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Brand: PlagScan

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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PlagScan Software Overview

What is PlagScan Checker? 

PlagScan software is an online plagiarism tool for researchers, students, teachers, people in the media, and anyone else looking to check plagiarism. It can determine the originality of any written content; no matter if you are a single user or want to use this plagiarism software as a team. Whether you need a printable PDF-file or want to collaborate with others in an interactive browser report, PlagScan checker can do it in just few seconds. 

PlagScan’s structured reports facilitate high accuracy in plagiarism detection. It compares your content with billions of sources online, your original documents and 20k plus scientific journals. By using this plagiarism checker online, you can keep your documents secure. It ensures that documents are never made public or passed by third parties. 

Who can use PlagScan? 

PlagScan can be customized to fit your organization’s needs and enables users to achieve better results with accurate and original marketing content, website content, educational content, and so on. PlagScan checker is suitable for individuals, small, medium, and large educational, media houses, or other businesses.  

How to use PlagScan? 

First, go through PlagScan sign up process. You can create a private account or one on behalf of your organization. There is an option to register with your account, and social media too. 

Next, you will receive an activation link on the email you provided while registering on the software. 

To upload the document for plagiarism check, click on the File upload option. You can choose a document from your system or the cloud. To upload several documents at once, use Ctrl or Command keys on your keyboard. It is also possible to drag and drop documents, use web import, or just copy and paste the text. 

Then, select the Start check option available next to the uploaded document. To check several files at once, check the box before each document beforehand. 

Finally, the analysis will begin and a report will be generated. 

How does PlagScan work? 

PlagScan will check for duplication and similarities within your document across billions of online documents and websites. You can find the entire source list on the official website.  

The sources for PlagScan's plagiarism search can be divided into four categories.  

  • World Wide Web: Anything indexed by Microsoft Bing, academic sites and the categories directly stated by the user.  

  • Your Repository: You can upload files you want to check the content against. If you are an organization, you can include all the files in your repository and compare the content for plagiarism. 

  • Cooperating Publishers: Numerous academic and scientific journals are available in the software directory itself. 

  • Plagiarism Prevention Pool (optional): Anyone can contribute their content in the plagiarism prevention pool including you. Any user can compare their content against the content stored in the plagiarism prevention pool. However, they cannot access and view it. 

Depending on the result, four kinds of reports can be generated with PlagScan plagiarism checker: 

  • PlagLevel - It is the basic report type that indicates the percentage of plagiarism (exact or similarities) present in the document(s) that you uploaded.  

  • Interactive online report – You can view this report online in the browser and look for all the matches and potential source citations. This makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. You can edit and comment on the report, save the changes, and share it with each other. 

  • List report – It is a plagiarism summary of your content in a list format. The potential sources are listed against all matches. 

  • .docx report – This option is available for smaller documents with size less than 10MB and below 100,000 words. It highlights the content in the source against the matched content in your uploaded file.  

PlagScan Plagiarism Checker Price 

PlagScan pricing is available on request. You can also access the demo of PlagScan plagiarism checker tool. We request you to kindly get in touch with us to avail the best price. 

PlagScan Plagiarism Checker Benefits 

  1. Accuracy: PlagScan includes a wide range of sources for plagiarism check such as Internet content and your personal repository of documents. 
  2. Customization: You can have a report as per your needs. It can provide a brief indication, give all sources of plagiarism, or even show the exact content that has been plagiarized. 
  3. Transparency: You can view the entire list of sources that are used for comparison on the official website. 
  4. Clear Highlights: Matches are color-coded. Exact matches are shown with red, blue indicates slightly changed content, and green denotes citations. Everything is shown in a list format so that matches are against the sources on the same area. 
  5. Simple to use: You can just drag and drop documents, copy and paste or upload content from storage. No technical expertise is needed.  
  6. Data protection: The data you compare is safe and is not shared anywhere. You can delete the documents after checking.  

