14 Digital Marketing Apps & Tools You Will Need in 2023

14 Digital Marketing Apps & Tools You Will Need in 2023-feature image
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With ever-changing trends and technologies, consumers today use Internet for most of their day-to-day needs like searching for nearby places, making payments, ordering groceries, and more. Furthermore, the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have caused more businesses and consumers to go online.

As businesses compete with each other to attract more customers online, the need for adopting highly effective digital marketing strategies grows.

Since consumer demands are ever-evolving, it can be difficult for digital marketers to keep up with them. Thankfully, there are numerous digital marketing apps and tools online that make the work of marketers easier by helping them create & publish engaging content and measure their performance.

Some of the best digital marketing tools and apps that can help you drive successful marketing campaigns are discussed in this article.

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List of 14 Best Digital Marketing Apps & Tools for 2023

To help you select the right tools and apps for digital marketing that suit your requirements, here is a list options in different categories.

Content Writing Tools Preferred by Digital Marketers

  • ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid software is a writing assistant that offers resources and in-depth analysis of whatever you write. It provides spelling, grammar, and readability suggestions in real time. You can create custom rules and words to ensure that everyone in the team gets the same suggestions.

Online marketing app

The software integrates with Google Docs, Outlook, Open Office, MS Word, and more. Report insights are shown in the form of charts and graphs to highlight passive voice, vague words, complicated sentences, and much more.

ProWritingAid Price: It offers a free plan. Pricing for its paid plan starts at INR 271.56/month.

  • Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI tool that uses the context and semantics of the existing text to provide rewrite suggestions. It helps users in maintaining the right grammar, spelling, flow, tone and clarity throughout the content.

Wordtune can translate texts from other languages like Hindi, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and more into English for rephrasing the sentences. The software works with all popular applications like Gmail, Facebook, Google docs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on.

Wordtune Price: The free plan offers up to 20 rewrites a day. Paid plans for unlimited rewrites start at INR 744.11 per month.

Digital Marketing Apps for Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital marketing application that uses machine learning to provide insights for evaluating your digital marketing performance and reaching the right customers. You can get shareable reports on the acquisition, conversion, behavior, advertising, user flow, and more.

Digital marketing application

The tool can predict valuable on-site actions and even alert about unexpected events or metrics. You can also import data from external sources for a more comprehensive overview. It integrates with other digital marketing apps for small business such as Google AdSense, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, etc.

Google Analytics Price: You can get started with this online marketing application for free but you must set up a property. The property can be your app or website. Next, set up a reporting view, add tracking code, and make necessary configurations like connecting Google Analytics with Google Ads.

You get multiple data collection options across website, apps, and other devices connected to Internet. You also benefit from customer centric reporting in real time.

  • Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics (previously Omniture) uses AI, ML, and other advanced technologies to provide web analytics along with marketing and predictive analytics. With fallout and flow analysis, users can compare segments through easy-to-read visuals.

It enables you to understand segment-wise characteristics that are most important statistically. You can build custom analysis projects with data tables, metrics, channels, visualizations, and more. Real-time insights help in better decision making.

Adobe Analytics Price: Free demo and pricing is available on request at techjockey.com.

Apps & Tools to Manage Your SEO Traffic

  • Google Search Console

Google search console tool enables marketers to measure their site traffic and performance, make necessary improvements and fix problems. You can submit URLs and sitemaps for crawling so that your customers view the latest content on your site.

Digital marketing apps for small business

The tool provides analytics about your site’s impression, clicks, Google Search ranking, and so on. It also lets you see popular site queries and receive email notifications for issues. With URL inspection option, you can also get page data about crawling, indexing, and serving from Google index.

Google Search Console Price: It is a free service. To get started, you must add your website or its specific section as a property. Once added, you must verify that the website is owned by you. After a few days, data begins to appear in your property though data collection starts immediately after property addition.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an online marketing application that enables users to analyze search trends and their competitors. Based on their website, and track their progress. The software provides thousands of keyword ideas for search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, and more.

You can also get analysis of top content in terms of social shares, organic rating, etc. Site explorer tool provides details of organic/ paid search traffic and backlink profiles of different websites. You can use site audit option to check for over 100 pre-defined SEO issues and use suggestions to solve them.

Ahrefs Price: It offers a 7-day trial and its monthly plan starts at INR 521.38.

