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  • The solution ranges upto INR 21,00,000
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MyReport is an excel and web based data mining, MIS and reporting tool which enables and makes report generation process hassle free and easy. It enables the user to collaborate and centralize the entire data in a data warehouse by connecting to multiple data sources. It also has an inbuilt ETL process which helps updating the data warehouse. MyReport also has a unique distribution feature through which automated and trigger based broadcasting can be done. The tool can easily connect to multiple prominent data sources like Sage, JD Edwards, Divalto, Cegid on any type of databases like Oracle, SQL, AS400, MySQL, etc.
Product Features
MyReport is a Business Intelligence tool that helps users collate and summarize the data which can be further taken up for visualization of data in an interactive and intuitive manner, report generation, report distribution and KPI measurements. The tool is quite user friendly as it already has ETL inbuilt and hence saves a lot of time and effort in extracting and transforming and loading the data. It is quite easy to use as the user just has to click, drag and drop to create a dashboard/report. Below is how the solution helps users:
  • Access Multi-Source Data
    • Automatic connection to Oracle, SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird, Informix, MySQL, AS400, Post- GreSQL, Access, or through ODBC pilots for any other type of data base (Hyperfile, etc.)
    • ASCII files (fixed and defined) import, Excel and OpenOfficeo Multi-data source models creation
  • Use Data to Build BI Environment
    • Unlimited creation of converted fields with syntax correction: calculation, merge, correspondence, conditions, aggregation, consolidation
    • Integration of the source databases’ native functions
  • Administrate/Manage and Automate Upload Process
    • Relational database loading in client server mode
    • Audit trace and journals of imported data
    • Management of user rights, with filters on models, fields and data for every profile ETL process programming and in real-time
  • Update Data Run
    • MyReport Data run allows the execution of ETL processes defined by MyReport Data 
  • Execute
    • Programed data warehouse upload
    • Definition of several MyReport system pathways
  • Administer/Manage
    • Management of models
    • Management of users
  • Define Distribution Criteria:
    • Frequency of delivery: periodical or triggered by an alert
  • Toward an FTP Server:
    • Toward the addressee`s e-mail messenger
  • Set the Parameters of Addressees:
    • Towards a file of a local network
    • Towards an FTP server
    •  the addressee`s e-mail messenger
  • Manage Information-Sharing:
    • Access-right modification
    • Update of reports already distributed
  • Access Shared Data:
    • Access to reports through a light client interface
    • Possible access from smartphones (through internet connection)
  • Update and make the most of available data:
    • Selective update per report or for the whole dashboard
    • Security set-up of the report (only the owner is authorized to modify it)
  • Navigate and Personalize Interface:
    • Integrated research module
    • Personalized organization of reporting for every user
    • Drill up/drill down function inside the graphics
    • Personalized portal using the company logo and colours
  • Create Reports For MS Excel:
    • Build the format of choice reports by choosing indicators through “drag-and-drop”
    • Advanced calculation function: merge, aggregation, consolidating
    • Define conditions, filters, thresholds, and alerts
    • Automated or manual update
  • Business Intelligence: make data meaningful
    • Setting of color codes and symbols based on defined thresholds
    • Creation of graphics
    • Zoom function to access the data in detail and navigate within the data
  • Disposable Statistics: Create ad-hoc reports
  • Extraction of Listed Data

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