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Kompass Pro

by : Mayakrishna

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Kompass Pro

by : Mayakrishna


Brand: Mayakrishna

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Kompass Pro Software Overview

What is Kompass Pro

Kompass Pro is a fully-featured and all-in-one employee monitoring and salesforce tracking software, designed to fetch the location of a user. This location tracker is most suitable for companies that manage on-field executives. Besides, Kompass Pro also provides reports on attendance, HR compliances and the distances travelled. Apart from reporting an employee’s attendance and real-time location from the premises of the client, this salesforce automation software also helps tsend business orders, daily activity reports and expense sheets.

Who are the End-Users of Kompass Pro?

This salesforce automation solution is suitable for businesses, educational institutions, medical service providers, families, remote project management companies, and travel agencies. The various applications of Kompass Pro are -

  1. Track real-time location and attendance of field executives.
  2. Keep leave and overtime records of your employees.
  3. Manage the work of freelancers or remote project-based employees.
  4. Track the location of family persons for safety reasons.
  5. Schools and other educational institutions can start mobile attendance tracking process for the teachers, students and staff.
  6. SMEs and start-ups can start online attendance monitoring and HR management procedures to cut down on the costs.
  7. Travel and transport businesses can track the real-time location of taxi or truck drivers.

Unique Features of Kompass Pro

  1. Kompass Pro is an app-based cloud location tracking and salesforce automation solution.
  2. It is easy to log in and get started.
  3. Users get 3 different tracking options.
  4. Provides business in minutes.
  5. You can download your reports in your desired format and print them.
  6. Helps automate all your salesforce reporting tasks.
  7. Users can set up live group tracking within a few clicks.


The price of Kompass Pro is available on request. You simply need to make a callback request and receive a customised quote today. Our sales team will also solve other product-related queries to help you get started.

Three Tracking Options of Kompass Pro

Kompass Pro offers three different options for tracking, which include -

  1. Employees and other staff who are being tracked can send real-time check-ins to update their live locations and daily attendance. This data enables the HR manager to monitor the hours worked and the leaves taken by each employee at the time of payroll processing. Family persons can also send live locations to family groups or family admin regularly to update them of their whereabouts for safety reasons.
  2. Group admins can check the locations of each member, which get auto-updated on their desktop panel after every 20 minutes.
  3. Kompass Pro has a live tracking button that enables you to track any member in your group in a single click. Also, you can monitor the current location of any person outside the group by sending him/her a live track request and he/she has to accept it to allow location view access.

Compatible Platforms of Kompass Pro

Kompass Pro is compatible with Windows desktop as well as Android mobile devices.

Kompass Pro Features

  • Real Time Information You can get real-time location data and attendance details of your employees, including remote project-based contract workers, or
  • Integration With Kompass Pro, your attendance management system is integrated with your internal HR management system and your payroll
  • GPS Tracking Kompass Pro allows you to track the live location of your remote employees and field workers via GPS. You can also use the
  • Attendance Management You can track the daily attendance and location of your employees. You can also make your field executives check-in via the
  • SMS integration & Notification You can receive push notifications and SMS alerts whenever a remote employee has breached any rule. You can also set
  • Analytics & Reporting The application generates printable month-end analytical reports on location history, employee attendance and leaves taken, as
  • Geofencing Kompass Pro has geofencing abilities that enable users to track the attendance of their employees in real-time. Both the check-in
  • Mobile Support Kompass Pro has a mobile app version using which your remote employees or field workers can check-in and check-out of the

Kompass Pro Plans & Pricing

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Kompass Pro Specifications

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  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows Android
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Kompass Pro Reviews


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Overall Score
Based on 2 Reviews
Features 4.5/5
Value for Money 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4.7/5
Customer Support 4.7/5
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Amit kumar


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Incredible Revert”

Pros :

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Posted - May 9, 2019


ashish chandra


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Nice service”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Aug 8, 2018

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Kompass Pro FAQ

Q. How do the check-in and check-out buttons work on the Kompass Pro app? arrow

A. Through the check-in and check-out buttons, the user can voluntarily update his/her location to his group admin. One can click these buttons from any location, and the location history for a particular user will be automatically saved, which will later be available in the form of monthly reports.

Q. How can I get reports on Kompass Pro? arrow

A. After setting up the Kompass Pro website, you can access all the printable reports of each user in your group. You simply need to login to your Kompass Pro account and select the ‘Kompass’ option in the dashboard.

Q. What is “landmark’ in the Kompass Pro app? arrow

A. Users can set any place as a landmark that is visited regularly and amke the verification procedure for that particular location much easier in the monthly reports. One can view these ‘landmarked’ locations on the app screen. Moreover, users can share a location along within its postal address to guide another visitor or customer, making navigation easier for them.

Q. Can I get a demo for Kompass Pro? arrow

A. Yes, you can receive an online demo for Kompass Pro from Techjockey. To get your demo session today, hit the ‘Get Free Demo’ button and schedule a call at your preferred time.

Q. Is there a mobile app for Kompass Pro? arrow

A. Yes, Kompass Pro comes with a dedicated mobile app for Android users to help them track live locations of employees, drivers or family members while on-the-move.

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