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SoulCRM is an incredibly simple and efficient web based software specifically designed to provide a complete view of customer interaction across sales, marketing and customer service/support departments. The software is created after thorough understanding of their unique ecosystem. The goal is to solve actual business problems and empower businesses to take improved decisions. Delivering extraordinary experiences to customers remain at the core of every activity. The software is best suited for all type of businesses to help provide holistic view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, and customer service\support departments. This customer relationship management is designed for specific needs of small and mid-sized Indian businesses.
Product Features
SoulCRM is a holistic tool helping organizations operate effectively and efficiently from a single tool and empowering them to make data driven business decisions. Features like contact management, email campaign, bulk SMS, reminders through email and SMS make this system one of a kind. SoulCRM is a web based tool which provides access to the required information even on the move. The software helps streamline business process and attain sustainable success by aligning strategy, processes and technology to manage customers, teams and partners, efficiently and effectively. Below are the specific modules:
  • Manage suspects – Import and export details of suspects and create notes, send mails and plan follow-ups, set reminders to qualify them
  • Nurture leads – Get 360-degree view of sales pipeline, the lead module interface has lead status and priorities, sales forecast report, communication log and much more.
  • Build relations – Provides a consolidated view of all contacts including customers and vendors with a single interface
  • Communication – Stay connected with leads, customers, suppliers with advance email interface with built-in templates and much more
  • Schedule appointments – Book meetings with calendar integration and prioritize appointments
  • Report and analytics – Get lead analytics report with primary filters like source, industry type, status, etc.
  • Create quotation – Easily map contact details, ledger accounts, associated product with discount, applicable tax, etc.
  • Manage sales order – Once quotation is created, sales order interface will have information mapped in respective fields
  • Locate inventory – Pick list provide details of available stock in particular warehouse
  • Create delivery challan – Delivery challans can be integrated with the sales module
  • Invoice management – Creating, managing and archiving invoices are made easy using the invoice feature
  • Purchase order – Create purchase orders and store relevant details of payment terms, discount and VAT, credit limit terms, tasks and reminders, delivery schedule with ease.
  • Material inward – Record and update received goods and receipts easily with meticulous material inward form
  • GR note – GRN is record used to confirm that all goods have been received and compared with PO before payment is made
  • Purchase invoice – Generate types of invoices namely commercial invoice, service invoice and store associate vendor and product information, GRN detail, applicable tax group, shipping address etc.
  • Purchase returns – Purchase return transactions must be effectively mapped with account, inventory and sales departments
  • Manage multiple stock location – Soul CRM provides a robust stock tracking mechanism to help store and manage stock across multiple branches and warehouse.
  • Inventory per location – Store location details while making inventory input in the system
  • Stock journal voucher – Track current stock level and plan future procurement requirements using this simple feature
  • Manage threshold quantity – Users can set threshold limit to maintain minimum and maximum stock level
  • Store journal voucher – Journal entries get mapped with respective account ledgers, these ledgers are mapped with predefined account groups.
  • Create and manage receipts – Quickly create and store receipts with its source details like cash, bank, DD, Bank transfer or online payment.
  • Keep track of payments – maintain vendor details with information of due amount, source of payment, dates of payments etc.
  • Debit note for purchase returns – keep track of inventory shipped and payments owed
  • Manage support requests – Create request, define severity & priority, assign to resources, send automated e-mail and SMS notifications to customer, and maintain a communication log.
  • Support against contract – Support ticket is mapped effectively with contract and special engagement terms. Manage multiple contracts for a single client and get quick reminders.
  • Notify customers instantly – System will automatically send an email or SMS notification with support ticket number and team member details.
  • Accurate sales forecast – Segment and retain the most valuable customers with insightful reports. Find win/loss rates, predict sales, measure team performance, track KPIs and more.
  • Increase ROI on campaigns – Create reports to track leads by source, employee and industry.
  • Track finances – Get comprehensive reports on party ledger, payment registers, bills receivables and payables, created and approved vouchers. Also get reports from Tally.
  • IVRs and cloud telephony – integrate on premise and hosted telephony app with SoulCRM to deliver personalized experience to customers
  • Capture leads from website – Integrate the software with CRM to capture, validate and approve lead and assign the same
  • API support – SoulCRM provides RESTAPI (Application Programming Interface) for integrating with third party applications.
About The Company
SoulCRM was founded in 2008. The company is a passionate team of designers, developers and creators. The company aims at building meaningful digital products that solve real problems, delight users and reward the risk takers. With creative application of technology, design and business finesse, the company creates a world of successful technology ventures that empower businesses and enriches consumers’ lives. The company is completely self-funded organization with over 90+ experienced professionals. 

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