10 Best Free PDF Software & Reader for Windows 2020

Free PDF software


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Portable Document Format or PDF reader tools allows a document to stay intact in the same condition irrespective of the different sources that you may use for reading or documenting these files. PDF viewer saves information in electronic format, which can be easily read, printed or forwarded to another source. Texts, images, pictures or graphics get saved with ease in a PDF reader.

Free PDF reader

PDF documents are easy to open in any computing system and can be shared conveniently as email attachments. The document management systemprovided by the software provides other add-ons such as highlighting tools, collaboration features, conversion system and other mechanisms for a friendly user experience.

Best Free PDF Software for Windows 2020

  • Adobe Acrobat

Online PDF editor
#1 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most commonly used PDF reader, relied upon for viewing PDF documents. The software continues to be the pioneer in the field of PDF reading, as it was the first company to have invented and launched this structure in the market. You can make use of Adobe Acrobat reader for reading content available in different formats including multimedia ones.

The user friendly software is available in several languages. You can use the PDF to Doc Converter option to transform files into a more convenient format. Similarly documents can also be transformed into PowerPoint, RTF or Excel format. Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for Windows is also compatible with mobile devices supporting Android or iOS version.

Key Features of Adobe Acrobat:

  • Adobe Scan

Adobe scan option lets you transfer any document into a high-quality PDF file without much hassle.

  • Protected Mode

Use the Protected Mode to prevent third parties from installing malware into your computer system.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud services let you access documents from any location, any place and from any device.

  • Display Mode

Make a selection from a range of available display modes the one that suits your style of working.

  • Security Settings

Security settings option lets you pre-set names of those who can edit, read, print or do any further modifications in the document.

Price to Upgrade: Acrobat Standard DC is available for Rs 879 per month. The premium version provides an option for viewing comparisons between two PDF files as well as converting scanned documents into editable document format. You can also use the validation option for fixing PDFs for ISO and accessibility standards. 

  • PDF Reader

PDF reader
#2 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

PDF Reader is one of the best free PDF Reader available in the market. This PDF Reader comes attached with features that make it easy to install and simple to use. You can go through the tutorial booklet attached with the software for understanding its functioning and the entire installation processes. Underlining, highlighting, strikethrough text and adding comments are the key highlights of this free PDF software.

This free PDF Reader is simple to use and prevents its user from the hassle of using complicated tools. You can easily add more sheets or fill/sign documents with the help of this free PDF software. The interface is user friendly as it closely resembles Microsoft Office. It is a perfect choice for those with less space in their system’s hard drive.

Key Features of PDF Reader:

  • Ribbon Style Menu

You can use the ribbon style menu for navigating the reader with ease. This menu can be easily hidden when reading in order to avoid unnecessary distractions.

  • Pre-designed Annotations

This free PDF Reader offers options for pasting approved stamps and adding sticky notes.

  • PDF Converter

The word to PDF converter online feature lets you transform documents from word to PDF with ease.

Price to Upgrade: This is a free PDF software.

  • Foxit Software

PDF viewer
#3 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Foxit software creates PDF files for convenient reading and sharing by users. The software has an in-built Doc to PDF converter as well as Excel to PDF converter online. Foxit is one of the best PDF readers available for streamlining work processes. It converts official as well as personal documents into neat PDF format for quick and easy reading/sharing experience.

Foxit software’s Microsoft Office style ribbon toolbar provides a friendly user interface and helps you learn quick facts about the software. You can also leverage existing forms with the help of standard PDF (Acroforms) and XFA (XML Form Architecture) form filling.

Key Features of Foxit Software:

  • ConnectedSecurity

You can use this feature for granting and revokingaccess to documents.

  • Document Management

Track not only the ones who recently opened your document but also receive further information in the form of latest updates with the help of Foxit PDF viewer and editor.

  • ConnectedCollaboration

Align each other in the team about any information or a review related to files/documents with the help of this PDF software.

  • JAWS (Job Access with Speech)

Blind and visually impaired people can use JAWS option to read the screen either with the help of text-to-speech output or with refreshable Braille.

Price to Upgrade: Foxit Phantom PDF Standard 9 is available for Rs 5,628. The software can be used by both large and small organizations without any hassle.

  • Gonitro

PDF viewer and editor
#4 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Gonitro software eases the process of working digitally by providing quick and easy PDF file reading and creation option. The software creates PDF files and documents for reading, editing, signing and security purposes. Gonitro PDF reader and PDF viewer has Microsoft Outlook plugin for creating PDF files from email.

