6 Ways in Which Hotels are Providing a Personalized Experience

Guests at present demand a more personalized experience when staying in a hotel. The challenge for hoteliers now it to deliver a personalized experience resulting in guests’ delight. Hotel owners are now taking benefit of hotel technology to personalize the guest experience in order to increase customer loyalty. Research shows that nearly two-third of U.S. guests consider it extremely important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience. Below-mentioned are some of the ways in which hotels can serve their guests better and provide a personalized experience through hospitality management solutions.

1. Guests’ Profiles

Hotel management software has the facility to track guest preferences. You can collect important data of your existing as well as new customers. This information can be noted and used when they book a room at your hotel. You even get information about their personal favorites when it comes to facilities, food or activity preferences. Creating guest profiles and using them helps in building customer loyalty and indicates that hotels appreciate their guests and pay special attention to their customized needs.

2. Smartphones

To enhance the in-room experience of the guests, hotels can allow guests to stream content from their smartphones onto the big screen like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and much more. By letting guests view their own content on the big screen in their room, the hotels can make the guests feel at home.

3. Mobile Application

There are many ways in which guest can provide a better guest experience through their mobile app. They can allow mobile check-ins and let guests order room services at the touch of a button. They can even be allowed to use their phones to open their rooms, control the room temperature and lighting, and change the channels on their television.

4. VIP Guests

HMS can help to track VIP guests who are high spenders, important individuals or guests who visit quite often. Many hospital management software allow automation in customer communication and can log interactions that these guests have with the hotel staff, delivering a customized experience to guests. It could mean providing the VIP guest a free drink of their choice on their arrival. By leveraging a hospital management software and its data, hotels can provide amazing services to VIP guests, and further lead to customer delight.

5. Regular Visitors

Hotel management solutions provide hotels with capabilities to recognize their regular visitors. The data about regular visitors is stored in the software and can be used to provide special treatment to them on their arrival. Facilities like offering them a welcome drink or preparing a special menu for them can be provided to deliver a personalized experience.

Special Wi-Fi facilities can be given to them or extra comfort can be offered to conduct their business meetings, which will delight guests.

6. Customers’ Data

Any information that the guests provide during their stay can be really helpful to the hotels in providing personalized services. An HMS will help you to extract all data related to the guests. Hotels can benefit by saving this data and using them for serving their previous guests. Data can even be extracted from their social profiles. Hotel management software allows using multiple sources to get valuable guests’ information. This will not only ensure customized services, but brand loyalty and enhanced revenues through word of mouth marketing. Positive feedback will help you to get more customers and retain the existing ones.


Hotel management software will not only personalize the services for guests, but also make your hotel more efficient and lead to cost saving. Through mobile check-ins the burden of front desk staff can be reduced. HMS will also help you in sending personalized marketing messages to your guests. Periodic information on new offers, discounts on special occasions can easily be tailored to be sent to regular guests. Personalizing guest experience in hotels have thus become easier, thanks to technology and the hotel management solutions. Higher levels of guest engagement and customization lead to repeat customers, enhanced customer loyalty, and more profit!

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