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PlagScan Software is one of the best online plagiarism checker software  for you, your students and colleagues. PlagScan online plagiarism checker is the best solution to determine the originality of any written content — no matter if you’re a single user or an organization. For Single users‍, For Schools, For Higher Education, For Business. Whether you need a printable PDF-file or want to collaborate with others in an interactive browser report - PlagScan checker can do it while being easy to use.

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About PlagScan

PlagScan has developed an advanced algorithm to search numerous digital sources for semantically related documents through an encrypted connection (256-bit SSL). We examine the internet, publisher databases, your own documents (optionally), as well as the Plagiarism Prevention Pool to search for duplicated content.
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Features of PlagScan

Document Management
  • As a literature teacher, Lily checks her student's assignments with PlagScan. Today, she wants to analyze, James', one of her students' poems. She gave him this extra assignment to make up for copying the last exam.
  • In order to verify the document, she is uploading it to her document manager. Moreover, she gives us a tour of this workspace and explains how she uses it.

Lily checks her students' papers on a regular basis. In her literature class, she assigns book reports or creative assignments that should reflect her students' independent writing. That's why she was pleased to see that James' poem was an original. Furthermore, she helped him to investigate the poem of a fellow poetry slam participant. Here, Lily guides him through the report. 

  • Clear-The PlagLevel helps her to identify the amount of potential plagiarism in her documents within seconds. A source list provides her with a visual aid to find all sources that match the content of her documents.
  • Time-Efficient-Instead of spending hours on entering content manually into search engines to find duplicates, she can easily upload all her documents at once and check them with just a few clicks.
  • Interactive-She analyzes and makes changes to the browser bar. She is using her keyboard to navigate through her reports and customize her individual settings.
  • Collaborative-She leaves comments and shares the papers with her students to further the collaboration and to discuss results.
  • Exportable-She exports her report locally as a Word data. However, she could download it as  PDF files or view her report as a list and text for slow network connections.
  • Flexible-She extends the plagiarism investigation to other sources for collision checking. She excludes sources by using the Whitelist and then adapts her settings to accommodate her workflow.


Document Submissions

James Remains Connected with his Students Through Submissions. James had always been passionate about poetry. Eventually, he became a professor of literature. In his workflow, James opted for a submission portal for hassle-free management of assignments. Seven reasons that make our submission portal special

  • Independent-James wants his students to take responsibility for their work. Therefore, he lets them see and analyze their reports and gives them the opportunity to correct their papers or resubmit new ones.
  • Fair-James is an advocate of fairness - he supports equal education and opportunities regardless of a student's background. According to him, a central plagiarism checker is part of the puzzle to achieve this goal in terms of: 

          -The same guidelines in terms of paper quality

          -A standard to apply to every student

  • Customization-James teaches undergraduate and graduate students. Each assignment is different and the software has to allow him to account for that. He sets distinctive deadlines, which students need to meet. Other times, he chooses to check papers from students who have PlagScan sub-accounts in his department. Discover more options for customization here.
  • Automatic-James analyzes all papers effortlessly as he schedules automatic checks after the deadline. With this feature, the plagiarism check is running in the background and he receives the reports after the deadline. For individual cases, he chooses to immediately check the document after the upload and receives the plagiarism report as fast as possible for himself to review – and optionally also for his students to check for themselves.
  • Collaborative -Sometimes, James needs his colleagues' opinion in case of doubt about a final. He gives them access to the uploaded files with different accessing rights if required.
  • Transparent -James sees a summary of all submissions on his account and he chooses to be informed about the details of each submission in his inbox at the deadline. As he likes a clear communication with his students, they all receive their plagiarism report. When the students submit their papers, they can receive their results per email and a confirmation of their submission. 
  • Private-The assignments are personal and only used for the assessment of his students. They are handing them over with a code provided by James: this code is generated by the creation of the submission portal

PlagScan provides you with the tools to customize your organization settings – from the simplest to the most complex ones. Emma, the assistant dean of the literature department contacted James to help the department with the setup of PlagScan. Emma was assigned to create an organization with 120 accounts. Each account represents a professor of the department. James gave Emma easy instructions on how to set up the software. The dean had decided to apply one plagiarism checker for the entire department. Before that, some professors used different plagiarism checkers, while other professors checked for plagiarism manually. The goal was to introduce one standard to ensure quality and collaboration among faculty.

