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Smart Queue is a versatile call center monitoring system dedicated to call centres based on the Asterisk PBX. Smart Queue is a cutting edge call centre solution available in minimal capital investment with rapid deployment. The cost-effective scalable solution supports over 10 languages. AVOXI serves call centers across the globe providing integrated cloud-based phone system solutions and international VoIP services for customer service call centers and technical support call centers. It is a virtual call center software solution to meet the business requirements and technology budget irrespective of the number of agents. The solution targets to increase call centre’s productivity by providing easy access to all features and capabilities.

Product Features

Smart Queue is an intranet application to be used through a web browser and is meant to be highly customizable. With 24X7 technical supports, Smart Queue is equipped with high levels of reliability and security. The innovative solution supports Time of Day Routing, IVR/Auto Attendant and allows Real Time Monitoring. The software solution provides quality assurance and input tracking with extended call recording. Inbound call queues and automatic call distribution (ACD) skills-based routing are facilitated along with the call forwarding features in the solution. Avoxi’s Smart Queue solution features consist of:
• Powerful reports available on call center activity, divided by queue and filtered by agent and time period, that show what happened (e.g. taken calls, lost calls, agents logging on and off.) during the specified period.
Effective call centre activity-monitoring tools tracking each activity like each single call that was handled or lost, and listen to it through your web browser.
Single real-time panel showing call center activity that enables to monitor calls being processed by queues and agent activity. The users can optionally see agent’s screen through a VNC application to closely monitor the agent’s calls.
• Provides a web-based interface panel for agents that lets them see their own calls and optionally launch an external web-app (like a third party CRM module) as the calls come in; they also can use it to log-on to Asterisk, log off and pause/unpause themselves.
Provides agents a Mozilla-based system-awareness application, to see in real-time how their performance compares to the queues.
• Allows external users or the QA department to monitor the call center in real-time and see a stripped-down version of the current statistics.
• Allows tracking of call completion statuses and pause codes to run statistics on the result of CC activity and on the time used by the agents, keeping track of their ACD and non-ACD time.
• Allows grading of ongoing and historical calls by a QA team, and produces QA reports by agent on a user-selectable number of metrics.

About The Company

AVOXI is a leading cloud communications, business VoIP service and contact center software provider delivering exceptional Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions to customers around the world. AVOXI provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to international businesses spanning six continents. The AVOXI portfolio of services includes cloud-hosted virtual contact center solutions, cloud PBXs, SIP and IAX trunks, and hosted IVR and cloud telephony services. As a premiere cloud communications provider, AVOXI focuses on meeting the international calling needs of contact centers, travel industry leaders, and global enterprises looking to project a local presence. The telecommunications and enhanced VoIP solutions from Avoxi include business-class features such as conference calling, voice mail to email, call recording, time of day routing, live call monitoring, and more.

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