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About ABBYY FineReader Engine

ABBYY FineReader Engine lets developers, integrators and BPOs integrate optical text recognition technologies into their applications. Based on the ABBYY recognition platform, this SDK enables scanned documents and images to be transformed into searchable and editable document formats – and delivers award-winning OCR, intelligent character recognition (ICR), barcode, checkmark and field-level/zonal recognition and PDF conversion



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ABBYY technologies and platforms for document recognition, data capture, and language processing. ABBYY creates technologies and solutions to action information.
They are a global company that sets the standard for content capture with innovative language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle. ABBYY solutions optimize business processes to mitigate risk, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue. To be the first choice for customers and partners worldwide who need to convert unstructured content into business-ready structured data. ABBYY empowers customers to capture, extract and action information using artificial intelligence.
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Significant OCR speed improvements can be achieved by using parallel processing with multiple threads. It is especially effective for recognizing large pages, containing multiple lines of text.

Predefined profiles are available for recognition tasks that are performed most frequently. Included are processing parameters that enable both easy startup and optimal OCR quality – with no need for manual system tuning.

FineReader Engine provides a set of powerful image preprocessing technologies that include: deskewing, rotation, distortion correction, text line straightening, splitting facing pages, adaptive binarization, ABBYY’s Camera OCR toolkit and more.

Tools are provided for PDF input, and for conversion of documents to multiple types of searchable PDF – including PDF/A and compressed MRC PDF.

A comprehensive set of code samples explains how to get the most from FineReader Engine. Each library section has code snippets accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to perform the relevant task.

ActiveX-based visual components provide for easy integration of user interface elements into existing applications. Developers can give users direct, but controlled, access to recognition results as well as features for validating and checking documents.

FineReader Engine comes with detailed documentation that dramatically decreases development time. The SDK is also supplied with a set of source code samples for various programming languages. Plus, developers enjoy access to ABBYY’s SDK Knowledge Base and Developers Forum.

A highly trained and responsive SDK support team is at the service of customers – even during free trial period. Support requests are answered within 24 hours.

FineReader Engine 11 includes technologies for automatic document classification. This enables documents within batches to be categorized and sorted automatically according to pre-trained document classes – while providing information on the type of documents detected and the probability of their belonging to specific categories.

The Network License Manager component now offers the possibility to include back-up functionality. A redundant configuration of the Network License Manager ensures continuous document processing in case of a temporary failure of the Main License Server.

Business card recognition technology is now available in FineReader Engine 11. A new BCR API includes special image preprocessing capabilities and provides access to information extracted from business cards. Multiple business cards on one image are automatically split into separate cards before processing.

ABBYY FineReader Engine recognizes and retains document elements with remarkable accuracy, enabling precise reconstruction of structures and layouts.

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FineReader Engine


  • Comprehensive set of recognition technologies
  • Powerful PDF processing tools
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Multi-core CPUs and parallel processing
  • Support for cloud and virtual environments
  • Advanced image pre-processing functions
  • Recognition profiles for fast implementation
  • Ready-made business card recognition
  • Document classification with Machine Learning and NLP


ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac saves you the time and trouble of having to retype text and delivers the reliability you’d expect from a world-leader in OCR software




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Below are some frequently asked questions for ABBYY FineReader Engine

Q. Do I have to pay again for the update of FineReader to work under the new macOS High Sierra?

No, you do not have to pay again. An official update for macOS 10.13 High Sierra is available on our website and in Mac Apple Store.

Q. Can I process batches of documents?

Yes. You can create task-specific apps with Automator actions that will convert images and PDF files dropped on to the app’s icon into editable documents of your choice. You can drop either individual files, or batches of them. For a detailed tutorial on using Automator actions visit our online knowledgebase. Please note that you need to install the latest version of FineReader Pro for Mac to use Automator actions.

Q. Do I need an Internet connection to activate FineReader Pro for Mac?

No, an Internet connection is not required for either activating or using the program.

Q. Can I correct conversion results before saving?

FineReader Pro for Mac doesn’t support text editing within in the program, but you can edit the results in applications such as Apple Pages, Microsoft® Word, Apache OpenOffice® Writer etc. Just check the “Open after save” box in the Save dialog while naming the resulting document – and edit it in the application of your choice. To export the document with uncertainly recognized symbols that are highlighted by FineReader Pro, choose the corresponding option in the export panel.

Q. Does FineReader Pro for Mac differ from the Windows version?

For the most part, these products are very similar. However, FineReader Pro for Mac differs from FineReader Professional for Windows in these ways: Pro for Mac supports ICA-compatible scanners, MFPs, cameras, and smartphones Converted documents can be edited only after their export to any of the preferred text editing applications. For effective proofreading we recommend that documents be exported with uncertainly recognized symbols highlighted Pattern training and users’ dictionaries are not supported in the product for Mac. Learn more about differences between Mac and Windows versions using this comparison chart.


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