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about_details_pp About Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is an ultimate online reporting and business intelligence solution that empowers the organizations to visually analyze their business data efficiently and create insightful reports and dashboards thereby allowing making informed business decisions. Zoho Analytics solution provides effective data connectors for instant reporting such as Google Analytics, cloud storage, database, Salesforce CRM, and many more. Rated as a leader in G2 Crowd's 'The Winter 2016 Business Intelligence GridSM1 report, Zoho Analytics helps the businesses create reports in minutes with drag-and-drop report designer. Businesses can gain insights that provide multiple times the value of what they pay as Zoho Analytics subscription. Accessibility to Zoho's broad suite of business apps ranging from CRM, Mail, Project management and more makes it more desirable.

Sold By : Zoho

about_specification_ppZoho Analytics Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market

  • Enterprise

  • PSUs

  • Startups

  • Agencies
No. of Employees
  • 1-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-200
  • 201-500
  • 1001-5000
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • Web-BasedWeb-Based
Suitable For :
  • All Industries
  • English

about_features_ppZoho Analytics Features

  • Database Management

    You can connect to both relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Teradata, etc. and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop/Hive etc. Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Azure, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift cloud databases are also supported.

  • Data Recovery

  • Collaboration

  • Interactive Reporting & Dashboard

  • Share and Collaborate

  • Business Automation

  • dashboard

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Mobile BI

  • Visualization

about_faq_ppZoho Analytics FAQs

Anyone to whom you privately share your reporting database, tables(data), reports and dashboards for Collaboration is considered a "User" in the Zoho Analytics pricing model. A user is identified by his/her unique email address, with which their Zoho Analytics account was created/registered. Suppose you subscribe to a Zoho Analytics plan for 5 users, You can privately share the data/reports in your account and collaborate with 4 other persons. Now your Zoho Analytics account is said to have 5 users.
In Zoho Analytics, a row or record is defined in the same context as in a database. In simple terms, a database table consists of rows (records) and columns (fields). Each row in a table represents a set of related data and has the same structure. For example, in a table that represents "Employees", each row would represent a single employee record. The number of rows shown in the pricing plan above is the sum of all rows/records stored across all your database tables in your Zoho Analytics account. As a measure of size, 1 Million simple rows would be equivalent to 1GB or more in data size. However, this can vary based on the number of columns and the type of data contained.
Zoho takes the security of your data and information very seriously. We have taken many different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), People Processes and Redundancy/Business Continuity.
Sure, you can sign up for the Free plan or the 15-day Trial offered in other plans. Try the service and see if it meets your needs. If it does, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime. Your data will be safe and retained fully on upgrade. Even if you do not upgrade to any paid plan, you can continue to enjoy the Free Plan always.
Absolutely. Zoho Analytics is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

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