Step 1:  Import professors and students of the department

            Importing students has never been easier. Emma was able to select from the following options: 

  • Enter names manually, if you want to set up just a few users
  • Import a datasheet
  • Set up the login through your general organization identification via Shibboleth 

         -- This is the easiest way because all administrative work happens at once within the central student administration and                PlagScan can make use of it

         -- no additional work for the administrator of the PlagScan organization account.

            Shibboleth is an open-source single sign-on system. It allows people to sign into different systems (library, HR, LMS,                 plagiarism checking, etc.) using a single authentication.

Step 2: Create the organization's structure within PlagScan

       With the slim user administration, Emma created sub-departments for different disciplines and fields of study.                             Furthermore, she can also apply different usage rights for groups such as staff or students.

Step 3: Review the data policy default and customize where necessary
       Emma wants to make sure her users' documents are safe from misconduct or abuse. For that, she sets up the following           four main configurations:

  • Emma is an advocate of data security. She allows students to mark their document private or to delete them. Additionally, she requests each student to accept the terms and conditions to use the service. She also points out that the account may only be used by members of the paying organization. She respects all users' data
  • Communication is key and Emma wants to take some time to customize notifications for her students.

          --She creates an email text with the global policies that provide essential information to new users.
          --She writes a welcome text for the document manager interface. This text appears in a pop-up window when a                            professor uses the document manager for the first time.
          --She personalizes the portal page for submissions with a tailored message.
          --Below each submission, she adds information she considers as relevant for the students when they are submitting                     their document.

  • She treats the sub-department for graduates with different rights and organizes them in PlagScan in groups. Each sub-user accesses their unique account.
  • Emma uses default settings for the undergraduate and graduates students because she wants to treat every student fairly.

Easy integration with the PlagScan PlugIns-Simon, the Chief Technology Officer and head of the IT department of the university asked Emma from the literature department for a review of PlagScan. After 6 months of using PlagScan, most of the teachers used it on a regular basis to check their students' papers. Therefore Simon decided to offer the service to the entire campus. A central requirement for that is to be usable via the university's Learning Management System (LMS) for optimal integration in with existing workflows.

PlagScan provides in fact, ready-to-use plugins for several Content and Learning Management Systems (CMS/LMS). Furthermore, there is a possibility to install PlagScan on their own server as an on-premise solution

  • Data security is plagscan's top priority. we arehappy to offer the highest standard in the market. The servers are located in germany. You always remain to have full control over your all data and on the disposability of your texts.
  • Maintain full control: Keep your documents and data safe and secure with PlagScan. Documents are never made public or passed on to third parties.
  • BDSG is a federal data protection act that governs the exposure of personal data, which are manually processed or stored in IT systems. PlagScan explicitly commits to an Order-data-agreement-contract. You are the only one to allow how and with whom to share your data.

Quick document monitoring: PlagScan’s structured reports facilitate extremely effi cient authenticity checking

PlagScan plans and pricing


Private Plan (26 pages 6,500 words)

Rs. 419.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Perfect size for an assignment
  • Rs. 70/ 1000 words

Private Plan (100 pages 25,000 words)

Rs. 909.00 ( Lifetime )

  • For one essay or multiple assignments
  • Rs. 36 / 1000 words

Private Plan (250 pages 62,500 words)

Rs. 1749.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Enough for a thesis or multiple essays
  • Rs. 28/ 1000 words

Private Plan (600 pages 150,000 words)

Rs. 3499.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Optimal for a book or 2-3 theses
  • Rs. 23/ 1000 words

Plan For Schools (Basic)

Rs. 13930.00 ( Per Year )

  • Submission tools
  • 2000 pages (500000 words)
  • 20 users

Plan For Schools (Premium)

Rs. 24430.00 ( Per Year )

  • Submission tool
  • 4000 pages(1000000 words)
  • 40 users
  • Premium Support

Plan For Schools (Platinum)

Rs. 41930.00 ( Per Year )

