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About Sharefile

What is ShareFile?

ShareFile is a file-sharing platform that allows you to have secure access to your files and share your data on-the-go to create time-saving workflows. ShareFile provides real-time feedback and requests approval from the users by inviting them to suggest and co-edit a given form of a document. Moreover, with real-time tracking, users can always get first-hand knowledge of the work going on within the organization in real-time.

How Efficient is ShareFile?

ShareFile enables secure sharing of large files and provides users with easy access and allows seamless sync over different platforms. It eliminates the need for installing thumb drives and also doesn’t require cumbersome FTP’s or CDs. ShareFile enables the user to connect with their content seamlessly and eliminates messy data migration. It even provides users with secure access to files and folders stored on legacy data systems. Since ShareFile works in accordance with third party services, it provides a secure point of access to all your data, regardless of their location.

How Secure is ShareFile?

The security of your documents is taken care of with ShareFile’s integrated third-party validated application and the inbuilt data centers which control your data. It is also compliant with the SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits, ensuring greater security. For added safety, bank-level encryption is added to the transit. An added Two-factor authentication and single sign-on feature are also provided for eliminating any form of data tampering.

Pricing of ShareFile

The pricing of ShareFile depends upon the extensive use of the application. Depending on your requirements, the plans are listed below:

  1. Standard: The pricing of the Standard plan is INR 3530 per month and allows usage for up to 5 employees with INR 700 per additional user.
  2. Advanced: The pricing of the Advanced plan is INR 5435 per month and allows up to 5 employees with INR 8030 per additional user.
  3. Premium: The pricing of the Premium plan is INR 8617 per month which can be used by up to 5 employees with INR 1715 per additional user.
  4. Virtual Data Room: The pricing of Virtual Data Room costs INR 23915 per month.

You can request a call back to know more about these plans. 

How is ShareFile Different?

ShareFile works to ensure customizable workflows and easily integrates with the Office 365 application suite. It automates the process of getting approvals and feedback over shared documents. Workflows can be customized with this platform and directly controlled by the users. The seamless integration with Office 365 allows for real-time co-editing and suggestions between two given users. 

This platform accelerates the productivity of its users with automated workflows, providing them with the option to customize their settings as per their choice and control. ShareFile even enables its users to have legally bound e-signatures seamlessly on any device, to increase the efficiency of work over any given platform or operating system.

Sold By : Sharefile

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Sharefile Features

This platform allows selective access option for the users to share documents as per the requirement.
 With its electronic signature facilities, ShareFile ensures a lasting impression over your clients. Moreover, being legally bound, it improves the efficiency of a business.
By providing an informative dashboard, ShareFile ensures that users get a detailed account of activities going on within an organisation.
The app ensures that the responsible heads can plan, organise, control and lead activities effectively, and looks over the compliance management of a given organisation.
ShareFile easily integrates with other applications and tools, which eliminates any possible forms of hindrance while adapting to ShareFile.
ShareFile keeps track of the work that has been assigned to keep the responsible heads updated with real-time information and status.
This platform provides ease in collaboration between your employees to share, edit and revise a given piece of document.

Get Sharefile support17 Chatting right now

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Sharefile Specifications


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Sharefile FAQs

Yes, ShareFile keeps detailed notes and reports of the activities and assignments going on within an organisation. It can be a great tool to manage the workflow, thus facilitating efficiency.
ShareFile features two-factor authentication, single sign-on features alongside compliance with SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits to ensure maximum security to all your valuable data and information.
Yes, users can encrypt their emails, as the ShareFile plugin for Outlook enables secure encryption of emails and automatically converts the given attachments to secure ShareFile links.
Yes, ShareFile provides the feature of using legally bound e-signatures onto any given document, by using several built-in electronic signature tools. You can even share your documents to a single signer or a group using a secure link, without the need to use any plugins or download anything.
Yes, ShareFile enables a swift and smooth integration with the Office 365 Suite to allow efficient task management with remote teams.

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