Benefits of Using a Bug Tracking System for Website Development

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February 6, 2024 7 Min read

Bugs are a part of every software development lifecycle. But too many bugs can ruin the most innovative software. It can result in loss of customers and eventually impact your revenue badly. That’s why it is important to track, manage and resolve bugs in a systematic manner – bug tracking.

What is a Bug Tracking System?

A bug tracking system helps developers to identify, record, and track different bugs during the software development cycle. Along with bug capturing, it can also be used for prioritizing bugs and assigning them to the designated team members to quickly fix them.

The system maintains a database to store the bug related data including the bugs issues, strategies to fix them, assigned person, etc. Further, by creating a workflow, users can easily keep track of all bugs in real-time throughout its cycle though bug tracking systems.

Benefits of Bug Tracking System

By using the bug tracking system, software developers can get benefits of bug tracking system in multiple ways such as:

  • Improves the Product Quality: The bug tracking system ensures that all the bugs are fixed on time. The system keeps a tab on all the bugs detected and steps taken by team members to fix them. Therefore, ensuring that all the bugs are fixed on time and high-quality products are delivered to customers.
  • Better Collaboration and Teamwork: With this software, team members can interact with each other via several chat options and email notifications. This ensures that there is no communication gap between the team and each bug fixing task is completed in time.
  • Easily Detects Bugs at the Earliest: With the bug tracking system, all the bugs are detected and fixed at the testing stage. This enables developers to create a bug-free software program during the production stage.
  • Improves the Customer’s Satisfaction: The bug tracking system enables vendors to address bug-related queries received for their software from customers. Further, you can also share updates on bug fixing queries with customers.
  • Easy to Identify the Bugs Trends: With the bug tracking system, all the bug-related information is stored in a centralized database. This information can be studied and analysed to identify bug trends and prevent them from occurring in future software programs.

What Is Bug Tracking and How it Works?

The bug tracking process is used by programmers and quality assurance experts to keep a tab on errors in a software program. These bugs can be basic typo mistakes, coding errors, or any other fault in the software application.

As a result of these bugs, your software can crash, stop performing or unexpectedly shut down while completing a task. For example, a PowerPoint presentation might crash when you are in the middle of a client meeting. A single bug can cause significant changes to a program’s ability to work, and function as intended. 

Thus, bug trackers are used to spot the ongoing issues in the product and store the information in a centralized database. The data might include the time when a specific bug was detected, its impact, the behaviour of the application, how it can be recreated, who reported the issue, and what was done to fix it. These steps empower the administrators to set specific permissions as per bug status or move them to different statuses or resolve the issue.

But, when you are building modern software, you need a simple and flexible approach for reporting, tracking and resolving issues.

Moreover, you require a fast-moving solution that’ll keep you ahead of your competitors, who are still stuck with an age-old bug-tracking application.

Let us introduce you to Bugasura, a simple-to-use, collaboration friendly and cloud-based bug-tracking platform that helps product teams, QA experts and developers track, manage, and close bugs lightning fast!

Advantages of Using Bugasura Bug Tracking Software

Bugasura is a bug tracking tool that allows agile development teams track, report, and eliminate identified bugs. Its fresh UI, simplicity and speed helps save 2X more time.

Most software development and product teams struggle with productivity because the tools are too slow. Bugasura improves productivity by at least 30% for tech teams. Benefits of bug tracking system, Bugasura’s features give you:

  • Ability to collaborate with team members easily
  • Ability to capture context of the bug deeply
  • And the ability to report bugs easily
  • It also integrates with multiple developer tools which makes it super flexible and easy to use

Centralized Location for Bug Management

This software comes with a centralized location to track and report bugs, which makes it easier for developers and testers to track all the errors and resolve them as soon as possible. They also have a public tracker which is a game changer for teams that work with customers, vendors, and clients as well.

Dedicated Bug Tracker

Bugasura is a specialized bug tracker, which uses easy-to-understand and data-rich dashboards to effectively report the statuses of all issues. The data obtained from tracking and testing helps in root cause analysis. Moreover, the application analytics feature helps testers and developers in gleaning in-depth insights to avoid a recurrence.

Great Accessibility with Add-ons

Bugasura is a cloud-based bug tracker so you can plug and play easily from any browser and any Operating System. It also comes with add-ons like a Chrome reporter plugin and an Android reporter. It empowers you to detect, report and resolve bugs on the go.

Easy to Integrate, Easier to Migrate

The best thing about this software is that it can be easily integrated with dev stack platforms. It integrates with Github, JIRA, Asana, Zendesk, and Slack. It has notification abilities over email. It also has import options from JIRA and Google Sheets which make migrations a walk in the park!

Increase Team Productivity

Bugasura tracker is loaded with features that include customized and automatic workflows, issue threads, easy filtration of errors and simple navigation. All these attributes facilitate collaboration and smoother workflows plus you can also raise alerts, send notifications, and chat on this platform. It increases accountability and transparency among team members.

You can also directly add new members and send invitations to new users while creating a project. This collaboration feature ensures faster tracking, increased efficiency, and timely removal of bugs.

Add New Members for Bug Tracking – Go Easy on the Pocket

Want to add new team members to your existing bug tracking process? On Bugasura software, you can do it in just 2 clicks. You can add 4 team members for FREE.

Post that you pay only ₹400/user/month!

In a Nutshell

All in all, benefits of using bug tracking system, Bugasura is a specialized bug tracking software, which uses data rich, flexible and scalable dashboard to track every bug with perfection plus owing to this platform, QA experts and testers can highlight bugs and issues in the testing stage. The android app lets you report bugs from anywhere, anytime and a chrome plugin is also available for detecting errors on web app/website.

Leveraging collaborative features like quick access and public tracker you can easily work in tandem with your team, customers, vendors, and suppliers.

The availability of designer mode enables you to provide pixel-precise suggestions to the stakeholders. Moreover, this bug tracker is truly a wonderful companion and a great testing assistant.

If you want to save at least $200,000 in software testing costs per year and are looking for an easy bug tracker that your entire team will love – with almost 0 learning curve for them – just try Bugasura.

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