  • Submission tool
  • 12000 pages(3000000 words)
  • Unlimited users
  • Premium Support
  • LMS Integration Interface

Campus License


  • For the entire university
  • For checking work across all departments

Department License


  • For individual departments / faculties / institutes (or any other custom usage which does not fit the campus license)
  • For clients who don't want to introduce a global plagiarism checker for the entire university

Business (Lite)

Rs. 1259.00 ( Per Month )

  • 200 pages
  • average of 250 words per page
  • URL-Checker
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • E-Mail Support

Business (Professional)

Rs. 1399.00 ( Per Month )

  • 200 pages
  • average of 250 words per page
  • URL-Checker
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • E-Mail Support
  • API Access
  • Full-Reports

Business (Enterprise)

Rs. 1609.00 ( Per Month )

  • 200 pages
  • average of 250 words per page
  • URL-Checker
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • E-Mail Support
  • API Access
  • Full-Reports
  • Private Repository
  • Custom Trainings
  • Premium Support

PlagScan Demo Video

A short video that shows you how to register and login as a singleuser.

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PlagScan Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for PlagScan

Q. Who has access to my PlagScan documents?

First things first: Your documents are NEVER available on the public internet after you upload them to PlagScan. As a single user, nobody has access to the full-text of your documents as long as you don't explicitly share your plagiarism reports. Here is a list of how your documents can serve as a source for others, based on their respective settings (again, WITHOUT sharing the full-text).

Q. Does PlagScan use a safe data transfer method?

PlagScan uses an encrypted document transfer method (256-bit SSL via https) for maximum security. If you would like to activate encryption prior to logging in, select https://www.plagscan.com. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the protocol that enables this safe data transfer via the internet. The SSL protocol makes sure that sensitive data, such as credit card information, cannot be read or manipulated. Many browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others support SSL. The use of SSL is indicated by a lock icon somewhere in your browser. The position of this icon may vary based on which browser you are using.

Q. Document analysis takes far too long at PlagScan. Do I have to re-upload the file?

The time it takes to process a document depends on multiple factors, such as its length and the prevalence of its topic online. Generally, you can assume that your report will be finished within 10 minutes. However, during peak hours with very high server load, it may take a bit longer to process your documents. We apologize in advance and ask that you check back the next day. If by then your upload and analysis are still not finished, please contact us immediately.

Q. What kind of reports can I receive at PlagScan?

At PlagScan can either view your plagiarism reports directly with a browser, or you can download them as .pdf files. The MS Word docx report is particularly useful, since plagiarism findings are annotated directly within the Word document.

Q. How can we add a lot of users at the same time?

PlagScan allows you to create multiple organizational users at the same time. If you have a user table in digital form, you can upload it via a table file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .ods from MS Excel or another spreadsheet program).

Q. Can we integrate the PlagScan service into our software (e.g. Content/Learning management systems)?

Absolutely. PlagScan provides an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows you to integrate PlagScan's functionality into your existing system. For example: After the student submits a document, the analysis automatically occurs in the background. When the teacher accesses the paper for grading, the annotated version would already be there. This way, possible plagiarism can be considered during the teacher's normal grading routine and no extra work is necessary. Please have a look at our PlagScan API documentation.

PlagScan Reviews and Ratings

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dilip kumar

Secure database


26th October, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Scribbr's counterfeiting checker has the biggest database of insightful sources and is thusly equipped for discovering more likenesses contrasted with other copyright infringement checkers.
  • Cons -
  • No Cons

dushyant kumar

first class service, trustful


1st September, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • They were helpful, unbiased and knowledgeable and recommended the right programs for my company, so I didn't have to spend hours researching and finding the right software myself. thankyou!
  • Cons -
  • No Cons


totally satisfied with the service


25th August, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Great service! I ran across the site which looking for software options for software system. I filled out the form and within a short time I had a telephone call and email from Melissa at Techjockey, giving me 5 options that fit our criteria. Those 5 companies all contacted me that day and we got conversations/demos/in-person visits all arranged during that first day! Each of the companies provided excellent information that I can utilize. Highly recommend Techjockey!
  • Cons -
  • No Cons

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