7 Best (Paid and Free) Bill Splitting Apps to Share Expenses for Android and iOS

7 Best (Paid and Free) Bill Splitting Apps to Share Expenses for Android and iOS-feature image

If you have ever lived away from your family with roommates, you must know that sharing expenses is the most hectic job. There are a lot of ways to divide expenses and bills among housemates, like recording expenses on notebook or on an excel sheet.

However, these methods are extremely prone to missed expenses, wrong calculation and are extremely time-consuming. The best way is to use bill splitting apps to share expenses and track payments.

We have brought 10 best paid and free bill sharing apps for Android and iOS devices that will help you to track and share expenses. Before we get started with the list, let’s see why apps are the best way to track personal or group expenses.

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What are Bill Splitting Apps?

Bill splitting apps are mobile applications that help you to keep track of your shared expenses like rent, groceries, restaurant bill, trip expenses and more. Each user installs the app on their phone and creates a common group to feed their expenses. The bill sharing app automatically calculates everyone’s share and distributes the expenses accordingly.

Users can easily track who owes what and to whom and keep the record of settlements. Using a bill splitting app is the easiest and smartest way to manage expenses with your roommates, friends, family, and colleagues.

Best Apps to Share Expenses

  • Best Bill Splitting App (overall): Splitwise
  • Best Roommate Bill Splitting Apps: Splitwise, SettleUp, Tricount
  • Best Bill Splitting App for Couples: Settle Up
  • Best Restaurant Bill Splitting App: Paytm

Who Can Benefit from Bill Splitting Apps the Most?

What are Bill Splitting Apps

Anyone who regularly splits expenses with others can benefit from using a bill-splitting app.

  • Roommates: If you live with roommates, you can use a bill sharing app to keep track of shared expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, and more.
  • Friends and Colleagues: If you often go on vacation or dining with office or college friends, you can use a bill-splitting app to keep track of traveling and other expenses.
  • Family Members: For family members who want to share or keep track of their household expenses, apps to share bills and expenses are quite handy.
  • Couples: If you are in a relationship, you can use an expense splitting app to keep track of your shared expenses like dining, travel, and other activities.

Top 7 Bill Splitting Apps for Roommates, Couples & Others

Here’s a quick comparison of the best apps to share expenses.

Bill Splitting AppsPricesBest For
SplitwiseFree with core features
Premium Plan starts at ₹49/month
Splitting expenses among roommates and couples
VenmoTotally FreeSetting few bills of outings or dining.
SettleUpFree Version available
Ad-free version at ₹119/month
Sharing and settling household expenses
SplidFree up to one group ₹239 for unlimited group creationSplitting expenses of vacation, trip and outings
PaytmCompletely FreeRestaurant bill splitting and other one-time expenses
Google PayCompletely FreeSharing recurring expenses like rent, gas bill and internet connection
TricountVariable pricing as per the number of members.Sharing day to day expenses among flat mates

When living with roommates, housemates or even friends, it can be hard to know who pays for what. Especially if all the flat mates or members are spending from their pocket as per the necessity of the house. Here are some of the best apps to share your household, restaurant, and trip expenses.

  • Splitwise: Best Bill Splitting App

what is Splitwise app

Splitwise is by far the best app that helps you to split regular household expenses with roommates. It keeps a running tally of who owes who and what and makes it easy to view when a debt is settled.

All the roommates or friends can install split wise on their iOS or android phone and can create a group to share expenses. You can also use it to split bills evenly, or to figure out the cost of an uneven split.

Besides, it offers a lot of features like expense categorization, CSV export, debt simplification, recurring expenses, and cloud sync. It also supports 7+ languages and 100+ currencies, making it an all-in-one app to split bills and expenses for everyone.

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple languages and currencies supported
  • Keeps a running tally of who owes who what
  • Payment integration for easy settlement
  • Too many features
  • Not the very best to split a few bills.

Splitwise Pricing: Splitwise is completely free to use with all its core features. However, users can have an ad-free experience with its pro plan by paying ₹ 49/month or ₹ 499/year.

  • Venmo

Venmo is another popular payment and bill sharing app by PayPal. It is ideal for roommates, friends, and family members who want to quickly split and pay their expenses. It integrates payment with an expense sharing option, which makes it quite easy to split bills. Similarly, be it regular expenses like groceries, recurring expenses like rent or one-time expense like movie tickets, share it quickly with your friend to get paid.

The app even has a social feed where you can see what friends are paying for. Venmo has over 83 million users worldwide, and your friends are quite likely be using this. The app also has a built-in calculator and sharing algorithm, that calculates what everyone owes to each other in the game.

  • 83 million users, making it a common bill sharing platform
  • Payment method integrations for easily feeding bills
  • Not so good for tracking long-term expenses
  • Can’t simplify expenses

Venmo Pricing: Venmo is free to download and use for bill splitting purposes. There are no ads or in-app purchases. However, Venmo charges 3% on credit card purchases.

  • SettleUp


SettleUp is one of the best bill splitting apps for couples and roommates. It keeps track of the money you spend on shared expenses, and how much each person owes. It even lets you schedule payments, so you can automatically split the bill each month.

You can add all the flat mates on one single group, and every time you add an expense, it automatically sends a notification to everyone. SettleUp comes with informative graphs and analytics, allowing members to track household expenses of the group on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

It also allows users to record transfers and other reimbursable expenses, making it a comprehensive app for expense sharing between flat mates and groups.

