10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC in 2020

Scanner software


What seemed to be a difficult task 5 years ago, can be done easily in 2020. Importing files, arranging them in different configuration and performing various kinds of adjustments, everything is just one click away.

Scanning software

One of these tasks is document scanning. What took ages to scan a small booklet can now be done in a lot shorter period of time. On can seamlessly scan documents, archive letters, receipts, and much more, into digital copies, for various purposes. This helps reduce unnecessary paperwork and helps organize information systematically.

10 Best Online Document & PDF Scanner Software for PC

There are several document scanner software solutions available in the market to ease the process. The question is, which document scanning solution is the best. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 10 document scanner software for PC in 2020:


Document scanning software
#1 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Adobe is one of the best document scanners available in 2020. The DC in Adobe Acrobat DC stands for document cloud. This software allows you to compare your documents side by side, edit from scanned printouts, and even post comment inside the user interface. Adobe Acrobat DC is easy to install and has got tons of features for its users.

Key features of Adobe Acrobat DC:

  • Allows PDF creation from smartphone camera, MS Office, HTML pages, spreadsheets, docs and emails.
  • All documents can be merged and organized into a PDF file.
  • Multiple integrations allowed including OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Enhanced security as it gives permissions only with passwords.
  • Adobe acrobat also provides comparing tools which can spot differences between different versions of a document.
  • It also allows reverse conversions. For e.g. from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Pricing: Adobe acrobat Pro retails for Rs. 1014 per month and Adobe Standard DC retails for Rs. 879 per month.


  • Packed with lots of features
  • Enables quick searching with text indexing
  • It has a mobile app with various editing capabilities
  • Standard template set is available for consistency
  • Both text and data can be edited in tables


  • Expensive according to the industry
  • OCR tools are not available

document scanner software
#2 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Abbyy Finereader software can be used for PDF editing as well as document comparison. It allows users to compare documents in 2 different formats for e.g. one can compare a PDF to a Word and observe the difference between both the versions.

Key features of Abbyy Finereader:

  • This document scanning solution turns account statements, research papers and even magazine articles into the desired electronic format.
  • Combines text recognition technology with document conversion technology.
  • Batch processing, indexing, and image pre-processing features are available.
  • It has a very intuitive user interface.
  • Get automatic language detection with multi-language recognition.
  • Transfers text from image to computer files which can be edited later.

Pricing: Abbyy finereader starts at Rs. 16000


  • It is an easy to use software
  • It has a mobile app
  • This software is suitable for professionals
  • It save a lot of data-entry work
  • This photo scanning software supports 192+ languages


  • Expensive for casual users
  • Licensing is overly complicated
  • Most features are available only in the enterprise version

Document scanning & indexing software
#3 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Readiris scanning software is very easy to operate and learn. With an intuitive and well-designed interface, this scanner software has a variety of functionalities like digitizing old paperwork, converting docs into editable PDF and much more.

Key features of Readiris:

  • This document scanning & indexing software lets you to capture as well as convert docs into editable PDF.
  • You can add annotations, comments and hyperlinks with the help of a special set of tools.
  • Protect PDFs before sending them electronically to the recipients.
  • Convert texts, PDFs and images into a scanned image or document.
  • Edit documents in the format you prefer; PowerPoint, Word, or Excel with this PDF scanner software.
  • It supports over 138 languages.

Pricing: Readiris starts at Rs. 44690


  • Fast document management
  • Contains OCR implementation
  • Supports verbal recognition
  • Intuitive and well-designed interface
  • Get value for money


  • Free version is not available

Document scanning solution
#4 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

OmniPage Standard is a document scanner application that consists digital signatures and scan to folder tools for additional drawing purposes. It lets you convert images and scanned photos into searchable PDFs, word, excel, HTML, and more. You can also export them to kindle devices.

Key Features of Omnipage Standard:

  • This document scanning software is compatible with TWAIN as well as WIA.
  • It can scan PFD, JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats.
  • Send documents automatically via emails with the help of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Edit, process, and store documents in more than 120 languages.
  • Easily perform recurring conversion jobs.
  • Several output formats are supported like PPT, PDF, Word, etc.
  • OCR as well as various PDF functions are available in this PDF scanner software.
  • Photoshop is also integrated with this scanned document software.

Pricing: Omnipage standard starts at Rs. 10500


  • Various customization options available
  • Free trial option available
  • Get constant updates
  • IT8 calibration integrated


  • None

Scanned document software
#5 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Scanspeeder can scan, edit, and archive a ton of photos. It can also crop and straighten multiple documents and photos. The document scanner software is ideal for beginners who aren’t adept in the technicalities of a document scanning software. You can scan multiple pictures in one go and the software would automatically separate them into different files.

 Key features of Scanspeeder:

  • Automatically segregates photos into separate files and straightens the photos and documents.
  • Your photos get automatically tagged with a lot of relevant information.
  • You have the ability to directly send documents and photos to Facebook.
  • This document and photo scanning software can let you add text to your photos.
  • One can even restore faded photos with just a click.