You can make use of the floating toolbar for easy access to editing/revision tools. Gonitro also offers the advantage of batch processing through which you can easily print and convert several documents together, all in one go. The ‘Add Tools’ feature is available for customizing the Home tab. It also provides the integration feature so that you can save PDF files into Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Key Features of Gonitro Software:

  • PDF Editor

You can use the online PDF Editor option for inserting pages, modifying texts, swapping images and adding a logo, if required. You can try the PDF Editor free option to try its basic features.

  • PDF Converter

Use the PDF Converter for converting files into doc, excel or PowerPoint formats.

  • Merge PDF Files

The Merge PDFfiles option lets you combine or merge PDFs into single PDF file.

  • PDF Annotator

To ensure coordination amongst teammates over a project, you can use the PDF annotator for tracking comments and reviews.

  • Digital Signature

Create profiles based on digital signatures for one-step application of these signatures.

Price to Upgrade: The Enterprise edition of Gonitro software offers the advantage of indefinite eSigning, customer branding and customer support.

  • Sumatra PDF

Open source PDF reader
#5 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Sumatra is one of the best free PDF reader available in the market. This free PDF software is lightweight, simple and provides a friendly user interface. This open source PDF reader supports other document formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, XML and DjVu as well.

One of the most unique features of this free PDF software is that it is portable in nature,thus requiring no special installation process. You can easily install it through an external USB drive. This free PDF software is portable and requires no additional space for storage. Simplicity of the software Sumatra PDF makes it an ideal choice for navigating, searching and organising PDF files.

Key Features of Sumatra PDF:

  • Minimalist Toolbar

The minimalist toolbar of this free PDF software lets you access basic features such as search, print, zoom in/out and skipping pages back and forth.

  • Search Box

You can easily locate the text you are searching for within a PDF document with the help of search box option.

  • Hotkey Commands

Use the hotkey commands, also called short cut keys, to easily surf through the document.

Price to Upgrade: This a free PDF reader software.

  • SmallPDF

PDF Converter
#6 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

SmallPDF is an online PDF converter for transforming files from PDF into word, excel and powerpoint formats. All you need to do is drag and drop files into the application for performing tasks related to conversion.

You can merge, split and rotate documents with the help of SmallPDF application. The application also provides a compression tool for attaching PDFs to emails. Quality of the compressed document doesn’t change, and you can also decompress the document if need arises.

Key Features of SmallPDF:

  • Optical Character Recognition

Make use of OCR feature to identify characters and texts from PDF scanned documents, multimedia and multipage files.

  • Electronic Signature

Add e-Signatures to your PDF documents for creating contracts and official documents.

  • Offline Access

Click on the offline access option available in the settings menu for making files available even when you are in offline mode.

  • Collaboration Tools

Select collaboration tools such as instant messaging, group messages and file sharing options for better coordination amongst members of your group.

  • PDF Converter

You can use the PDF Convertor to transfer files from PPT, JPG and Excel format into PDF one. Further from a PDF file, you can change it into Excel and PPT. 

Price to Upgrade: For pricing details, please connect with our experts.

  • ABBYY FineReader

PDF Converter
#7 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

ABBYY FineReader is PDF and OCR software designed especially for scanned and PDF documents. You can optimize the documentation process by digitizing, retrieving and sharing documents with the help of ABBY FineReader.

This PDF editor software lets you edit the sentences and paragraphs as well as adjust the layout. You can add paragraphs, pictures, delete texts and rearrange the layout to edit your PDF document.

You can use ABBYY FineReader viewing mode to merge documents, browse through pages and even select a more convenient reading mode. The software has an in-built optical character recognition option to find information in PDF documents.

Key Features of ABBY FineReader:

  • Digitise Documents

Its AI-based OCR technology simplifies the workflow by digitising documents.

  • Hot Folder

Hot Folder processes several pages in one go. You can use Hot Folder option to automate document conversion process for work groups as well as individuals.

  • Compare Documents

This is one of the most interesting features of ABBY FineReader where you can compare documents in different formats including scanned ones. You can even share the comparison results.

  • Collaboration Tools

You can use a range of marking and drawing tools to share ideas and comments amongst different collaborators of a document.

