Attune Lab Information System

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Attune Lab Information System is designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists like you to help manage the daily operations of the lab efficiently and grow the business. View More

Netvarth NetLIMS (Laboratory Management Software)

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Price: 7500.00 INR Onwards

A state of the art solution for managing clinical laboratories. NetLIMS tracks various stages of each and every tests and provides instant reports to the management. The software has an intuitive interface and hosts a variety of features like bar coded specimen, auto backup, touch screen enabled, separate discounts for walk-in and through agents, single click report, branch integration, etc. View More

Qmarksoft Pathology Lab Software

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Price: 7500.00 INR

Pathology Reporting Software enables patient management and management of other operations in a Pathology Laboratory efficiently. This automation solution enables to keep a record of patients, doctors, tests and reports along with samples and packages. The pathologies can readily manage the accounting transactions and creating useful reports for better business insights and profits earned. View More

Agaram QuaLIS LIMS

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Price: 150000.00 INR /Named User

QuaLIS LIMS suite is a complete Laboratory Information Management System that encompasses a range of integrated solutions, designed from ground up for any kind of laboratory across multiple industries or domains like pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, food & beverage, dairy, contract research, clinical research, diagnostic pathology, public health. The software addresses regulatory compliance requirements for laboratories that practice or need to comply with Good Laboratory Practice like (GLP), 21 CFR Part 11, Eudralex Annex 11, GCP, cGMP, ISO 17025, Netcord, Nelap etc. View More

Swastin Laboratory Management

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Price: 5000.00 INR

Laboratory Management from Swastin Technologies is a fully-integrated, accurate and efficient solution for complete path lab management. The software incorporates all operations from registration to billing and result delivery to the patients. Other modules include patient management, doctor management sample collection, results & diagnostics, Finance & Accounting, investigation/test packages, etc. View More


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Price: 25000.00 INR

PathoSof is a complete software solution for pathology labs empowering with overall management of front office, inventory, diagnostics, and accounting operations. View More

Asmi CuteLab Pro

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Price: 13000.00 INR Onwards

CuteLab Pro is a desktop based Diagnostic Laboratory Management Application that has been developed keeping in mind the emerging need of a fully comprehensive solution for Diagnostic Centres covering 'NABL' accreditation requirements. View More

Asmi Global LIS

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Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

Global LIS is a browser based application developed specifically for Diagnostic Laboratories catering the need of data portability and providing lab reports through electronic medium. Feature set includes automatize e-mailing of reports to respective consultants/patients, detailed MIS report generation and much more.  View More

Asmi CuteScopy Pro

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Price: 28000.00 INR

CuteScopy Pro is a specialized application designed and developed specifically to cater Diagnostic Image Management requirements of healthcare service providers. It includes advance image management features in form of image capturing (both Standard & HD), video editing, CD/DVD burning, E-mailing of reports and much more. View More

Asmi Cute Sono

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Price: 28000.00 INR

CuteSono comprises of a fully immersive Image Management application designed specifically for DICOM related diagnostic studies featuring multiple system support offering compatibility with nearly all types of USG/Color Doppler/Echo Systems. View More

Birlamedisoft Maxim-LIS V1

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Price: 260000.00 INR

A complete web based Laboratory Management Software that makes all types of Pathology & Radiology reporting possible. The software has a complete suite for efficiently managing all activities/operations at laboratory like samples, billing, testing, accounting, inventory, search functions, etc. View More

Birlamedisoft PathoGold

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Price: 26000.00 INR

PathoGold is a reputed laboratory management software program that has made life simpler for many pathologists all over India. It facilitates overall pathology lab operations more efficient, thereby reducing the time, effort and costs. The software is a user friendly and easy to use solution. View More

Birlamedisoft- PathoGold Premium

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Price: 12000.00 INR

Birlamedisoft PathoGold Premium is a tried and tested laboratory management software program that has made life simpler for many pathologists all over India. It is an advanced version of PathoGold Premium software and is the ultimate software for advance pathology labs, where your requirements are fully & completely met. View More

Agriya Zocdoc Clone - Doctor Appointment Booking Platform

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Price: 83819.00 INR

Zocdoc Clone is a doctor appointment booking platform for convenient doctor appointment booking that caters to medical profession. Building your platform with this software will ease the patients and doctors as well as physicians in scheduling their times accordingly. View More

Accurate Lab Master

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Price: 12500.00 INR

Lab master, a unique clinical laboratory software which helps in creating smart reports of pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound &, ECG & echo. It not only print attractive reports but also keep track of accounts. It has also has built-in test library.  View More

Birlamedisoft Lab 3.1

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Price: 4761.90 INR

Birlamedisoft lab 3.1 is designed keeping in mind the requirements of pathology system software. The offered software management is integrated with features. It can create pathology work simpler and quicker. This software is suitable for any kind of medium labs. View More

Laboratory management software are ideal solutions consisting of fundamental functions automated to simplify the lab operations. Each elements including tests, packages, patients, doctors, staff, billing, labelling and many more can be efficiently managed using lab software. A lab management software usually include the following features:
  • Sample Collection and Test Management: Details of tests can be defined with exclusive modules in the software. Sample collection can also be managed with interactive tools and interface.
  • Barcode Labelling: The collected samples can be labelled with unique barcodes. Lab solutions can facilitate to generate barcodes to uniquely identify the sample.
  • Patient Management: The system enables to record the patient details that can be used for correspondence and information about the results generated for the diagnosis. SMS and email integration features are also available in some of the las software.
  • Staff & Salaries Management: Staff hiring, assignment of roles & responsibilities can be effortlessly performed with lab solutions. Performance of staff can also be monitored and salary can be calculated based on attendance.
  • Agents Management: Labs may associate with agents to promote their business. They can also look forward to agent management features and administer their commissions, and leads/ customers.
  • Results & Diagnosis: Compete record of results and diagnosis developed from the collected samples or tests conducted. With SMS and email integrated into the solution, patients can be updated about the same.
  • Inventory Control: Software for laboratory management may contain inventory control tools and features helping labs to acquire updated inform about all stock transactions, stock purchases and stock-on-hand.
  • Instrument & Equipment: All instruments and equipment being/ to be used in the labs can be recoded with details in the lab software. Users can be stay informed about all the instruments and equipment this way.
  • Discounts & Billing: Billing or invoice generation can be automated with such solutions. Discounts to be offered can be defined and hence considered while billing.