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  • 20-25% product cost AMC from 2nd year onwards.

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mcRAv AutoZ is an extensive automobile show room and service center solution that perfectly helps businesses to manage entire showroom and service center activities. May it be sale or purchase of vehicles or repair and service of the vehicles, this impeccable solution does it all efficiently thereby allowing businesses to focus on their quality services. The software provides reliable inventory control, full accounting, customer mail outs, estimates/invoices, sales tracking, inventory tracking and much more bundled as a single package. This cost effective solution endeavours to enhance the service quality and productivity in the automobile stores and service centers.

Product Features
mcRAv AutoZ one stop shop to manage new and old vehicle purchase and sales, spare purchase & sales, inventory, insurance, vehicle register, broker management, service, accounts, and CRM. Highly integrated solution, AutoZ facilitates smooth communication with customers as well as other stakeholders with SMS facility in the solution. Easily deployable and simple to use, this browser based solution provides an interactive interface to perform all operations to be executed in an automobile showroom and/ or service center. The solution has been categorized into various modules incorporating all fundamental processes to crucial and complex tasks. Enduring AutoZ features include:
  • Estimating has been simplified with this innovative solution. The businesses can estimate and calculate the costing of the services/ items offered effortlessly.
  • Customer and vehicle management has been facilitated with exclusive modules. All customer details can be captured for future references and sharing offers and deals on the available services/ products. Vital vehicle details precisely can be recorded and accesses anytime in future.
  • Businesses can effectively manage the inventory and get the accurate stock evaluation and stock on hand at certain point of time. Inventory reports can be generated based on various criteria and listings and documents can also be maintained readily.
  • Insurance company’s management is one of the most complex tasks that has been simplified with this solution.
  • Security features active services.
  • Work orders can be created, administered and managed efficiently using the interface provided within the software.  Vehicle history can be captured and preserved to be used later anytime as and when required.
  • Any report, listing or document can be sent by e-mail with integrated email facility in the solution.
  • Invoicing has been made simple and error-free with the intuitive and auto-calculative features.
  • Vendor Management including capturing the vendor details, dealing with quotations and purchases, purchase returns and similar processes can be executed smoothly.
  • The solution takes care of mailing and marketing activities and let the businesses compare the outcomes to improve business productivity.
  • Vehicle Status can be easily and accurately managed and tracked to have a clear view of the job status thereby providing a clear view of the performance of the workforce.
  • Any report, listing or document can be exported to different formats for later use.
About The Company
mcRAv Solutions provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. By leveraging its experience in working on over 50 product releases, mcRAV brings products to market faster, with better quality and reduced R&D costs. The company helps to drive down costs and increase profits by providing state-of-the-art software solutions catering to the needs of various business verticals. An e-services site is offered by mcRAv to help the organizations get closer to their customers by building web-enabled customer service solutions.

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