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Krystal DMS

by : Primeleaf

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Krystal DMS

by : Primeleaf

Starting Price ₹300
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Brand: Primeleaf

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Krystal DMS Software Overview

What is Krystal DMS?

Krystal DMS is a document management software that is designed to increase productivity. It enables one to carry out business operations in a more organized and accurate manner. This easy-to-use software allows one to spend more time on customer activities instead of concentrating on administrative and paper-based works. The licensing, support and implementation package of this document management software is available for all types of organizations. 

Krystal DMS eases the way in which users process and manage their documents, thereby saving both money and time. Its simple UI allows any type of organizations to implement the software for their business requirements. It provides quick and seamless access, increased efficiency and more. You can manage all your documents at any time and from any place. The software streamlines and automates all your business processes without any hassle. Users can free up resources by scanning their documents on the go. Moreover, Krystal DMS is easy to install and configure.

What benefits does Krystal DMS offer?

Out of the several benefits of the software, some of them are:

  1. Access: It provides fast access to your documents, allowing you to find and manage them anywhere anytime.
  2. Problems Encountered and Solved: Krystal DMS comes with a solution that organizes every document so that one doesn’t have to worry whether it is saved or which is the correct version.
  3. Search By Name: Users just need to know the name of the document they are searching for and the software does the rest.
  4. Storage: All the documents are stored in a centralized and indexed repository. This makes the document(s) always available to the staff members, allowing them to have proper access to them. 

How does Krystal DMS help with workflow analysis?

The workflow technology of Krystal DMS uses electronic systems to monitor and manage business processes. Using the software, you can track the flow of work between individuals and departments. The software helps track the creation, reviewing and distribution of documents to manage workflow efficiently. Krystal DMS provides Workflow Analysis services that help an organization identify the root cause of any workflow issues and fix them accordingly. 

This eliminates any inefficiencies that are there in the workflow. After establishing collaboration with the key resources in the organization, Krystal DMS maps the current workflows and redesigns new ones. The application focuses on five key areas while providing analysis, which are employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, cost, efficiency and quality. This helps in business optimization and cost reduction. 

Pricing of Krystal DMS

There are 3 pricing plans available for the software. They are:

  1. Standard Edition: This pack comes for Rs. 300/- for one month.
  2. Premium Edition: The premium edition of Krystal DMS comes for Rs. 600/- per month.
  3. Enterprise Edition: This edition is priced at Rs. 750/- for a month.

All the cost details and activation and license key will be provided to you by our customer care team. We will be happy to support you with the tutorial and demo of Krystal DMS software as well at your scheduled time. You simply need to request a callback.

How does Krystal DMS help achieve document management?

Another key feature of the software is document management.

  1. Comprehensive Management: The document management feature of the software includes design, analysis, implementation, support and training.
  2. Integration: The software helps in streamlining and analyzing different work processes to integrate solutions into different complex environments.
  3. Client and Customer Collaboration: Krystal DMS helps clients unlock the information contained in documents. The software uses the latest processes and innovations to meet the customer’s project requirements.
  4. Automation: It helps organizations define their documents, manage their information and streamline the current processes for automation.
  5. Optimization: The software excels in optimizing the workflows for achieving the best collaboration between humans and technology.

Krystal DMS Features

  • Document Management  You don’t need to create chaotic folder structures as management of documents is simple and easy with Krystal DMS.
  • Document Storage The software eliminates the time wasted on inefficient and unorganised files and folders, and lets you find documents easily.
  • Document Scanning & Indexing Users can scan the paper records of an organization using the browser-based scanning module. One can also quickly index the
  • Document Sharing Users can simply share the document(s) using the inbuilt document sharing capabilities of the software, saving both money and
  • Access Control One can define access control using ACL templates present in Krystal DMS. ACL templates easily manage permissions for accessing
  • Global Document Index Search Users can search and retrieve documents using the integrated document search technology of Krystal DMS.
  • Recycle Bin Administrators in an organization can view and restore the documents that have been deleted by the users in a click.
  • Document Transmittals This feature of the software makes the process of creation and release of transmittal packages fast and easy
  • Detailed Audit Reports System admins can review system audit reports containing precise information about resource usage and all domain activity any
  • File Preview, Mark-up, & Annotations Users can annotate, view, highlight and blackout the content of document file formats directly from the standard web browser
  • Automated Workflow The software automates the processes that are document-centric, reducing repeatability of operations and improving efficiency.
  • Web Based Scanning & Capture Users can scan the organization’s paper records using the browser-based scanning and capture module of Krystal DMS.
  • Bulk Upload Documents One can upload multiple documents by the drag-and-drop procedure to a suitable drop spot defined for a document class.

Krystal DMS Plans & Pricing

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Krystal DMS Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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gaurav kubadia
User, Administrator, IT Manager, Decision Maker
25, Feb 2020
star star star star star 5/ 5
Wonderful software...very user friendly..must buy
Document searching is very easy n quick
Aditya Maru
User, Administrator, IT Manager, Decision Maker
25, Feb 2020
star star star star star 5/ 5
Simple and powerful DMS
Look and configuration

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Krystal DMS FAQ

Q. How does Krystal DMS mark-up and give annotations to documents? arrow

A. One can annotate, mark-up, highlight and blackout the document file format content from the standard web browser directly from the software.

Q. Can I get a demo of Krystal DMS? arrow

A. Yes, we will offer a live demo of Krystal DMS. You simply need to submit your contact details and schedule your preferred time, and our support team will get back to you with a tutorial of the software.

Q. Does Krystal DMS have a mobile app version? arrow

A. No, currently we don’t have a mobile app version for Krystal DMS. It is compatible only on Windows OS (or other OS like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Linux) on desktop devices.

Q. What document formats does Krystal DMS support? arrow

A. Krystal DMS enables users to create, organise, manage and distribute any kind of electronic document on any device or platform. You can store and manage file formats like Word processing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, reports, audio, video, photographs, artwork, drawings, engineering documents, and many others.

Q. What are the system requirements of Krystal DMS? arrow

A. ? A minimum of 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon processor or AMD Athlon MP processor, or a better Dual-Core processor ? 2 GB RAM or higher ? A minimum of 200 GB free disk space, required for document storage ? Ethernet network interface ? Any Operating System of 64-bit

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