Apps for Visual Content and Creatives

  • iMovie

iMovie enables Mac to create 4K videos from multiple video clips and images. It has a wide range of templates to get started quickly. You can add music, voiceovers, titles, transitions, effects, filters, and much more.

Digital marketing mobile apps

With green-screen and fine tuning, you can place different characters in any location and make it look believable. The iOS mobile app for marketer also gives the choice to select gradients, background colors, graphics, custom logos, and so on.

iMovie Price: It is free of cost for Apple users.

  • Lumen5

Lumen5 is an AI enabled tool that enables anyone to present their blog content in the form of videos (480p, 720p, or 1080p) with engaging visuals and music. You have to simply enter the article URL or copy paste the text. You can also plug in RSS feeds for automatic creation of videos.

The positioning of texts, and highlighting of keywords are done automatically. It provides customizable templates where users can add fonts, colors, logos, and more of their choice.

Lumen5 Price: The free plan comes with Lumen5 watermark. Watermark free paid plans start at INR 821.535 per month when billed yearly.

Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular marketing digital apps for managing all your social media channels and creating effective campaigns from one place. Users can create posts and schedule those for publishing across different platforms.

Online marketing application

It enables real-time collaboration, monitoring of posts, viewing scheduled content, optimizing ad budget, and more. You can also respond to user queries and share them with team members. With custom reports, you can take relevant actions to improve performance.

Hootsuite Price: This online marketing app offers a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at INR 1260/month.

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  • Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the digital marketing apps for small business that helps them in creating, scheduling, and marketing their content on social media platforms via automation. It provides numerous designs, layouts, and editing options.

You can add images, brand colors, logo, fonts, and more to quickly create social media posts without any design skills. The posts are automatically optimized for different networks and can be auto published.

Other features include hashtag finder, smart scheduling for engagement, posts calendar, shoppable feed for posts, and more. You can also connect with other creators in communities.

Tailwind Price: There is a free plan for individuals that offers up to 20 posts and post designs per month. Paid plans with options to create more posts and advanced analytics start at INR 744.79 per month when billed annually.

Ads Manager for Campaign Management

  • Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager by Meta is a tool for creating ads and scheduling them for running on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more. This ads management tool tracks the performance of all your campaigns. You can define your target audience, set campaign parameters for ads, manage ad budgets, etc.

Online marketing application

With dynamic creatives option, you can personalize your ads with images, text, and other such elements. You can also create your own A/B tests and get real time insights for improving performance. It also has a mobile app for digital marketers on both Android and iOS.

Ads Manager by Meta Price: You can opt for a personalized plan as per your budget.

Google Ad Manager is an all-in-one platform that helps users in monetizing their video and non-video content and growing ad revenue across all platforms and screens.

It enables you to earn from visitors that don’t even buy anything. You can deliver various ad formats like video, native, and rewarded ads tailored to different applications and websites. It offers tips and insights to help you make better decisions to grow your ads business.

Price: You can get started for free with this digital marketing application. Pricing varies on advertiser spendings.

Popular Productivity & Collaboration Tools for Digital Marketers

  • Trello

Trello Project Management is used by digital marketers to organize tasks, manage projects and collaborate with team members. It has in-built automation tools to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and create custom workflow with cards, lists, and boards.

Marketing digital apps

The project management tool makes it easy to track your team’s daily task with calendars, checklists, conversation, productivity metrics and more. With power-ups and integrations, you can add marketing apps for your mobile device like MailChimp and more.

Trello Price: It offers a free plan. Pricing starts at INR 372.61 per user per month for annual subscription.

Check Trello Software Reviews, Ratings, Pros and Cons on techjockey.com

  • Slack

Slack software enables users to communicate with their teams and external organizations so that they can make decisions quickly. With Workflow builder, you can automate routine tasks like filing support tickets, submitting leave requests, and so on.

Slack helps in privately sharing files and documents from your device or cloud storage instantly at the time of conversation. It integrates with over 2000 digital marketing mobile apps and other tools including Office 365, Google Drive, Twitter, Salesforce, etc.

Slack Price: There is a free plan without support for external collaboration. Pricing starts at INR 200.04 per month.

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If you are just getting started with digital marketing, then do check out these apps and tools before getting started. Many of them offer free plans if you are not sure to spend your money on them right away.

If you are someone already into digital marketing, you can try out some of the tools listed here that you have not used before to further boost your revenue.

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