PlagScan Features

  • checkbox Document Management Plagscan provides efficient plag checking tools with the topnotch labeling and archiving system that takes document management to
  • checkbox Document Submissions The software has a dedicated portal known as the PlagScan Submissions Portal, which seamlessly manages all the documents
  • checkbox Administration PlagScan offers advanced tools to its users, which enable them to control and customize all the administrative tasks related to
  • checkbox API Integration The API integration feature of the software is based on restful architecture and offers increased functionality along with
  • checkbox Data Protection PlagScan knows the importance of data privacy. It ensures that the data uploaded by the user are never shared with unauthorized
  • checkbox Monitoring The software provides real-time reports to its users, thus enabling them to monitor all the changes within the software.
  • checkbox Plagiarism Reports The reports provided by the software are intuitive, time-efficient, flexible, exportable, interactive and collaborative at the
  • checkbox Online Plagiarism Detection The software provides online service to its users, allowing them to upload documents and get immediate analysis within a few

PlagScan Plans & Pricing

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PlagScan Specifications

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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Education, Media House
  • All Businesses
  • English

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
dilip kumar
26, Oct 2018
star star star star star
Scribbr's counterfeiting checker has the biggest database of insightful sources and is thusly equipped for discovering more likenesses contrasted with other copyright infringement checkers.
dushyant kumar
01, Sep 2018
star star star star star
They were helpful, unbiased and knowledgeable and recommended the right programs for my company, so I didn't have to spend hours researching and finding the right software myself. thankyou!
25, Aug 2018
star star star star star
Great service! I ran across the site which looking for software options for software system. I filled out the form and within a short time I had a telephone call and email from Melissa at Techjockey, giving me 5 options that fit our criteria. Those 5 companies all contacted me that day and we got conversations/demos/in-person visits all arranged during that first day! Each of the companies provided excellent information that I can utilize. Highly recommend Techjockey!

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PlagScan FAQ

Q. Can anyone access my documents on PlagScan? arrow

A. No, your documents cannot be viewed by anyone after you upload them to PlagScan. However, if a part of your document matches part of another user’s content, it can be highlighted based on the settings.

Q. Is PlagScan safe to use for data transfer? arrow

A. PlagScan uses 256-bit SSL via https encryption to ensure that data transfer is safe. When you use https to access the official website, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol enables safe data transfer via the Internet.

Q. If document analysis takes too long for processing on PlagScan, what should I do? arrow

A. The time for processing content uploaded by a user varies based on several factors, such as length of the content and the amount of plagiarism on comparison with sources. Usually, it should take less than 10 minutes. During high traffic, it may take a bit longer to process your documents. You can re-upload the file if it takes too long.

Q. What kind of plagiarism reports can be generated using PlagScan? arrow

A. With PlagScan, you can get your plagiarism reports directly with a browser for easy editing and sharing. You can also generate report for just the percent of plagiarism, the exact source match, or the content match and download it.

Q. Can you add multiple users at once in PlagScan? arrow

A. Yes, you can create multiple users at once and give them access. You can create a user table in digital form and then upload the file (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ods from MS Excel or another spreadsheet program).

Q. Is it possible to integrate the PlagScan service into another existing software like Content/Learning management systems? arrow

A. Yes, you can use PlagScan Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating PlagScan's functionality into your existing software or system. For instance, if a researcher submits a research paper, then analysis can happen automatically in the background of the system.

Q. How to check plagiarism with Plagscan? arrow

A. You can upload any document you wish to?check.?You can browse for it from your system storage or cloud storage. Otherwise, simply copy and paste the content. The formatting will not change. Your content will not be shared with anyone. It is possible to download the plagiarism report in different formats and keep a copy locally on your system.

Q. Is PlagScan accurate? arrow

A. PlagScan looks for similarities between documents and ensures higher accuracy. The sources it refers while checking plagiarism include web sources, previously submitted documents, your own repository, and the?Plagiarism Prevention Pool.

Q. Is Plagscan software download required before use? arrow

A. No, it is an online tool for plagiarism check. You can access it on your web browser.

Q. What formats can PlagScan check? arrow

A. PlagScan can check most popular text formats and ZIP archives of text documents. The preferred formats where original formatting will not be lost at all are docx and pdf.

Q. Do you need PlagScan pro? arrow

A. You can use PlagScan pro if you want PlagScan in your application as a service. You can do it by using API.

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