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About Spark by Adobe

What is Adobe Spark? 

Adobe Spark is an integrated set of graphics designing software created primarily for social media management and marketing. Adobe Spark is an integrated set of graphics designing tools created primarily for social media management and marketing. Graphic designing consists of three important modules that cover all your needs. They are:


  1. Spark Page: Spark Page is an online magazine-styled web story application. It is a web page; where users have the complete creative freedom to design the web page. It also assists in the creation of on-page websites that can be used for marketing pitch or travel blogging. This application can be utilized for better marketing practices. 
  2. Spark Post: Spark Post facilitates the creation of graphic designs that can be used for social media posts. It offers image size customization for different social media websites. Currently, it provides size-based image customization for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. It is a graphic designing application tailored for social media needs, and it is easy to use. The software offers a drag n’ drop feature for quick working. 
  3. Spark Video: Spark video is also known as one of the best video editing software as it enables the user to edit short videos for social media. Add images, video clips, icons, personalized audio clips. The application offers professional quality soundtrack and stock videos for the creation of animated videos. It renders videos quickly and offers smart resolution options based on the social media website you are using. 

Who are the targeted customers of Adobe Spark? 

Individuals, start-ups, mobile news agencies, marketing teams can use Adobe Spark to materialize their ideas at a quick pace. The software is easy to use, which makes it more appealing to a broader demographic.

Individuals can use it to create memoirs for their friends and family, while organizations can use it for advertisement campaigns and social media posting. 

What is the price of Adobe Spark? 

The price of Adobe Spark varies as per the users’ requirements. Please quote features according to your business needs, and our sales team will contact you shortly.  

Sold By : Adobe

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Spark by Adobe Features

Adobe Spark Post enables users to create interactive data graphs to approach their targeted audience. It helps in better understanding and is a professional way to convey your ideas. 
Adobe Spark social media graphic designing module, is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. You will get the app with your purchase. 
The integrated graphic designing software contains a separate module for video editing. It helps create videos by making use of audio clips, video clips, images. 
Its in-built media player assists in playing edited videos.
Adobe Spark allows user-oriented customization. It offers multiple themes to change the outlook of the software. 
Adobe Spark assists in creating online slideshows of your images and videos with the help of Spark Page
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Spark by Adobe Specifications


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Spark by Adobe FAQs

Yes, your Adobe Spark license allows you to use it for any purpose you want.
Yes, all stock items in Spark Video come under a creative commons license. However, if you are using personalized images, videos, or sound clips, make sure you own them, or you have permission to use them.
No, as of now, there is no upper limit for the number of creatives that Adobe Spark will hold on the cloud licensed users.
Yes, Adobe Spark assists in improving presentation for college and school students. It is easy to use interface also allows them to get acquainted with the software quickly.
Adobe Spark supports English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese as of now. You can select the language of your preference during installation.

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