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About Boris Mocha Pro

What is Boris Mocha Pro?

Boris Mocha Pro is one of the most popular animation software for animators worldwide. This animation software allows users to convert videos into animations with the help of character mapping and video filters to enhance visual quality. Boris Mocha Pro uses “OpenColorIO” color management tools for enhancing the tonal display of the animation.

Boris Mocha Pro incorporates several other support tools in its system to improve editing features like:

  1. Silhouette
  2. Foundry’s NUKE
  3.  Autodesk Flame
  4. Avid Media Composer, and many others. 

Why animators should use Boris Mocha Pro? 

Boris Mocha Pro is one of the best software in the market for rotoscope animation. It decreases the number of keyframes that has to be mapped to perform a rotoscope with “magnetic splines.”  It automatically tracks the movement and works accordingly. Another major feature of Boris Mocha Pro is the “Plug-in Support.” This feature allows users to collaborate with the users of other animation software for seamless workflows. It includes: 

  1. Adobe After Effects
  2. Premiere Pro
  3. HitFilm
  4. Blackmagic Design Fusion, and many others. 

What is the price of Boris Mocha Pro? 

Boris Mocha Pro is available in six different plans, they are: 

  1. Adobe Plug-in (After Effects and Premiere Pro) – Rs. 23,364/- per year
  2. Multi-host Plug-ins (Avid/Adobe/OFX) – Rs. 31, 284/- per year
  3. Adobe Plug-in (After Effects and Premiere Pro) (F) – Rs. 39,204/- per year
  4. Multi-host Plug-ins (Avid/Adobe/OFX) (F) – Rs. 47,124/- per year
  5.  Adobe Plug-in (After Effects and Premiere Pro) (PL) – Rs. 55,044/- per year
  6. Multi-host Plug-ins (Avid/Adobe/OFX) (PL) – Rs. 78,804/- per year

For further inquiries, please request a call, our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By : BORIS FX

Get Boris Mocha Pro support 34 Chatting right now

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Boris Mocha Pro Features

 Boris Mocha Pro offers an innovative motion tracking features that reduces the exhaustive process of mapping every keyframe. 
The animation software automatically creates keyframes on selecting the object. The “Magnetic Splines” help in creation of detailed mask shapes. 
Animators can remove objects like tattoos, birthmarks, wires, tracking marks, etc. This removal module is better than the older clone and paint technique which left a low quality visual on animations. 
Boris Mocha Pro provides all the features in a module format which makes it easy to use and customer appealing.
This features fixes the camera jitters and locks down the frames for efficient animation. 
Boris Mocha Pro offers plug-ins to various animation software for collaborative working. 
Animators can use 360-degree cameras to record videos and edit it in Boris Mocha Pro for seamless working. 

Get Boris Mocha Pro support34 Chatting right now

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Boris Mocha Pro Specifications


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Boris Mocha Pro FAQs

Boris Mocha Pro’s system requirements are as follows: - Operating System: MacOS 10.12 or higher, Windows 7 or higher (on x64) - Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores - Memory: 16 GB or more - Disk: High-Speed Disk Array or SSD Storage - Graphics Card: High-end NVIDIA Quadro, TITAN or GeForce Pascal, e.g. Quadro P5000 or GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - Monitor: 1920x1080 or higher, including high dpi 4k monitors
Boris Mocha Pro not only works well with dual monitor system, but it also works with other multiple monitor systems for greater workflow capacity.
Apart from Autodesk plug-in, none of the other Mocha Pro variants are available for simultaneous installing.
Boris Mocha Pro can be used without internet. However, you will need internet to operate Mocha Pro plug-ins.

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