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About Yocc

What is YOCC?

YOCC, which stands for Your Own Calls Centre, automates the contact center operations with its smart cloud telephony services. It allows users to focus on growing the business instead of thinking about any other operation-related issues. This IVR software streamlines business operations and enhances customer service standards. Big V Telecom’s YOCC software easily fits in as per one’s technical and budgetary needs. 

YOCC is useful for any type of business be it an MNC, SME or a startup. You can also choose the features that are available in the software according to your requirements. The application provides call blacklisting, knowing the callers before accepting the calls, unlimited extensions in one number, quantification of ads, call routing configuration, and many others.

How does a single virtual number solution help run one’s business?

With this software, users can add multiple extensions to connect with multiple departments, locations, and employees. You can choose a toll-free or a non-toll free virtual number for your business or continue with your existing number. The software comes with a cloud contact center where one can greet his or her customers in their native language, thereby resulting in more customer outreach. This enables businesses to think globally but act locally. The multi-level professional IVR solution helps users to streamline their strategic business units on a single hosted number for simplifying the business procedures.

How does YOCC Help with Strategic Management?

The software follows four ways to effectively manage a business. One can quantify his or her advertisement to increase revenue coming from each advertisement channel. YOCC enables recorded as well as live call monitoring to listen to the calls between customers and agents to monitor and ensure high customer service standards. This allows users to perform remote monitoring to keep a tab on customer requirements. 

Using the software’s web interface, one can view comprehensive call analytics and agent-specific call reports to get insightful analytics on inbound calls. YOCC records the database of callers which one can integrate with CRM for inputs on customer behavior.

Pricing of YOCC

The pricing of YOCC is available on the request of the interested buyers. You can feel free to communicate with us for any further updates on the pricing via our chat support or over the phone.

How does YOCC’s seamless automation help in enhancing customer service?

YOCC Outbound IVR is a voice-based customer outreach system. It allows one to effortlessly integrate voice calls to customer databases for promotion and alerts. The software comes with the smart call transfer feature that lets users transfer calls to any place in the world whether it is landline or mobile. This increases productivity and facilitates flexibility. You can provide your callers with the convenience to speak to the same agent. 

This helps accelerate query resolution and give your caller a personalized experience every time. Users can choose a set pattern or random routing on how to route the incoming calls to the agents. The software is capable of handling multiple calls at once in an attempt to eliminate any caller waiting, thereby, resulting in zero missed calls.

Sold By : BigV Telecom

Get Yocc support 14 Chatting right now

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Yocc Features

The software helps in generating leads based on quantification of advertisement, robust call analytics, customizable call routing and smart call transfer.
YOCC records caller databases, which one can seamlessly integrate with the CRM for analysing the behaviour of customers.
Users can choose how they want to route the incoming calls amongst agents. They can route at random or in set patterns.
The software connects multiple locations, departments and employees. YOCC offers multi-language support and multi-level professional IVR.
You can maintain a complete call log of clients and customers, generate agent-specific call reports to get insights on inbound calls.
YOCC intelligently transfers calls to any place in the world, be it landline or mobile, thereby, facilitating flexibility and increasing productivity.
YOCC outbound IVR is a voice-based bulk customer outreach system. This seamlessly customizes and controls voice calls that are made to customers for promotion, along with handling inbound calls, thereby effectively managing the call centre business.
You can get insights on inbound calls from agents or customers using the YOCC software.
You can provide your callers with the option for calling the same agent which you can get from your contact history. This helps in accelerating query resolution and personalizing the calling experience for your customers every time.  

Get Yocc support14 Chatting right now

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Yocc FAQs

With the multiple extension feature of the software, you can connect to multiple locations, departments and their employees. Additionally, one can enjoy the multi-language support extension to correspond with customers in their original language, along with providing multi-level professional IVR.
YOCC records callers’ conversation, which companies can seamlessly integrate with the CRM for analysing customer behaviour.
The software transfers calls to any platform, including both mobile or landline, thus increasing flexibility and efficiency.
YOCC helps in lead generation based on quantification of advertisements, customizable call routing and robust call analytics.
You can choose how to route the incoming calls among your agents. You may also route them at random or set a desired pattern for performing the said action.

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