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Brand : Vowel

Starting at $ 20

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Vowel Video Conferencing Software will help you experience crystal-clear video and audio quality, interactive screen sharing, and robust collaboration tools. ...Read more

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Vowel Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Vowel Software?

Vowel video conferencing software is the ultimate tool for teams seeking seamless collaboration in video meetings. With Vowel, you can effortlessly host and share meetings without the need for any additional add-ons. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Vowel takes your meetings to the next level, ensuring that every call is optimized for productivity and efficiency.

Vowel provides instant AI-powered summaries, real-time AI action items, transcripts, and recordings, ensuring no important detail is missed. Say goodbye to optional meetings as you catch up later with MeetingGPT, or easily revisit any conversation to get the TL; DR in seconds. You can host meetings that your team wants to attend. With Vowel's feature-rich platform, you can utilize agendas, timers, emojis, and notes that are visible to everyone, eliminating any confusion about the meeting's purpose.

The software will help you activate live transcription with a single click, all without the need for clunky add-ons. Users can effortlessly look up any topic covered in a meeting and quickly jump to the relevant part of the video for immediate context. You can bookmark crucial moments for easy retrieval and create clips to share valuable insights and decisions with your teammates.

The software will help reduce the number of tools in your tech stack by embracing Vowel as your all-in-one meeting solution. You can keep notes, agendas, recordings, transcripts, and summaries in a single location, eliminating the need for additional cloud storage or costly third-party tools.

Why Choose Vowel?

Vowel is a powerful software designed for teams and professionals who value efficient and productive collaboration in their meetings. It empowers teams to optimize meetings, enhance collaboration, and streamline knowledge sharing. With Vowel, individuals and teams can save time, increase productivity, and achieve better client outcomes. It is an essential tool for any organization or professional seeking to enhance their meeting experience.

Benefits of Vowel Video Conferencing Software

  • Vowel maximizes meeting efficiency by providing AI-powered features such as instant summaries, real-time action items, and searchable transcripts. This eliminates manual notetaking and follow-ups, ensuring that every meeting is productive and time efficient.
  • You can effortlessly manage meetings using features like agendas, live transcription, timers, and shared notes. This promotes organization, clarity, and collaboration, resulting in more focused discussions and better outcomes.
  • It enables seamless collaboration by allowing team members to share notes, bookmarks, and meeting clips. This fosters knowledge sharing, facilitates easy reference, and ensures that insights and decisions are effectively communicated within the team.
  • It caters to various meetings, including one-on-one sessions, research discussions, sales calls, design reviews, and weekly team meetings. Its tailored features and functionalities for each meeting type ensure that all interactions are optimized for productivity and desired outcomes.
  • The platform prioritizes user-friendliness, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. No add-ons or additional tools are required, making it convenient for teams to adapt and integrate into their existing workflows.

Pricing of Vowel Video Conferencing Software

Vowel video conferencing solution pricing starts at $20 at

The overall pricing model is based on different factors such as personalization, extra features required, total users, and the deployment type. Please feel free to request a call from our product experts if you want to learn more about our subscription plans or premium package deals.

Vowel Pricing & Plans

  • No time limit on meetings
  • Rewatch and search through past meetings forever
  • Up to 50 participants per meeting
  • MeetingGPT (Q&A)
  • AI-powered meeting summaries
  • AI action items
  • Zapier integration
  • Priority support
  • Advanced transcription
  • Non-English transcription languages
    • Licenses
    • Monthly
Starting at $ 20

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Vowel Features


AI Based Video conferencing

Harness the power of AI for enhanced video conferencing experiences that streamline collaboration and productivity.


Meeting Management

Effectively manage your meetings with features like agendas, timers, notes, and live transcription.



Create structured and productive one-on-one meetings with customizable agenda templates for effective communication.


Research Sessions

Transform conversations into a searchable knowledge base, connecting dots across projects and enabling quick onboarding.


Sales call

Keep track of feedback, agreements, and action items during sales calls, gaining valuable insights into your product.


Design Review

Collaborate and take notes during design reviews, capturing critical feedback to enhance future iterations.


Weakly team meetings

Collaborate on agendas to maximize discussion time and minimize status updates in weekly team meetings.


No Add-ons Required

Enjoy the convenience of using Vowel without additional add-ons, ensuring a streamlined experience.



Optimize your meetings with AI-powered summaries, real-time action items, and searchable transcripts.


Easy to Use

Vowel's user-friendly interface makes it simple and intuitive to host, manage, and share meetings.

Vowel Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Customer Support:
  • Integration:
  • Training:
  • Language:
  • AI Features:
  • Ubuntu Windows MacOS Linux
  • DesktopMobileTabletiPad
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, Enterprises
  • Email, Communities
  • API Integration
  • Videos
  • English
  • AI Integrated

Vowel Reviews and Ratings


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Vowel Company Details

Brand Name Vowel
Information AI-powered meetings for fast-moving teams. Vowel is an AI-powered video-conferencing tool that helps remote teams 10x the value of their meetings by turning them into searchable, shareable knowledge.
Founded Year 2019
Director/Founders Andrew Berman
Company Size 1-100 Employees

Vowel FAQ

A Vowel software is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems.
A The Vowel Video Conferencing app is unavailable on Android and iOS devices.
A Vowel system supports web-based deployment.
A Vowel Video Conferencing software pricing starts from $20 at
A Vowel Video Conferencing Software can be used by HRs, offices, educational institutions, healthcare professionals, and organizations seeking seamless collaboration and communication across different locations.
A Vowel video conferencing system demo is available for free with
A Vowel Video Conferencing solution does offer a free trial.
A Vowel is a web-based platform. So, you need not download any software or app to use it.
A Vowel is a cutting-edge video conferencing software designed to streamline meetings for dynamic teams. Its AI-powered features allow teams to effortlessly host, summarize, search, and share video meetings, eliminating the need for additional add-ons or complicated processes.

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