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Let’s have a side-by-side comparison of ApnaComplex vs MyGate to find out which one is better. This software comparison between ApnaComplex and MyGate is based on genuine user reviews. Compare software prices, features, support, ease of use, and user reviews to make the best choice between these, and decide whether ApnaComplex or MyGate fits your business.


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pros-list-icon ApnaComplex is great for ensuring apartment security. It creates a digital record of incoming and outgoing visitors and apartment dwellers. It also keeps a record of vehicle entry and exit. Posted - Sep 13, 2021

cons_icon Lack of CCTV camera integration and the new updates to the android app looks cluttered. Posted - Sep 13, 2021

pros-list-icon I bought my product through Techjockey and was very pleased with the prompt service and the software. When I had a hick-up this was dealt with by Harry swiftly and successfully. I would use the new company in the future. Posted - Oct 11, 2018

cons_icon No cons. Posted - Oct 11, 2018


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  • Linux

A Quick Comparison Between ApnaComplex and MyGate

Let’s have a detailed comparison of ApnaComplex vs MyGate to find out which one is better. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider and decide whether ApnaComplex or MyGate fits your business.

Modern societies today need modern solutions to manage residents, payments, vehicles, and other factors with utmost safety. However, choosing an apartment management software can be tricky because it involves a lot of factors.

To make the decision easy for you, we have compared the two popular apartment management software, ApnaComplex vs MyGate.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate : Overview

While drawing a comparison between ApnaComplex and MyGate, we can say that they have a lot in common like types of payment collection methods, ways of authenticating visitors, communication channels, and more.

However, a few differences make ApnaComplex better than MyGate like zero convenience fees for billing and accounting, a separate Gatekeeper app for security, and more. On the other hand, MyGate is better in terms of 24*7 support, integration, and visitor authentication options. Even many MyGate alternatives try to match it in terms of visitor verification features.

Let’s check out other differences between ApnaComplex and MyGate based on the following metrics:

  • Feature Comparison
  • Dashboards
  • Visitor Authentication
  • Communication
  • Device Compatibility
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Pricing & Plans

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Features Comparison

ApnaComplex and MyGate offer all the basic features that a society management software should come with. These include billing, payment collections, vehicle management, etc.

However, ApnaComplex’s billing, accounting, and collection management is better than MyGate. On the other hand, MyGate supports more payment methods than ApnaComplex. Further, ApnaComplex’s guard patrolling functionality is better than MyGate because it offers the geo tagging option which is missing in MyGate.

  • Billing & Accounting: ApnaComplex billing and accounting is cheaper than MyGate as it charges zero convenience fees. However, MyGate comes with some additional functionalities that are missing in ApnaComplex like e-invoicing, invoice customization, find auto reversal, etc.
  • Apart from this, both MyGate and ApnaComplex offer similar billing and accounting functionalities. These include raising & sending GST compliant invoices, auto calculating penalties, and sending payment reminders via SMS, email, and app notifications.
  • Collection Management: ApnaComplex’s collection management is better than MyGate because it charges absolutely no convenience fee. Moreover, it also sets up a virtual account for each flat and automatically detects any transfer to record the payment or any other accounting entries. On the other hand, MyGate only generates collection reports where you can check advances collected from different flats and residents.
  • Supported Payment Methods: MyGate supports more payment methods than ApnaComplex. MyGate offers integrations with Cashfree and Razorpay payment gateways, which is missing in ApnaComplex. However, both the society management apps support collection from UPI, net banking, debit, and credit cards.
  • Guard Patrolling: The basic functions of guard patrolling are similar in both ApnaComplex and MyGate. These functions include defining patrolling routes and timings. However, you can verify the patrolling through an NFC tag and QR code in MyGate, while ApnaComplex offers you an additional geo-tagging option to do the same.
  • Vehicle Management: Both the apartment management software manages resident vehicles by allotting approved parking slots to every flat and sending any vehicle updates via the app. They also efficiently manage visitors’ vehicles by keeping track of their vehicle numbers and the flat and residents to whom they are visiting. However, ApnaComplex gains an additional point here, as it also comes with Vehicle Sentry, which is an RFID based, vehicle movement tracking system. This tracks your vehicle even if it’s far from your apartment, offering additional security.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Dashboards

ApnaComplex and MyGate, both offer a clean dashboard for users with quick shortcuts, easy navigation, and a simple interface. From the dashboard, you can directly manage residents, service providers, complaints, visitors, book facilities, and do a lot more. However, MyGate allows you to customize its dashboard in terms of modules, whereas you can customize ApnaComplex in terms of its look and feel.

