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Brand: Smallpdf

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Smallpdf software

What is Smallpdf?

Smallpdf is the best document management software that facilitates the user to perform various functions related to managing PDF files. You can perform document processing, compressing PDF files and conversion of PDF files into other formats like JPG, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and vice-versa. You can even edit your PDF files, print and send them, and perform other operations like splitting and unlocking of files, generating PDF E-signature, etc.

Smallpdf takes less space and, therefore, in this age of globalization, this application comes very handy. Users can compress normal PDF files into “small PDF” without compromising on their quality.

How can users compress a PDF file using Smallpdf software?

Smallpdf comes with a compressing feature where you need to drag and drop your PDF file in the box provided for uploading. After the compression is done, you need to download it. Your files get deleted after an hour from the software’s server and no one has access to them except you. Additionally, one can reduce the scanned PDF files to 144 dpi which is perfect for uploading over the net and email. Although the file size limit is 5 GB, even the larger files can be compressed in a few seconds.

How can you rotate a PDF file using Smallpdf?

You need to upload a PDF file first, after which, the software allows you to turn a single page or all of them in your desired way. One can merge and rotate multiple files at once. It provides complete security so that no one can access your file(s). Using the tools provided by Smallpdf, you can rotate the pages that you wish and save them permanently. One can rotate a single page or multiple pages of the PDF file easily. Everything is stored over the cloud which saves space in the computer.

Pricing of Smallpdf

The pricing of Smallpdf is Rs. 7668/- per year. You can choose the monthly version as well, which costs Rs. 852/month.

How can users place eSignatures using Smallpdf?

  1. Smallpdf offers two options for placing eSignatures - a) sign any PDF, and b) request a signature.
  2. You need to upload the PDF file, sign the document, click ‘Finish’ and download the file to sign on any PDF document.
  3. In order to request a signature, you need to upload the file that needs to be signed, and then add signees to it and sign yourself if required.
  4. Next, you need to send it to the signees via email.
  5. Upon receiving the secure email link, the signers create their own signatures and place them on the shared document.
  6. Whenever the signers submit their signatures, everyone, with whom the original document is shared, receives a copy.
  7. You can even track the signers’ progress.

Smallpdf Features

  • checkbox Workflow Management One can manage the entire workflow of an organization easily using Smallpdf. You can even convert your workflow into a PDF
  • checkbox Document Conversation The software can convert any type of document to its corresponding PDF version and vice-versa.
  • checkbox Collaboration You can collaborate with your clients using Smallpdf by sending documents as PDF versions.  
  • checkbox Electronic Signature Smallpdf allows one’s employees to place their eSignatures on an important PDF document.
  • checkbox Convert PDF to JPG image Users can extract images from their PDF file(s) or save each page as a separate image.
  • checkbox Edit and Comment PDFs The software allows users to add images, texts, shapes, etc. You can also add comments to the PDF(s).
  • checkbox Convert to PDF You can convert any type of documents like Word, Excel, or PPT to their corresponding PDF versions.
  • checkbox PDF Tools Users can perform operations such as merging, numbering, deletion and splitting of PDFs using PDF tools.
  • checkbox Online PDF Creator & Converter You can create and convert Word, Excel and Powerpoint files to and from PDF.

Smallpdf Plans & Pricing

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Smallpdf Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS
  • Desktop, Mobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Smallpdf FAQ

Q. Can I convert PDF to JPG with Smallpdf? arrow

A. You can extract images from the PDF file(s) or save each page as a separate image in JPG format.

Q. What is the eSign feature in Smallpdf? arrow

A. eSign feature allows one to create his or her signature, sign PDF document(s) and request employees to sign a particular document.

Q. Can I comment on PDFs with Smallpdf? arrow

A. Users can add texts, comments, images, etc. to the PDF document(s), whenever required.

Q. What is the functionality of PDF tools in Smallpdf? arrow

A. One can merge, split, delete and perform numbering operations on any PDF document using the inbuilt PDF tools.

Q. If I compress a PDF file with Smallpdf, will it affect its quality? arrow

A. Smallpdf doesn’t compromise on the quality of PDF files if you compress them. You can reduce the size of your files as you want and receive high-quality PDF files.

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