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About Ontime Employee Manager

What is Ontime Employee Manager? 

Ontime Employee Manager assists HR teams in managing the workforce and the setup of office work hours for the employees efficiently. The solution enables users to supervise their employees from a remote geographical location and monitor their daily workflow. It eliminates tedious scheduling processes, thus saving time. Ontime employee management system helps in improvement of communication systems and keeps track of employee attendance, while boosting the staff accountability. 

Ontime Employee Manager authorizes managers to check their employee’s work in real-time and receive minute reports. It enables employees to report from a landline telephone as well. Ontime Employee Manager focuses on complete automation of workflow supervision and reporting. 

How to manage the workforce with Ontime Employee Manager? 

Employees can clock their attendance from appointed location through mobile application provided by Ontime Employee Manager. Plus, they can report their location, which can be approved automatically through the system. It provides flexibility to the employees and managers. The mobile application allows managers to track the location of employees in real-time. Plus, they can share the scheduled daily work with the workforce with a single click. 
Also, employers can directly share the daily work schedule with their workforce. Furthermore, this time tracking software enables users to put their remarks of the meeting right after it ends. Reports of the meeting also get updated within a short duration. 

What features does Ontime Employee Manager offer? 

  1. Work scheduler
  2. Geolocation tagging 
  3. Feedback after meeting 
  4. Onsite attendance 
  5. Finger scanner 
  6.  Iris scanner 
  7. Expense details 
  8. Conveyance calculation

How does Ontime Employee Manager help run a business efficiently? 

Ontime Employee Manager automates various tasks for different individuals to streamline and speed up the workflow considerably. For employees, they can receive their daily tasks through the application and send report from the mobile application. For managers, they can supervise and schedule the work to the employees from the office. Plus, HR teams can monitor the attendance for payroll and other functions. 

Pricing of Ontime Employee Manager 

Pricing of Ontime Employee Manager software depends upon the extent of usage and requirements of the user. You can request a call back to get personalized quotes.


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Ontime Employee Manager Features

Ontime Employee Manager enables employees to mark there attendance from every location without any hassle. 
Employees can use the mobile GPS to track their location and time spent on each meeting. 
The software accounts for over time and leaves, and generates workflow reports accordingly. 
Employees can file and check their leave from the software, and get it approved from their reporting managers. 
Managers can schedule the daily work for employees with Ontime employee manager in advance. 
Employees are offered a self-service portal to manage their daily tasks, file leaves, etc. 
Managers can start new projects and evaluate it separately to check the performance of campaigns, employees, etc. 
Employers can file for the reimbursement of the expenses by attaching the bills in the software. 
This time tracker software offers a biometric scanner and an iris scanner for better attendance. 
Managers can track the sales output by individual employee in real-time. In addition to that, it allows users to check the status of orders.
Employees can provide the feedback right after the meeting is completed. 
HR teams can set up work shifts for both on-ground and in office employees. 
The software is able to generate real-time reports for all the workflows performed by the employees up-to-the-minute. 
The software offers mobile application for enhanced accessibility. 

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Apr 25 2020

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Ontime Employee Manager FAQs

Ontime Employee Manager has an in-built system for sending text messages to users. You can access this feature in the utility section of the menu.
Ontime Employee Manager save all the important organization data on cloud.
Yes, Users with admin access can manage the activity of employees accordingly.
This feature lets the employees manage their attendance, leave and other necessities without any hassle. You can also keep track of your overtime, personal shifts, leave and holidays.
You can track when your employees have come to the office, from the location they have logged in and the project they are working on in real-time using the time tracking feature of the Ontime Employee Manager.
Techjockey offers demo for Ontime Employee Manager.
Yes, Ontime Employee Manager mobile application works without internet connection. But it will require internet connection to send data reports.

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