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EasyForm Expense Management

by : Sky Productivity

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EasyForm Expense Management logo
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management
EasyForm Expense Management

EasyForm Expense Management

by : Sky Productivity

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Brand: Sky Productivity

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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EasyForm Expense Management Software Overview

About EasyForm Expense Management

EasyForm Expense Management is an expense tracking tool designed for SMBs and large enterprises. This mobile app provides its users with a simplified way of monitoring, controlling and managing their day-to-day business expenses. EasyForm expense tracking and management tool provides unique features for expense splitting, location intelligence and analysis of trends, thus enabling you to streamline your expenditure.

With EasyForm Expense Management, companies can get a full picture of their travel expenses as well. Hence, they can send their employees to business trips without any worries with hassle-free mileage reconciliation functionality.

Benefits of Using EasyForm Expense Management App?

This expense management app enables employees, field workers and other staff to manage their work-related expenses better.

  1. Faster Digital Submissions: Employees can simply take a snapshot of various receipts or even upload the ones that are available online and submit them to the appropriate departments by attaching them to the expense claims.
  2. Eliminate Manual Entry Errors: You can eliminate the hassles of creating receipts manually and avoid errors.
  3. Faster Approvals: Online submissions of receipts also make way for faster approvals since they are quickly carried forward to the responsible department.
  4. Faster Audits: The above operations not only streamline the entire expense management system process, but also enable the approvers to perform audits more efficiently based on reliable and verified data.
  5. Instant Expense Records: You can access the app from any mobile device and hence, manage your expenses on-the-go. Employees can easily submit their expense claims and receipts digitally, thus boosting their productivity.
  6. Expense Optimisation: With location intelligence and online reporting features, EasyForm expense management ensures the maximum accountability of employees. You can get numerous reports on expenditure splits and optimise the expenses within your organization.
  7. Approvals and Escalations: You can automate your approval workflow and approve claims faster, thus reducing TAT (Turnaround Time).
  8. Advance Management: The app has an employee ledger feature that makes it easier for you to keep track of all your advance payouts, along with claimed and unclaimed amounts.

Pricing of EasyForm Expense Management Tool

EasyForm Expense Management is available in two different plans:

  1. Basic: It charges ₹100 for a user, per month.
  2. Silver: It charges ₹150 for a user, per month.

If you want to use the expense management app, you can send us a callback request. 

Compatible Platforms of EasyForm Expense Management

EasyForm Expense Management is compatible with Windows desktops as well as with Android and iOS mobile devices. Moreover, this is a web-based application and, therefore, can be assessed from any device or platform.

EasyForm Expense Management Features

  • Expenses Management Users can view and manage their business expenses, settle down the receipt claims made by various employees and field workers,
  • Reconciliation You can also make reconciliations of various expenses, including travel, by submitting correct and valid invoices to the
  • Real Time Reports & Statistics The app helps extract the updated and accurate reports of your collected data. You can download them in Excel and PDF formats,
  • SMS integration & Notification You can receive notifications via Email and SMS in real-time by auto-triggering them for a particular stage of your workflow. You
  • Digital Signage EasyForm expense management helps its users to verify the authenticity of an e-receipt, by viewing the digital signature attached
  • Barcode integration This expense tracker features an efficient Barcode and QR code scanner that helps identify your assets more easily. Besides, you
  • Analytics & Reporting By using EasyForm expense management, users get access to a wide range of intuitive charts based reports.
  • Geofencing The geofence technology of the app sends in real-time alerts to its users, notifying them when a person enters or exits a
  • GPS Tracking EasyForm expense management enables its users to track down the exact location of their employees in real-time and take actions
  • Attendance Management Business managers can track the entry and exit time of their remote employees or field workers using GPS technology. You can
  • Analytics It provides analytical insights into various field reports so that you can make informed business decisions. These analytical
  • Multi-stage Approval Workflow With this application, you can have automated approval workflows across multiple stages in the company expense cycle. The
  • Employee Expense Management You can manage and have complete visibility of all employee expenditures, along with advances through accurate reports and
  • Travel Expense EasyForm Expense Management enables you to make travel bill reconciliations with greater speed and accuracy. Apart from viewing
  • On Premise The app enables you to keep a check on your purchases and expenditures of various hardware and software within your organization,

EasyForm Expense Management Plans & Pricing

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EasyForm Expense Management Specifications

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  • Windows iOS Android
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  • English

EasyForm Expense Management Reviews

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Tapan pattanayak
07, Oct 2018
star star star star star 5/ 5
Good experience
easyform-cost programming anticipated that it should come as a Cd to download. Well I did and the downloading procedure was absolutely moron evidence. The client administration is fantastic and I would prescribe Techjockey to anybody.
Ayush Seth
08, Sep 2018
star star star star star 4/ 5
This site is very helpful, but be prepared to be contacted immediately!
Aziz Kagzi
01, Sep 2018
star star star star star 5/ 5
Helpful unbiased and knowledgeable
I ordered a software from Techjockey. I expected it to come in the form of a CD to download. In fact, having queried this, I received a phone call explaining that I would simply have to download a code. Well I did and the downloading process was totally idiot proof. The customer service is excellent and I would recommend Techjockey to anyone.

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EasyForm Expense Management FAQ

Q. Can I Schedule tasks with EasyForm Expense Management? arrow

A. The software comes with a ‘Schedule’ feature that helps save time and efforts. EasyForm Expense Management will automatically assign tasks after you have defined the time duration for the same.

Q. Does EasyForm Expense Management work offline? arrow

A. Yes, the software works offline and it stores all your data locally, which get uploaded once an internet connection is available.

Q. What is the Replay Route feature in EasyForm Expense Management? arrow

A. Using this feature, you can view the travel history of an employee to optimise your travel costs. You can easily play, reverse, forward, pause and replay your route player, and hence, identify the significant deviations from the planned route (if any).

Q. Can I get a demo of EasyForm Expense Management? arrow

A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online dems for EasyForm Expense Management. You have to send us a demo request stating a favourable date and time.

Q. Does EasyForm Expense Management support different mobile OS? arrow

A. Yes, EasyForm Expense Management has a mobile app version for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

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