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Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

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About Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

What is Copyscape?

Copyscape is a software used to detect plagiarism and identify the source from where the entire document or any part of it has been copied. It is also used to generate leads based on the user’s choice or interests. You can explore yours or someone else’s website and check for any plagiarism or whether something has been copied from your document or website. It uses Google and Bing as a search engine result provider to check plagiarism.

Unique Features of Copyscape

The software provides a free plagiarism checker for your copies of online web pages. Copyscape Premium helps in plagiarism check along with batch search, private index, API and Wordpress integrations. Copysentry is another noteworthy functionality offered by the software that provides a detailed checklist of your website by scanning it daily and notifying the same when new copies of your content are found.

How Copyscape Helps Check Plagiarism Accurately?

Publishing content anywhere can be a cause of concern as it may damage the reputation and ruin your SEO rankings. This plagiarism checker tool protects you from committing plagiarism unknowingly. Anyone can copy your created content and publish it, thereby, hampering your revenue as well. 

To tide over the crisis, the software scans your webpages for any possible copy-paste incidences and notifies as soon as anything is found. It helps establish the control and authority over your content. Moreover, it compares multiple webpages or articles for a thorough analysis.

Pricing of Copyscape

Pricing of Copyscape is available on request as per the wish of customers. People can request a callback to get a suitable quotation.

Sold By : Indigo Stream Technologies

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Copyscape Plagiarism Checker Features

This feature allows users to detect any possible plagiarism on the net. Copyscape has two solutions that allow you to detect plagiarism accurately.
As it is a plagiarism detector, it lets you detect any duplicate content on the internet and check for the document’s originality.
It is one of the most popular and trusted plagiarism detection tools, which helps prevent duplicate content completely.
Copyscape is web-based plagiarism solution and is supported on Windows OS and Android platforms.
The software checks from hundreds of sites and copyright documents for any possible plagiarism to arrive at the most accurate results instantly.
Copyscape can detect any possible copyright violations and it gives the source of web pages and documents from where the content has been copied.

Get Copyscape Plagiarism Checker support31 Chatting right now

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Copyscape Plagiarism Checker Specifications


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Copyscape Plagiarism Checker FAQs

Copyscape software is used to detect plagiarism in your content, be it website content, blog or marketing materials.
Copyscape Premium and Copysentry are two software solutions offered by Copyscape. The former helps in thoroughly analysing every detail of your content for any possible plagiarism detection, including batch search. While Copysentry scans all over the internet from various sources for any copyright infringement and if found, instantly notifies it through email.
Copyscape has an inbuilt free comparison tool that compares two documents or webpages. You simply need to paste the URL of both to detect matching portions along with wordcount and summary.
As Copyscape is a plagiarism checker, it can detect copyright violations from anywhere over the internet. Hence, it can find the source of duplicate document or file in just a click.
Copyscape uses Google and Bing as search engine providers under licensing terms and conditions. It uses complex algorithms to generate results and modify them to detect any chances of plagiarism.

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