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Plagiarism Checker X Professional allows users to detect plagiarism in their documents (assignments, reports, journals) against more than 16+ billion sources. Plagiarism Checker X is safer, cheaper and reliable tool in the existing market and trusted by a huge number of users globally. The solution empowers writers, teachers, journalists, digital markets and whosever in writing profiles with intuitive features to check and compare their documents effectively and cost-effectively.
Product Features
This innovative software generates marked and highlighted reports for users’ reference. The solution also enables side by side comparison with cross comparison features which work at the speed of up to 20,000 words/sec. Plagiarism has been used in more than 80+ countries so far and supports up to 7 languages. On the pricing end, it is way cheaper than unsafe online services which not only charge you on a monthly basis but also stores users’ data on their servers forever. The solution supports multiple file formats including Docx, PDF, HTML, TXT etc. The solution provides various smart and user-friendly reports for analysis. Salient features of Plagiarism Checker X Professional include:
  • Online Plagiarism Detection of documents against 16+ billion sources
  • Side by Side Comparison
  • Unlimited words
  • Cross Comparison of multiple documents or URLs
  • Extended PDF Support
  • Multiple file formats support (Docx, PDF, HTML, TXT)
  • Lifetime Package License
  • Cross Comparison (Docs)
  • Content Privacy; data won’t be stored on Plagiarism’s servers
  • URL/Webpage Scan
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • FREE Updates
About The Company
Plagiarism Checker X, LLC is a privately held, self-funded entity. Over the years, it has served the market quite efficiently and has earned a good repute in its value chain network. The company’s long-term vision is to provide reliable and quality IT solutions as per the needs and requirements of the users. Plagiarism Checker X PRO and Business are company’s premier products for students, teachers, and researchers who have a dire need of a reliable and fast plagiarism checking tool. 

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