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Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing software is a complete package that helps you connect with your potential customers online. Email is believed to be the effective online communication method in every profession these days. Advanced email software tool enables communication to mass quickly and effectively. Do-It-Yourself is the best feature of email marketing software for good email delivery platform. Businesses are using mailing list software to promote business products and services that allow you to create, send and track professional email campaigns in no time.
Product Features
Email Design
  • Personalised Email- Personalised email allows you to customize according to your business needs. For example: Custom fields like first name or company name in
  • Built-in Email Templates- This feature allows to choose your own template
  • Easy WYSIWYG Editing- Use built-in WYSIWYG to create your own designs, colour and format text, embed images and more
  • Upload or Import Template- Upload your existing template or import a new one from an online web page using WYSIWYG
  • Use Your Existing Template- Import or copy paste your existing template with few clicks into Mail Marketer
  • Upload Images with Ease- You can upload unlimited embed images into email templates as email marketing software includes unlimited image hosting with every account
  • Advanced HTML Editing- Advanced users have full accessibility to customize the HTML coding through WYSIWYG source tab
  • Design Once, Delight Many- Templates are designed and tested for multiple email platforms like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail
Campaign Management
  • Automatic Inbox Preview- Mail Marketer's inbox allows you to check how your email looks to popular email clients
  • Free, Built-In Spam Checking-Restricts entry of spam keywords and reports what exactly needs to be changed
  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes- Easy unsubscribe button makes it simpler to remove the link to your email campaign
  • Forward to a Friend Link- You can invite your friends by including a “forward to a friend” link in your mail. Even you will be notified when anybody forwards your email to a friend and when
  • RSS Archive of Sent Emails- Supports RSS and creates an RSS archive of your emails that lets you manage your archive library from anywhere that supports RSS
Content Management
  • Personalize with Custom Fields- You can store additional information by adding custom fields like location, interests, last name, phone number and more
  • Create Multiple Contact Lists- Create as many contacts as you can be depending upon the type or leads source
  • Add or Import Contacts- Import your existing contacts from Outlook, Microsoft Excel or from a CSV file
  • One-Click Unsubscribe Links- Provides you unsubscribe links in your email to avoid CAN spam laws
  • Bulk Remove Contacts- Easily removal of a large group of contacts from your list
  • Website Signup Forms- Create your own customized signup forms
  • Double Opt-In Confirmation- Automated confirmation to new subscribers to verify they want to join your list
  • Modify Subscription Details- Your contacts can modify the details of the subscription like name, email address, preferences, etc.
  • Statistics & Reporting Track your emails through Email Open Reporting, Link Click Tracking, Email Bounce Tracking, Google Analytics Integration and more.
  • CAN-Spam Compliance CAN-Spam lets you block unknown spammers with different features like:
  • "Do Not Mail" List
  • One Click Unsubscribes
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Double Opt-In Confirmation
  • Contact Details in Footer
Autoresponder Mail Marketer - Allows you to create multiple, chronological autoresponder emails for each of your contact lists
Advanced Email Marketing - Advanced email marketing provides you with advanced features like tracking your email campaigns based on the CTR with split testing. Activate triggers to send birthday, anniversary and promotional reminders with just a click away
About The Company
Mail Marketer is one of the India’s leading email marketing service provider. It is especially designed to deliver the cost-effective and powerful email marketing to the Indian marketers, businesses and online retailers to send email, track email campaigns and manage newsletters and autoresponders.

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