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Plagiarism Detector Pro

by : Plagiarism Detector

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Plagiarism Detector Pro

by : Plagiarism Detector

Starting Price ₹2478/Lifetime Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Plagiarism Detector

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Plagiarism Detector Pro Software Overview

What is Plagiarism Detector Software?

Plagiarism Detector software is used for checking content duplication in a document. The plagiarism software is important for verifying the quality of a piece of content to ensure that it's authentic and original. Detecting similar texts and rephrased writing is how Plagiarism Detector software works before handing down plagiarism reports to its end users. The software works by comparing a set of content against the available digitalized academic material for highlighting content that has been duplicated. 

The best part about using this application is that as an authentication plagiarism tool, it helps its end users scan for plagiarized text irrespective of the file format available. All your content gets cross-checked using around seven billion online resources to make sure the final content piece is free of any anomalies. Further inbuilt, you would find report viewer and source comparison tool for quick document checks for online plagiarism detection.

Key Features of Plagiarism Detector:

  1. Multi document processing
  2. Sharing option for online reports
  3. Quote's detection algorithm
  4. Automated reference processing and detection
  5. Support for multiple encoding
  6. Text extraction
  7. Extended mechanism for source tracing

Plagiarism Detector Essay Checker Software is Mostly Used by:

  1. Academicians
  2. Content creators
  3. Journalists
  4. Lawyers
  5. Students
  6. IT professionals
  7. Educators

Other Ways You Can Use Plagiarism Detector:

  1. Offline mode to search for duplicate files
  2. File comparison to check for similarities in a text
  3. Delivery alerts
  4. Enhancement suggestions for improving vocabulary and readability
  5. Custom dictionary
  6. Deletion of inconsistencies in style
  7. Pattern detection for eliminating common mistakes

Plagiarism Detector Pro Features

  • Multiple Format Multiple format support ensures that file uploading is always hassle free then be it any document type- odt, txt, rtf, doc or
  • Encoding Detection For each document uploaded, check its encoding to search for similarity across documents.
  • PDF Report Generate reports and store them locally in a PDF or any other file format of your choice.
  • Quote Management Scan easily any piece of writing for detecting quotes that may have been picked up as it is from any source. This helps ensure
  • Microsoft Word Integration This add-on helps detect plagiarised content in word documents directly saving you from the hassle of copying it at any where
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Integration Cross-check for content duplication directly with Microsoft PowerPoint integration support.
  • Documents checked immediately Run deep cleaning for documents to check for plagiarized content. Original formatting stays intact during such scans.
  • Internet Check Run internet checks and use web pages from around the  world to search for plagiarism in a document.
  • 2-Files Comparision Compare files for difference check and generate accurate results.
  • Folder Check Monitor folders and compare their documents using online database for making sure there is no content duplication.
  • Detecting Duplicates The software uses colour codes to detect citations that may get reflected as plagiarized.
  • Paraphrasing Score Paraphrasing score helps identify the amount of content that has been rewritten.
  • Match Highlights Highlighting matches to show for reflect content duplication makes it easier for end users to see copied and paraphrased text.

Plagiarism Detector Pro Plans & Pricing

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Plagiarism Detector Pro Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • Schools & Institutes
  • School/Colleges
  • English, हिन्दी

Plagiarism Detector Pro Reviews


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Posted - Feb 3, 2021

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Plagiarism Detector Pro FAQ

Q. Q1. How does Plagiarism Detector software work? arrow

A. The software works by generating an analysis report once comparing your work with other key sources and web pages is complete.

Q. Q2. Does Plagiarism Detector store documents checked in its database? arrow

A. Information of any kind is not stored in the application's database.

Q. Q3. Does Plagiarism Detector provide multi language support? arrow

A. Yes, there is multi language support available with Plagiarism Detector. Go to the navigation bar and there you would find an arrow next to language English. Click on that arrow to select your preferred language.

Q. Q4. Can I shared with others the results generated by Plagiarism Detector? arrow

A. Yes, the reports generated are downloadable. So sharing with others the reports is hassle free.

Q. Q5. Is there support available in Plagiarism Detector for doing grammar checks? arrow

A. Yes, you can use Plagiarism Detector for doing grammar checks as well.

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