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LuitBiz Document Management Software (DMS) is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using proven technologies. This intuitive software offers powerful document management features that include all tools a business requires to digitally manage their documents over the cloud and can be used by companies of all sizes across all verticals.



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About Luit

Founded in 2004, Luit Infotech is an India based software company with its registered office in Bangalore. The company is a leading provider of web based SaaS business software. Since its inception, Luit Infotech has served a diverse range of customers from enterprise, education, research and manufacturing sectors and built a substantial market presence with many prestigious installations. 
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Intuitive graphical user interface coupled with audio & video guides in each screen and comprehensive user guides ensure users get started within minutes after signup

LuitBiz DMS offers different search options to retrieve your files within seconds. These include metadata search, search by date, search by indexing, full text search, search by knowledge base, etc.

In LuitBiz DMS users are organized and managed based on their roles defined at the folder level. So only the users with the correct privileges have access to the documents. In LuitBiz DMS, users are arranged into different user groups with each group having a leader with special privileges. The leader decides the access privileges of the group users to different folders and ensures that the right documents are with the right hands at the right time.

Eliminate lost edits and wasted efforts with the built-in version control system of LuitBiz DMS. Documents are checked out for modification so only one user has edit access at a time. Users can view revision history of documents to which they have access; see who changed the document and when; view previous versions of the documents and roll back to a previous version when necessary. This makes team effort look effortless without version chaos. The built-in version control mechanism of LuitBiz DMS help users to manage complete historical records of all the versions of the documents. This results in ready availability of all the versions of the document in one place. Additionally, complete audit trail of all the versions help in keeping track of the entire document life cycle.

Your offices might be spread across diverse geographical locations and you might have employees from these diverse locations working on the same document. These remote workers and offices will have the same access to your business documents as if they were in the same office based on their access privilege. Share documents with colleagues and partners, and stay in control of access rights. Save time and money on shipping documents to different office locations and increase your company's efficiency with LuitBiz DMS.

LuitBiz DMS generates detailed reports on the usage of the documents stored in the system by user, group and document types

LuitBiz DMS displays complete audit trail of the document and its different versions including who viewed, modified and performed other operations (rollback, lock, hide, etc.) on a document

When a document is being made, a lot of research is done and a lot of information and knowledge is gathered by your employees. However, all this information does not go into the body of the document. LuitBiz DMS allows you to save all this knowledge in a searchable database and use it later when required.

Plans and Pricing


LuitBiz DMS

Rs. 900.00 ( Per Month )

  • Hierarchical File Structure
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Full Text Search
  • Complete Role Based User Management
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Secured Hosting in Cloud Servers
  • Manage Document Metadata
  • Manage Document Versions
  • Access Documents Remotely
  • Accelerate Document Approval Processes With Workflows


LuitBiz DMS is an easy to use SaaS Document Management Software that can be used by companies to manage and streamline their entire documentation processes.


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Below are some frequently asked questions for LuitBiz DMS

Q. Why is LuitBiz DMS offered in the SaaS Model?

LuitBiz DMS is available on the SAAS model because it is the only way we can find to keep our software updated over thousands of our customer instances spread across the world. When we roll out and upgrade, we do not ask you to download a version from our website or email you a patch. The patch is rolled out on the central application server, and it is non-disruptive, everyone has the same version of the software and that makes it easy to support.

Q. How many user licenses can I buy for LuitBiz DMS?

You can buy any number of user licenses of LuitBiz DMS. It all depends on your company's requirements

Q. Will my data be safe in LuitBiz DMS ?

We host your data in very secure elastic-servers with multiple layers of security and access control: both physical and digital. Please read our Privacy policy and our SLA.

Q. Will you be able to view my company's data in LuitBiz DMS?

We are governed by the Privacy Policy which basically says that unless we are forced by law, we cannot access your data without your permission. Your data is secured by password and layers of access control. Should we need access to it for purposes of trouble-shooting; we will do so under explicit written permission from you.

Q. How will I be able to get future updates? And at what cost?

The upgrades of LuitBiz DMS come free of cost and are done automatically. You will be informed via email after the updates have been done.


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