In MyGate, you can select the number of modules that you want to access, and also define access roles for different stakeholders and members. Whereas ApnaComplex allows users to customize and personalize the look and feel in terms of choosing the colour theme, how the sub-menu and side bar should appear, and more.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Visitor Authentication

Both the apartment management software, ApnaComplex and MyGate authenticate their visitors via mobile notifications, OTP, and IVR. However, MyGate offers more visitor authentication options compared to ApnaComplex, such as invitation cards that can be shared on WhatsApp. Further, you get all these visitor authentication options in-built in MyGate. But ApnaComplex offers these features through Gatekeeper app integration.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Communication

ApnaComplex and MyGate offer basic communication channels including society groups, surveys, polls, document repositories, etc. Additionally, you can also send updates to society members via SMS and email for important events, updates, or announcements. Thus, helping you keep your society members connected and updated.

Despite all the common functionalities, ApnaComplex still has an edge over MyGate and other ApnaComplex alternatives. It offers additional communication channels like an online notice board, photo gallery, and discussion forum.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Platform Compatibility

Both the community management software solutions are web-based, which makes them compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems. Additionally, they also offer society management apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, however, MyGate app is rated slightly higher than ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex Android App: 4.4/5

ApnaComplex iOS App: 4.3/5

MyGate Android App: 4.3/5

ApnaComplex iOS App: 4.7/5

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Support

MyGate’s customer support is better than ApnaComplex, as it offers comparatively more options for its users to reach out the support team. ApnaComplex only offers support via phone, while MyGate offers it through phone, email id, and even WhatsApp. In fact, while using MyGate app, you can also raise a complaint under the Helpdesk section.

In addition to this, ApnaComplex’s phone customer support is only available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Whereas MyGate’s phone customer support is available 24*7, making it a more user-friendly society management software.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Integrations

MyGate comparatively offers more integration options than ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex only integrates with meter reading software, accounting modules, and an innovative security app – Gatekeeper. While MyGate offers integrations with Tally, prepaid meters, boom barrier providers, diagnostics, cab services, etc. Further, to strengthen COVID protection, MyGate also offers Aarogya Setu integration.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Pricing & Plans

ApnaComplex comes with a free plan, which is missing in MyGate. However, when it comes to paid plans, MyGate is a more feature-rich apartment management software as it offers 80+ functionalities and multiple add-ons.

ApnaComplex free plan offers community collaboration, society data management, and society help desk features. Moreover, in the paid plans, it ensures additional apartment security features, facility management, accounting, and more.

ApnaComplex vs MyGate: Which Is Better?

Selecting the right society management software between ApnaComplex and MyGate can be a difficult choice, as both come with several common features.

Added functionalities like geo tagging for guard patrolling, vehicle sentry, and additional communication channels like a discussion form make ApnaComplex a better option. However, if you want more integration and visitor authentication options, you must choose MyGate.


ApnaComplex is better than MyGate as it offers a free plan, personalized dashboards, charging zero convenience fees, and more.
Both ApnaComplex and MyGate are leading apartment management software that offer invoice generation, vehicle and visitor management, authentication, and more.
ApnaComplex is better than MyGate as it comes with a free plan, better collection management, and more. Moreover, the society management software also allows you to work on personalized dashboards.
ApnaComplex and MyGate, both are society management software solutions that help users manage vehicles, visitors, collections, etc. In fact, both platforms also offer quite similar visitor authentication options like OTP, IVR, and mobile notifications.
ApnaComplex cannot replace MyGate as MyGate comes with additional integration options and 24*7 customer support. However, it can become a great MyGate alternative because of its additional functionalities like geo tagging, vehicle sentry, etc.

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