  • Simplified License management

Use the automated deployment offered by simplified license management processes to lower your workload related to IT.

Price to Upgrade: The software is priced at Rs 14,222. At this price, you can enjoy features such as collaboration tools, digitization option and file scanning.

  • Movavi PDF Editor

Doc to PDF converter
#8 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Movavi offers PDF management utility to alter content of a PDF file. The PDF Editor provides a tab-based interface layout for opening multiple documents in one go. You can also open multi-page PDF pages, PNG, JPG and JPEG with Movavi PDF Editor.

The Edit Objects option within the PDF Editor lets you add/extract pages, rotate and append them with ease. You can also add pictures and blank pages to the document with the help of this software. An important featureof this PDF software provides is that it displays every page in separate panels.

Key Features of Movavi PDF Editor:

  • Save on Notary Fees

You can use a pre-built template library to create legal documents without spending extra money on legal consultation.

  • Scale PDF Pages

Scale PDF pages to make them fit the screen’s resolution and individual preferences. This option also lets you search for phrases and keywords with ease.

  • Merge PDF Files

Movavi PDF Editor combines and merges PDF files into one single document. You can create complete and precise business and legal documents with the help of this software.

  • Informative Tools

Add informative tools in the form of chart or data to create neat and well-organised presentations.

  • File Converter

Choose the Doc to PDF converter or PDF to doc converter to change file formats. Similarly you can also convert PDF files into HTML, TXT and EPUB formats.  

Price to Upgrade: The compact and easy to use software is available at a price of Rs 1265.

  • Adobe Reader

PDF to Doc converter
#9 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Adobe Reader is a free PDF Reader tool meant for the tasks like reading PDF documents and filling in forms. You can also add some highlights to the document through Adobe Reader. The basic task of reading, printing and searching through PDF files is offered by Adobe’s free PDF Viewer.

You can also zoom in document, rotate pages, take snapshots and change text into night reading mode with Adobe Reader. The software runs easily on computer as well as mobile devices. You can use the software for its simplistic features and a friendly user interface.

Key Features of Adobe Reader:

  • Page Viewing Mode

The page viewing mode of Adobe Reader lets you view a document either as single page or in continuous scroll mode.

  • Annotate PDFs

Select interesting sticky notes, highlighter, marking and drawing tools for adding comments or reviews to a document.

  • Adobe Scan App

Scan PDF documents with the help of free Adobe scan app and view these scanned pages in one of the best free PDF Reader available in the market currently.

  • Effortless PDF Sharing

The sharing option is quick and easy. All you have to do is view the document, review it, sign and send it. You can also use the notification option to receive updates regarding sharing activity.

  • PDF Form Filler

Add an e-signature to the document through stylus or finger with the fill out and sign option.

Price to Upgrade: The software is available for free download.

  • Systools PDF Unlocker

Merge PDF files
#10 of 10 Best Free PDF Software

Systools PDF Unlocker is used to unlock PDF file. With the help of this software, PDF files with password security lock can be easily unlocked. The software also helps in removing both owner and user passwords.You can also check the status of a document in the before and after columns. Once the password gets unlocked, you can easily print, share, edit and review files.

Furthermore once the password gets unlocked, you can use this PDF file for commenting, extracting, copying and editing. You can make use of the software panel available to save both unlocked and unrestricted PDF files.

Key Features of Systools PDF Unlocker:

  • Maintains File Integrity

After unlocking a file, the software ensures that there is no discrepancy in the new, unlocked data.

  • Removes Document Assembly

You can remove restrictions associated with assembling documents with Systools PDF Unlocker.

  • Unrestrict PDF Files in Batch

Special restrictions or common PDF restriction, you can remove all these from multiple files in batches.

  • Preview Permissions of PDF File

Systools Unlocker lists the permissions associated with locked documents after PDF documents have been uploaded by the software. You can view these permissions in a separate column.

  • Remove Form Restrictions

Use the software to end restrictions associated with form filling. You can fill details in PDF forms to enable form filling feature.

Price to Upgrade: You can unlock PDF files as well as remove file restriction with the software available at a price of Rs 2099. File transfer, preview and report generation are some of the other key highlights of the software.


PDFs have been specifically designed for easing workflow and improving productivity at work. You can select any of the PDF software for creating, reading, sharing or downloading files. Irrespective of the purpose, personal and professional, various add-ons that the software provide serve as convenient reminders of how organised PDF management can be.


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