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About Edumarshal

What is Edumarshal?

Edumarshal is a school ERP software that works on the cloud. The software caters to all the necessities for running a school. It incorporates both academic and non-academic activities. Edumarshal school management software offers a paperless environment. It cuts out the excess stationery and offers a thorough smart campus solution. 

Edumarshal school ERP solutions is built to accommodate students, parents, teachers, and other school officials in a single channel. This school management software is deployed in the most respected schools across India. Edumarshal school ERP software is not only limited to schools. It offers services to coaching classes and colleges as well. Edumarshal can be deployed across all kinds of educational organizations.

What are the modules that Edumarshal offers? 

  1. Campus Management System: Campus Management System encompasses all the academic functions required. This module encompasses school management, performance assessment, barcode support, fee management, library management, etc.  
  2. HR & Administration: This module of the Edumarshal school ERP software involves all kinds of non-academic functions. It allows the supervision of employees and manages their work profile.
  3. Student Management System: Student Management System assists in the supervision of students’ performance. It helps in the assessment of students of both academic and non-academic fields. This module also helps the digitalization of student admission processes.  
  4. Fees & Finance Management: This module gives your staff a very detailed look into fee collection. The school ERP allows you to check for students whose payments are pending. Schools can also integrate payment gateway for seamless fee collection.  
  5. School Communication Portal: This module facilitates communication between parents and teachers for better supervision of students and improvised communication among teachers, students, and parents.  
  6. Analytics & Reporting: Get access to the dashboard that gives you a detailed and comprehensive look into your educational institutes’ performance. You can customize the reports according to your organizational necessities for better insights.

What is the price of Edumarshal? 

The price of Edumarshal depends on several factors such as the number of staff & students, the number of branches, etc. For further price-related information, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Sold By : Edumarshal

Get Edumarshal support 29 Chatting right now

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Edumarshal Features

The school ERP software digitalizes the student admission procedure. Schools can share and save all the documents online.
Edumarshal school management software offers a detailed financial accounting module for better fiscal management of your educational organization. 
Organizations can record attendance of all the staff and students automatically. 
Edumarshal educational software integrates email services for better information delivery and circular announcements. 
Schools can save all the details of the students in the Edumarshal school management software. It helps in better and safer supervision student related document. 
Edumarshal school ERP is a completely cloud-based software that automatically creates instant backups of all the data. Organizations can create physical backup of the data as well.
The school software offers simplified employee self-service profiles that gives access to their tax documents, PF statements, etc. It also makes leave an application online. 
 Create an event calendar for the entire school year and function seamlessly. The software smoothens out the planning of events, holidays, examinations, etc. 
Organize all the events for the academic year with its event calendar feature. 
The school ERP software gives a detailed view of fee breakdown and collection. It gives a detailed payment gateway and collection system for student fee. 
The software gives you a detailed insight into your cash flow by creating balance sheets, profit-loss statements, etc. 
 Edumarshal school management software offers immediate solutions to any problem that users may face. It has an active help desk feature. 
Schools and colleges with hostel facilities can use this feature for effortless maintenance of their hostel. 
 The software offers a detailed view of your inventory like sports items, computers, laptops, etc. 
Educational Institutes can manage all the non-academic work from the software. This includes, staff performance assessment, leaves, salary calculation and dissemination.
Organizations can manage teachers schedule effectively and efficiently with time table features. 
Academic and Non-academic staff can apply for leave quickly.  Employees can even check for residual leaves and check for it any time

Get Edumarshal support29 Chatting right now

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Edumarshal Specifications


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Edumarshal FAQs

Yes, Edumarshal has an offline mode that collects data in absence of the internet and automatically updates it when connected to the internet.
Edumarshal offers top of the line data security. The school ERP software has a strong cloud protection service, and for PC it works with the firewall.
No, Edumarshal does not have any hidden charge for accessibility to any of its features. The communication module is available with the purchase.
Edumarshal exports data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF formats for smooth workflows.
After the purchase is done, Edumarshal school ERP offers training modules to teach you and your staff everything, from operations to improvisation.

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