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About BizNext ERP

What is BizNext? 

BizNext is a business management ERP software. It is a collection of several applications to assemble, save, supervise, and analyze the efficiency of daily business operations. BizNext ERP software trails vital business resources like cash, raw materials, purchase & sales order, and various service level agreements. 

What features does BizNext ERP Software Offer? 

Here is a list of features offered by BizNext ERP for a better acquaintance with the software: 

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Purchase Management 
  4. Manufacturing Workflows Supervision
  5. Sales Management 
  6. Work Flow Management 
  7. Administration and Access Management 
  8. Financial Accounting 
  9. Customer and Supplier Portal (External Portal) 

Why choose BizNext ERP Software? 

The software facilitates the automation of important workflows for optimized business functions. This software automates daily tasks such as: 

  1. Order Management 
  2. Work Flow 
  3. Team Management 
  4. Finance
  5. Moderation of Manufacturing Unit
  6. Business Analytics 

What is the price of BizNext ERP?

BizNext ERP price varies based on customer requirements. It also includes factors like the size & type of the operation, among many others. Please request a call for more inquiries about the software. Our sales team will connect with you at the earliest. 

Sold By : BizNext

Get BizNext ERP support 33 Chatting right now

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BizNext ERP Features

The software assists sales teams to track their leads from various sources to turn them into customers. 
Businesses can maximize their output by managing their inventory. BizNext offers out and out thorough features to manage inventory of any size, type, and nature. It provides flexible features that can be utilized for greater profits. 
This business ERP software facilitates procurement of goods and services from suppliers. It also enables better interaction with vendors.
BizNext ERP facilitates the working of manufacturing plants. It manages the entire manufacturing process with batch labelling and other necessary tasks.
Organizations can use this software for managing their sales efficiently. 
Managers can assign tasks and supervise the work of employees with this feature. 
This feature is developed to accelerate the process of information dissemination from company to suppliers & (or) customers and vice-versa.
The software assists in creation of hierarchy in the workplace and allows users to access the features based on their designation. 
Financial departments of the organizations can use this feature to supervise bookkeeping, balance sheets, transactions, etc. 
Sales Personnel can handle direct purchase orders from retailers, traders, customers, etc. 
The software facilitates creation of departments and creative teams for smoother operation and workflow management. 
This software offers high-end lead tracking features that classify leads based on different attributes for better identification. 

Get BizNext ERP support33 Chatting right now

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BizNext ERP Specifications


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BizNext ERP FAQs

BizNext weighs heavily on data protection, it is developed with the forethought of how important is sales and workflow data to an organization. For that BizNext utilizes industry-grade data protection methods
BizNext ERPs software offers hybrid deployment, i.e., it utilizes both cloud and on-premise deployment to keep data secure.
We recommend you check through your spam folder in your email, and if you still don’t get it. Please send a mail at support@techjockey.com. Our sales team will connect with you shortly.
Yes, BizNext offers a comprehensive solution to all challenges in business process management. It can be flexibly used for different types of companies/manufacturing plants.
This ERP software can be integrated with numerous communication channels like Email, messengers, SMS, etc.

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