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About BigMarker

What is BigMarker?

BigMarker is a webinar software that is used by business professionals to create, build and distribute traction with live, automated webinar content on-demand of the end-users. Organizations can host customizable and reliable webinars for selling, marketing and training of their employees. This software helps users maximize the registration, attendance and engagement rates of employees. Certain interactive tools present in the software help users capture rich data and drive actions with polls, handouts, quizzes, etc.

BigMarker provides seamless integration with the leading marketing, CRM and learning systems that help configure the software easily. Furthermore, you can host videos, embed them and generate data and drive conversions with the software. This webinar software allows users to deliver webinars in auto-pilot mode. You can also stream your webinars to large scale audiences on your own website or on Facebook Live. By using this software, you can increase your customer engagement manifold. The latest version of the software is BigMarker 9.0.

How does BigMarker help with marketing and demand generation?

The software allows users to create engaging webinars and video content to generate and convert more leads, capture data and drive better results. Some of the powerful marketing features of BigMarker are:

  1. Landing Page Builder: The software comes equipped with email rules and lead capture capabilities that allow users to create customized landing pages for each webinar.
  2. Powerful Analytics: Users can track every data point to make a webinar more engaging and successful. The detailed engagement stats provided by BigMarker tells users where to focus.
  3. Email Campaigns: You can send webinar invitations or trigger automated emails to remind your employees to follow-up with viewers or leads.
  4. Slack Integration: Users can answer questions from probable customers in real-time as they are actively engaged with your webinar.
  5. Embeddable Forms and Videos: You can bring the interactive features of your webinars to your videos, which helps you to capture leads, popup polls, Q&A, etc. Also, the software allows people to register for your webinars on your website itself. You may use the webinars and videos as lead magnets.

Pricing of BigMarker

There are 4 plans available for BigMarker. These are:

  1. Starter: This plan comes for Rs. 6083 per month.
  2. Elite: The price of this plan is Rs. 12,243 on a monthly basis.
  3. Summit: This plan costs Rs. 23,023 per month.
  4. White Label: You are requested to contact the customer care team by hitting the “request a callback” button on our website for the pricing of this plan.

Our customer care team will offer you all kinds of post-purchase support including the activation and license keys and the renewal of your chosen plan.

How can I increase customer engagement through BigMarker?

The good old-fashioned facetime feature inbuilt in the software helps users to turn their customers into loyal fans by building a strong relationship with them. You can foster the community by pushing more prospects down the funnel or booking more meetings that ultimately lead to better sales. 

  1. Host a vibrant Q&A: When you are hosting a webinar, you can open a Q&A session to allow the participants to submit questions. Everyone can post their answers through the software, while some of the answers are displayed on the top.
  2. Co-present with Guests: Users can invite customers through the software to meet a panel of guest presenters, which gives them the impression that they are the thought leaders among their peers.
  3. Invite Anyone on Stage: You can invite the attendees on stage who asked the best questions to interact with the presenters, thus fostering an engaging experience.
  4. Gather valuable Data: You can conduct polls and ask questions to customers to analyze their needs and expectations.
  5. CRM Integration: The software can be integrated with CRM tools, which enables every data to be pushed from the webinar to the customer profile directly.

Compatible OS for BigMarker

The software runs on Windows OS as well as mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Sold By : BigMarker

Get BigMarker support 26 Chatting right now

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BigMarker Features

BigMarker offers end-to-end video solutions and webinars where you can send email invites and reminders, create webinar landing pages for multiple types of webinars. Along with that, it provides features for HD screen sharing, HD live audio and video streaming, recording, whiteboard, etc
 The software comes inbuilt with powerful engagement tools to attract your audience. You may gather data with polls or host Q&A session during a webinar and perform other operations.
The HD Screen Sharing feature of BigMarker allows users to present their desktop or a single application in HD mode to their viewers.
Users can upload presentations to their BigMarker webinar directly from Powerpoint or pull files directly from Dropbox.
You can also link your social accounts to promote your webinar or video content within a few clicks. You can also export your content to MP4, YouTube or more through Zapier.
There are 2 types of Dial-In for users. One is the dial-in for attendees and the other is the dial-in for presenters. The former is listen-only while the latter is for both ways. In case there is a problem with the audio in your system, you are requested to go for dial-in for presenters. Plus, there is a 9-way HD video and audio feature inbuilt that allows you to enjoy unlimited chatting with any audience size.
The software enables you to go live from your own customized online conference room and present to a large number of people. There are also provisions for HD screen sharing, audio and video, recordings and presentation of files.
The public API of BigMarker and the Widgets already present in the software help users host from their sites.
There are over 15 templates inbuilt in BigMarker that allows users to build the most perfect landing pages to host content and capture leads. Each one of them is specifically designed to maximize leads.
You can choose from over 15 templates to build your landing page and also add your branding elements accordingly. You can choose which data needs to be captured and track and measure everything to maximize the chances of conversion.

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BigMarker FAQs

A. Yes, our technical team will provide you with a live demo and tutorial of the software as per your scheduled date and time.
A. Users can import contacts from Google, CSV or Outlook using this software. You may also sync with Hubspot, Salesforce or any other software to import contacts.
A. ? OS for Desktop: Windows 10 or Higher, MacOS 10.12 or Higher and Linux Operating System ? High-Speed Internet Connection ? Browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
A. Using the whiteboard tool of BigMarker, you can edit presentations or collaborate with others and also highlight critical points in your webinar.
A. Yes, there is a BigMarker app available for Android and iOS platforms.

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