HSN Code list and GST rates

HSN Code List and GST Rates

By Shubham Roy . February 8, 2024

Summary: HSN code list and GST rates are divided into multiple chapters that cater to different types of services. Keep on reading to find all the...

Direct and Indirect Tax feature image

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Tax

By Varsha . November 27, 2023

Summary: The significant difference between direct and indirect taxes is that direct taxes are paid by individuals and businesses and the latter one is paid by...

Quick Tips for Startups to Get Tax Exemption in India

How to Get Tax Exemption in India for Startups?

By Ayushee Sharma . November 23, 2021

India is home to the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, with over 60 unicorn startups functioning currently. One of the major reasons behind the...

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