  • Split monthly recurring expenses
  • Easily record transfers and reimbursable
  • Simplify all the expenses
  • App interface could have been better
  • No payment method integration

SettleUp Pricing: SettleUp is a free expense sharing app with ads. However, you can have an ad-free, premium experience at ₹ 119/month.

  • Splid

Splid is a dedicated trip expense splitting app that is extremely handy when it comes to tracking and dividing expenses of a trip, vacation, or outing among friends and family. Splid is extremely user-friendly and makes budgeting easy; all you must do is input your trip details, and Splid takes care of the rest.

Also you can be sure that each expense will be correctly categorized and accounted for – no more omissions or calculation errors.

Splid supports 150+ currencies, making sure that even the expenses of your foreign trips are converted in local currency without any hassle. You can record transactions even offline and it t syncs to cloud as soon as your phone goes online. You can even download summaries of your entire group expenses in both pdf and excel format.

  • Quick and easy to use with a clean interface
  • Multi-currency format
  • Offline + online use
  • Doesn’t have integrated payment method
  • No way to record direct transfers

Splid Pricing: Splid bill splitting app is a completely free app to share expenses with a group. You can upgrade to Splendid Plus at ₹239 for unlimited groups’ creation and sharing.

  • Paytm

splitwise alternative

Paytm is the largest payment portal with over 350 million downloads and active users. It provides easy and convenient ways to make money transfers, pay bills, manage finances and shop online. Paytm allows users to not only scan and pay via UPI, but it also provides “Split” option.

You can split every payment that you make through Paytm with your friends equally or unequally, on a pro rata basis. It is quite helpful for settling one-time expenses like restaurant bills and outing expenses. Paytm automatically distributes the expense and request payments from other members, allowing everyone to settle bills in seconds.

  • More than 350 million users
  • Automated Payment request notification
  • Easy payment settlement
  • Only for Indian users
  • Not option to group the expenses before sharing

Paytm Pricing: Paytm is a completely free UPI platform and bill splitting app.

  • Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital payment platform and expense sharing app developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices. Plus, you can pay friends back, split bills, and cash in rewards – all without your Google Pay wallet. It allows you to create groups among your roommates or friends to share expenses quickly.

From groceries to gas, you can use Google Pay not only to pay the bills but to quickly split it as well. You can even pay internet bills, set recurring expenses, food expenses, etc. within the app itself. Besides, it also has a chat feature that records all the payment history, payment requests and bill splits.

  • Group creation for easy split
  • Chat feature to track all the shared bills
  • Payment method integration
  • No option to simplify expenses
  • All the payment settlement should be done one by one

Google Pay Pricing: Google Pay is a completely free app to share expenses and make payments.

  • Tricount

Tricount is a collaborative app for splitting bills with roommates and partners. Tricount is simple to use, intuitive, and designed for people on the go. With Tricount, you can easily keep track of the entire household expenses and trips.

Users simply need to create a group and add all their expenses. Also it automatically squares off the final amount, simplifying the entire expense sharing task.

  • Multi-currency options
  • Expense Categorization
  • Data exporting
  • Offline and online use
  • Doesn’t support multiple payers
  • No currency conversion

Tricount Pricing: Tricount has dynamic pricing that increases with the number of participants of the group.

Why Use Split Expenses App?

There are plenty of reasons to use an app to share expenses and bills.

  • Quickly Recording Expenses: The main advantage of using a bill sharing app is that it quickly records your expenses. You don’t have to spend hours calculating and writing down expenses. Simply enter the amount and tap on submit, the app will automatically calculate and record expenses.
  • Tracking Expenses: Many expense sharing apps categorize expenses, so you can quickly see how much you have spent on groceries, restaurants, travel and so on.
  • Accurate Calculation: The wrong calculation of expenses can result in a lot of disputes. With a bill sharing app, you no longer have to worry about calculation errors, as the app will automatically calculate each person’s share accurately.
  • Easy sharing and expense details: Sharing bills and expenses using an app is quite easy. Once you have recorded an expense, you can quickly share it with your friends or family members. The app will notify them about expenses, and they can check it at their convenience.
  • Track Who Owes What: An expense tracker app will automatically keep the record and notify your friend that he/she owes you money. When your friend pays you back, you can simply mark it as paid and the app will update the records.
  • Faster Settlements: Settling expenses is a lot easier and faster with an app. You can simply check how much someone owes you and quickly payback from the app itself. There is no need for any paper calculation or lengthy discussion.

In conclusion

Accurately recording and tracking expenses is important if you are living or going on a trip with friends or family. Calculating each person’s share and the payable amount is hectic when it comes to small expenses, especially when living in groups. Bill splitting apps are quite useful for everyone who must share expenses.

Most of the apps to share expenses are free, while others require a small fee. You can choose your expense sharing app based on you and your partner’s budget and requirement.

FAQ Section

  1. What are the best split expenses apps for roommates?

    There are many great apps out there that can help roommates split their expenses, but Splitwise is by far the best. Besides Splitwise, SettleUp and Tricount are also some popular apps to share expenses among roommates.

  2. What is the best app for managing expenses?

    The best app for managing expenses will vary depending on your needs, but some great options include Tricount, Splitwise , and Splid.

  3. What are the best money-splitting apps for couples?

    The best Bill splitting application depends on the requirements of the couple. Some excellent money-splitting apps for couples are Tricount and SettleUp.

  4. Who can use the share expenses app?

    The split expenses app can be used by flat mates, friends, couples, teams, colleagues or any other group for sharing expenses.

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Published On: August 4, 2022

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