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About ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac

Easily transforms paper documents, PDFs and digital photos of text into editable and searchable files. No manual retyping or reformatting is required, instead, you can search, share, archive, and copy information from documents for reuse and quotation — saving you time and effort. It also helps to edit images with an image editor and create searchable PDFs ready for archiving.



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ABBYY technologies and platforms for document recognition, data capture, and language processing. ABBYY creates technologies and solutions to action information.
They are a global company that sets the standard for content capture with innovative language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle. ABBYY solutions optimize business processes to mitigate risk, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue. To be the first choice for customers and partners worldwide who need to convert unstructured content into business-ready structured data. ABBYY empowers customers to capture, extract and action information using artificial intelligence.
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Precise text recognition and layout retention are critical for maximum productivity. And FineReader Pro’s accuracy is currently the highest in the industry: up to 99.8%, according to ABBYY's internal testing. This means it delivers editable digital copies of documents that precisely match your originals’ text and layouts – ready for immediate re-use, updating and sharing without the need for manual retyping or correction.
FineReader Pro recognizes text in more than 180 languages — including European and Asian languages, and Hebrew and Arabic. Plus, it does so in any combination of languages.
FineReader’s ease of use means you’ll be working productively right from the get-go! A highly intuitive interface guides you through the entire process of scanning and converting documents. And predefined Quick Tasks mean you’ll get jobs done with just a few mouse clicks —no time spent on familiarizing yourself with the software. Even better, FineReader identifies document characteristics (e.g. layout, languages, etc.) automatically – giving you the option of adjusting settings manually if needed. Plus, FineReader is Section 508 compliant – ensuring accessibility.
With a few mouse clicks you can turn paper documents into searchable compressed PDF files for archiving. Information in such archives can be easily retrieved at any time you need it by using keyword search, while document compression reduces the amount of disk space used. You can also save files to a PDF/A format for long-term archiving.
FineReader Pro enables you to add document properties; it can also create tagged PDFs optimized for portable and screen reader devices, and creates PDF outlines for fast navigation across a document.
You can also correct photos of documents manually in FineReader to achieve even better recognition results. Image Editor enables you to correct brightness and contrast, straighten curved text lines, correct trapezium distortions, reduce ISO noise and remove motion blur, split dual pages, crop images, and more.
FineReader makes it fast and easy to digitize and make multiple copies of documents — plus, it offers image processing functions that improve the visual quality of original documents. So if you have a paper document with content you’d like to share, you can just scan and print as many copies as you need while removing “noise” and other defects. Or create a PDF that you can send as an email attachment, or upload it to the cloud.
With FineReader, all you have to do is convert paper documents or PDFs into a supported electronic format and they will automatically be accessible via text-to-speech utilities.
FineReader Pro provides a variety of advanced features that enable full control over the OCR process and its output. These include managing document pages, size/quality ratio control, document export and layout retention, editing complex tables (including the ability to manage text languages, text orientation and pictures within table cells) and more. All of which can be fine-tuned according to your needs.

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

ABBYY FineReader for MAC

Rs. 55811.00

  • World’s Most Multilingual OCR for Mac
  • Easy Interface Raises Productivity
  • Saves Documents to Virtually Any Format
  • Create searchable PDFs ready for archiving
  • Other essential PDF conversion features
  • Automatic Correction of Digital Photos of Documents
  • Edit Images with Image Editor
  • Advanced OCR for Complex Tasks
  • Process Batches of Documents and Automate Conversion Tasks
  • Make Document Content Accessible for Text-To-Speech Utilities


ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac saves you the time and trouble of having to retype text and delivers the reliability you’d expect from a world-leader in OCR software.


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Below are some frequently asked questions for ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac

Q. Can I correct conversion results before saving?

FineReader Pro for Mac doesn’t support text editing within in the program, but you can edit the results in applications such as Apple Pages, Microsoft® Word, Apache OpenOffice® Writer etc. Just check the “Open after save” box in the Save dialog while naming the resulting document – and edit it in the application of your choice. To export the document with uncertainly recognized symbols that are highlighted by FineReader Pro, choose the corresponding option in the export panel.

Q. Can ABBYY FineReader capture hand-written text?

ABBYY FineReader can only capture printed text.

Q. Do I need a scanner to use ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac?

No, you do not need a scanner to run the program. You can use image files, photos from your digital camera or PDF files without a text layer.

Q. Do I need an Internet connection to activate FineReader Pro for Mac?

No, an Internet connection is not required for either activating or using the program.

Q. How can I determine if it is compatible with my scanner?

ABBYY FineReader supports ICA-compatible scanners and multi-function peripherals (MFPs). You can find a list of ICA-compatible devices on Apple’s website. TWAIN-compatible scanners are not supported.


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