Payment Gateways: Integrate online payment options to collect rents from tenants or apartment members for utility bills or repair costs with no inconveniences. It also helps you with automated reconciliations statements. 
  3. Apartment Security: Get access to the top of the line apartment security that supervises the movement of every individual entering and exiting the apartment. Members of the society can get biometric access at the entry points. It also manages a vehicle registry of all the members and checks for foreign vehicle entry and exit. 

Price of ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex is available in five different packages, they are: 

  1. Free Pack
  2.  Standard Security
  3. Standard Management
  4. Standard Accounting
  5.  Ultimate

The price of every package differs on the user demands and the size of operations. Get price quotes and further cost-related inquiries please request a call. Our sales would love to take your doubts.

Sold By : ApnaComplex

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Apnacomplex Features

The accounting of your complex can be managed with this feature. One can check the rate of depreciation and keep a track of bookkeeping with Apnacomplex. GST complaint invoices can also be created and stored with this software.
Merge and integrate all your emails with this software. One can even send emails to targeted groups by creating mailing lists. 
Get real-time customer support with ApnaComplex. This feature can help solve any query related to parking, park maintenance, etc. immediately.
With Apnacomplex software, you can book community halls and other services with secure online payment using netbanking or debit/credit cards.  
A secured payment gateway is also added in the software. Users can now transfer money and issue receipts through the app as well.
Manage the stock status in your society with Apnacomplex. The details regarding each and every item can be updated with the apartment society management software.
Apnacomplex even has a mobile app for both android as well as iOS. It makes using the software very easy for all the members.
The status of all the assets and their attributes can be viewed from a single window.

Get Apnacomplex support37 Chatting right now

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Apnacomplex Specifications


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Apnacomplex FAQs

ApnaComplex is used by apartment managers and security staff.
ApnaComplex offers several advertisement modules for buying and selling of properties.
ApnaComplex generates gate passes for non-members to enter and makes an entry when they exit to record their movement in the apartment.
Yes, ApnaComplex is fully GST compliant. It processes all your bookkeeping and billing data with regards to GST guidelines.
Yes, ApnaComplex has a free version available in the market. It also provides a trial and demo for any of the subscription-based packs. To avail any of these services, please request a call. Our sales team will help you through the entire process.

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