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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
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Microsoft Azure

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About Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for companies to save and manage their operation on. This utility software allows users to build, text, deploy, and manage their online services via Microsoft supported data centers. Azure offers a Microsoft-powered system that provides users with complete freedom to build their application or platform. It allows for easy configuration and supports all computer languages and frameworks for smooth working. Microsoft Azure has its data centers in 58 regions all across the globe, which is higher than any other cloud service in the world. This cloud service offers compliance with more than 90 different industry parameters. 

Microsoft Azure is used in industry leaders of sectors such as airline, courier, fashion, news media, NGOs, and many more. Azure allows users to build personalized online infrastructure for their business and enjoys a future-ready, hybrid IT environment. 

What are the features offered by Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers the following features: 

  1. Virtualization and creation of virtual machines
  2. Website builder with ASP.NET 
  3. Open source web framework for .NET, PHP, or Node.js
  4. Deployment and running Windows Server 
  5. Operating Linux virtual machine 
  6. Application and infrastructure migration
  7. SQL database
  8. Caching 
  9. CDN
  10. Virtual networking

Why companies use Microsoft Azure for their daily operation? 

Microsoft Azure offers a flexible and deployable solution for users to work effortlessly. Users who wish to transfer their work on a home server can do it with Azure. Users are given the complete control of the system, where users can initiate new services and symmetrically scale their data storage capabilities as their business soars new heights. 

Azure’s cloud services enable users to get away with the purchase of the hardware and operating system for setting up the data center. The cloud service provider handles the hardware and infrastructure management aspect of the workflow, helping developers to work on application designing and innovative product planning. Azure even covers for the company during a disaster with an active disaster recovery system. 

What is the price of Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is available in four different plans, these are: 

  1. Support – Rs. 710
  2. New License (IT00009) Azure Cloud from 15/12/19 to 14/1/2020 – Rs. 177140.36/- monthly
  3. New License (IT00009) Azure Cloud from 3/2/2020 to 9/3/2020 – Rs. 253570.89/- monthly
  4. New License (IT00009) Azure Cloud from 15/1/2020 to 31/1/2020 – Rs. 104386.36/- monthly

Sold By : Microsoft

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Microsoft Azure Features

Microsoft Azure enables users to digitize their business and manage it through various computer languages. 
The cloud service allows users to establish virtual networks to facilitate the working of online solutions, mobile solutions, etc. 
Microsoft Azure is a cloud provisioning and workflow digitalization platform. 
This service offers detailed reports regarding business workflow. It helps make data-driven decisions. 
Services of Microsoft Azure can be used by users to design mobile focused products. 
Azure provides pre-maintained SQL relational databases with unlimited services. It results in saving overhead expenditures on hardware, software, etc. 
Companies can transfer all their workflow data from previous system to Microsoft azure seamlessly.
Microsoft Azure provides online cloud-based storage services. 
The cloud service solution offers enhanced data security services that prevent data theft, unauthorized access, and much more. 
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Microsoft Azure FAQs

A. Yes, there is a 24x7 support in English for all its users.
A. Request a call at Techjockey and state your requirements. Our sales personnel will assist you with the best option.
A. Yes, you can cancel your Microsoft Azure Plan at any time, but you have to inform 30 days prior to it.
A. Azure offers enterprise agreements with all its plans. And it automatically updates them as user changes their plan.
A. Techjockey provides a demo for Microsoft Azure. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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