It has 2 variants available:

  • Standard version: Rs. 2100
  • Pro version: Rs. 2800


  • It has a free trial version
  • It is easy to use
  • This scanner software has a minimalist interface
  • Paid version is an affordable option
  • Good customer service


  • None

Top Free Photo Scanning Software for Windows 10

You can also find different free photo scanning solutions for Windows 10. Some of the top ones include:


Best photo scanner software
#6 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Free scanner software VueScan is used for photos, documents, slides, and film on Windows, Linux and macOS. VueScan reverse engineered over 6000 scanners to let people use their old scanner and save as much money as possible. 

Key Features of VueScan:

  • This can work on document, flatbed, and film.
  • Single page as well as multi-page PDF can be scanned.
  • It contains OCR also known as optical character recognition.
  • Automatic color detection is available.
  • Ideal for documents of small sizes.

Pricing: This scanner software is available for free


  • Various customization options available
  • Trial version is available for free
  • It can scan PDF and JPEG formats
  • It can be integrated with your old gear
  • This scanner software can work with all film or slide scanners


  • There are no cons in this scanner software

CapturePoint document scanning software has the ability to automatically classify documents. The document scanner can group related documents together and then process and sort without the need of any human interaction.

Key Features of CapturePoint:

  1. It uses OCR or Optical Character Recognition for processing paper documents.
  2. Automatically detects whether a page is cooked or upside down.
  3. This scanner software can understand and read handwriting.
  4. It uses powerful indexing algorithms to scan documents with high accuracy.

Pricing: Free trial available, cost to upgrade is Rs. 17500


  • It provide tools to read cheques, applications, hand-filled forms, and surveys.
  • It can group related documents together automatically.
  • You can directly scan and convert documents and share on repositories.


  • Cost to upgrade is a bit high
  • CamScanner

Photo scanning software
#8 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

CamScanner is a mobile scanner software which comes with a lot of features like document syncing, document sharing, and OCR, that can be used to extract texts. Scan documents of any format and convert them to PDF or JPG file formats. It can detect the type of crop automatically. This is one of the best photo scanner software available in the market.

Key features of Camscanner:

  • This scanner software enhances the quality of images automatically.
  • It can send the scanned documents to any platform.
  • You can access the scanned documents from any platform as well.
  • It supports printing wirelessly.
  • It separates document acquisition processes from document management processes.
  • It has a separate web app that helps in managing scanned documents.

Pricing: It has 3 options to choose from.

  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: Rs. 350
  • Business: Rs. 490


  • It has multiple features for image capturing
  • It is fast and extremely easy to use
  • The scanner software automatically crops the edges
  • Provides free version
  • Cloud storage is available in the premium versions


  • Accuracy in OCR can be better
  • NAPS2

Paperscan scanner software
#9 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

NAPS2 is a document scanner software that lets you order your pages in the manner you desire. It also comes with various tools to help in interleaving duplexed pages. This scanner software comes with editing tools to change the brightness and contrast of the images as well.

Key Features of NAPS2:

  1. Scanning and saving documents with just one single click.
  2. Converting documents to JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG and other formats.
  3. It is compatible with TWAIN and WIA.
  4. The scanner software can rotate and straighten your pages automatically.
  5. NAPS2’s optical character recognition can be used in more than 100 languages.

Pricing: This scanner software is available for free.


  • The UI design is minimalistic with a clean interface
  • It is user-friendly
  • It is available free of cost
  • It has special tools for power users and businesses
  • Allows multiple scans to create PDFs
  • No ads or bloatware present


  • Lacks some of the advanced features

PDF scanner software
#10 of 10 Best Document Scanner Software for PC

Paperscan scanner software is a free scanner software that supports WIS and TWAIN. It is an ideal scanner solution which is compatible with cameras, classic scanners, video capture cards and various other sources.

 Key features of Paperscan:

  • This scanner software lets you to import images and files which includes PDFs or graphic files.
  • The image is optimized by removing borders and punch holes.
  • It can easily be integrated with AutoDeskew. It automatically corrects pages are not straight.
  • This tool can smoothen, remove noise, adjust its colors, tweak contrast, and resize the image.
  • The final document can be saved in various formats such as JPEG, PDF, TIFF, JBIG2, and PNG.

Price: The beginner version is available for free. The professional version retails for Rs. 10500


  • It provides a free version
  • This software works on a variety of devices
  • It also offers PDF encryption
  • This scanner software supports more than 30 languages
  • The professional version comes with PDF compressions, OCR, and annotations


  • Only basic functionalities are available in free version
  • A lot of display ads


Using a document scanner software not only reduces the paperwork, but it also helps save the environment. Using less paper means cutting less trees, hence using a scanner software would help in saving the environment. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right document scanner software.


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