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About Shedul

What is Shedul? 

Shedul is one of the best salon software designed to monitor and supervise all the activities Spas and Salons. This spa and salon management software is loaded with features that accelerate processing requests/orders from customers in the shortest possible time while accessing a single activity dashboard that provides details regarding every employee and workstation. 

Shedul spa and salon software also offer online scheduling, where business owners can appoint customers to appoint individual employees. This software also offers a point of sales service to business owners who aim to sell goods with their services as well. Business owners can restructure their entire business layout and plan appropriately to raise their profits.
Shedul Spa and Salon management software offers cost-effective solutions to businesses. 

Who are the targeted customers of Shedul?

Here is a list of business that can incorporate Shedul spa and salon management software into their daily activities: 

  1. Hair Salons
  2. Massage Centers
  3. Health Clinics
  4. Beauty Salons 
  5. Spas 
  6. Personal Trainers
  7. Gymnasiums 

Price of Shedul

Shedul is an open-source free of cost software. For more inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By :  Shedul.com

Get Shedul support 27 Chatting right now

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Shedul Features

The software facilitates scheduling appointments for various services that businesses provide digitally. It takes requests from customers online and proceed accordingly.
Business owners can create a membership list for recurring visitors to provide them with attractive discount offers. 
Shedul allows users to manage all their employees and their workflows efficiently. Create workstations and assign it to employees. 
This spa and salon software offers great features for users to supervise and offer seamless experience to their clients. From scheduling to billing all the process are expedited and streamlined. 
The software offers business owners to integrate gift card payment systems for better brand creation and marketing. 
This feature creates a numbered system for customers who have not received the appointment but are still in the waiting list. 
Shedul spa and salon software provides a streamlined dashboard that provides access to all the features for working. 
The software helps in the management of hair salon, spas, and other similar types of businesses that involve in grooming and personal care. 

Get Shedul support27 Chatting right now

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Shedul Specifications


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Shedul FAQs

Shedul spa and salon management software prioritizes data security. The software does not share data with any third party and utilizes SSL security system.
To generate reports, please go to the main menu and click on ‘Analytics’ and then on ‘Reports.’ Search for the attribute you want the report on and select export from the top right-hand corner. Select the choice of format, i.e., PDF, Excel, or CSV, and the report will be downloaded automatically.
Yes, Shedul is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Shedul spa and salon software can work with barcode scanners, given that your PC is compatible with the scanning device.
Shedul is available only in English as of now. However, there are plans for including different languages; please watch this space for updates.

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