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SmartTask is an online productivity tool that helps organization track their team's progress. Every communication, files, tasks are easily available with a single click. The software is available as web and mobile applications designed to help teams track their work effectively and efficiently as it enables the team with enhanced productivity. The solution provides miscellaneous collaboration tools like task management, file sharing, instant messaging, location tracking, CRM, etc. This solution helps organizations with efficient field force tracking and management on the go.

Product Features
SmartTask is a web and mobile application based project management and collaboration tool which helps team(s)/organization(s) bring in efficiency in their operations by enhancing communication, boosting collaboration by sharing, messaging, etc. Also, the software acts as a tool wherein team(s) can record the various steps undertaken in various business activities and set them as templates for further usage leading to improved productivity. The solution enables location based tracking for on-field executive and helps monitoring attendance for on-field employees. Daily log in and log off report can also be generated using the Reporting feature in the solution. Below are some of the features:
  • Store teamwork - All team related information is stored centrally within the solution for easy and quick access.
  • Collaboration on shared projects - SmartTask is built for collaboration allowing everyone in a team to have a clear overview of the overall progress and tasks assigned to each team member.
  • Be on top of information – SmartTask provides all vital information on fingertips irrespective of any responsibilities at work.
  • Anywhere access - SmartTask mobile app helps users to stay connected with team on the go. Assigning tasks to the teams, sending notifications, commenting and sharing updates have been simplified.
  • Tasks – The solution allows users to assign tasks to any user or project in the organization quickly and effortlessly.
  • Groups and projects – Users ca also organize tasks into shared projects for meetings and initiatives.
  • Instant messaging – A user can add as many details as required using task or project comments and send instant messages.
  • Search - Powerful search features helps find required information quickly.
  • Attachments – It is easy to attach files from computer into any tasks or conversation
  • Powerful recurring tasks – Recurring tasks can be configured seamlessly for automation and reminders such as “every Monday at 1pm”
  • Project templates – Pre-defined project templates simplify implementation of repetitive projects.
  • Email reminders - Email reminders can be set for overdue tasks to allow users take appropriate action.
  • Location tracking Field workforce can be monitored with location tracking features in the system.
  • Tags – Solution allows the use of tags to add more context to tasks.
  • Dates and time – Labelling tasks with date and time ensure tasks get done on time.
  • Notifications – Users get notified about important changes in the project instantly.
About The Company
Softronics Systems is a provider of enterprise cloud computing with a specific focus on making life easy at work.

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