Teaching Aids: Types, Uses, and Importance

Teaching Aids: Types, Uses, and Importance

By Varsha . September 20, 2023

Teaching students in a creative and interactive way is of paramount importance in their overall development and in modern education. Students taught in a traditional way...

How to Improve Employee Performance feature image

How to Improve Employee Performance?

By Varsha . August 16, 2023

Summary: There are multiple ways to enhance the performance of your employees like improving communication, identifying and resolving poor performance issues, etc. Let's learn more about...

Everything You Need to Know about Applicant Tracking System

Everything You Need to Know about ATS

By Shubham Roy . August 1, 2023

Summary: An ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is a powerful tool that streamlines the recruitment process for employers. We will take a comprehensive understanding of what...

What are the types of communication

What are the 7 Types of Communication with Examples

By Shubham Roy . July 24, 2023

Summary: Let's explore the seven types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, feedback, visual, group, and mass. Through examples like speaking, body language, emails, and more, we...

List of Free Reference Management Tools for Research

List of Free Reference Management Tools for Research

By Shobhit Kalra . July 14, 2023

Summary: Reference management tools, also known as citation managers, are an asset for people associated with research work as they help organize references and create bibliographies....

HR Software Buyer's Guide Feature Image

Buyer’s Guide for HR Management Software

By Riya Pathak . July 10, 2023

What is HR Management Software? HRMS Stands for a solution that assists organizations in: Tracking attendance Managing Performance Appraisals Payroll Workforce Management Team Management Leave Management,...

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