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About Boris Sapphire

What is Boris Sapphire? 

Boris Sapphire is a video editing and animation software. It allows designers to create attractive and organic visual effects on videos. Boris Sapphire was used for VFX effects in Ghostbusters remake (2016) and color gradient editing in “In a valley of violence” (2016). The software is used by major Hollywood studios for the post-production processes of TV shows and movies. 

Boris Sapphire provides one of the best motion tracking features that help in setting up special effects like lighting, freeze frame, lens, and many more. Video editing and animation software enables users to create high-quality visual projects and render them in a short time. Video Editors can even use Boris Sapphire with other video editing and animation software. 

Features of Boris Sapphire 

Here are a few features of Boris Sapphire listed below for quick insight of the software:

  1.  270+ Visual Effects
  2. Over 3000 Pre-sets
  3. Image Quality 
  4.  Dynamic Lens Flare Design
  5.  PixelSort
  6. Boris WhipLash 
  7. Software Plugins
  8. Transition Slide Pre-sets

Price of Boris Sapphire

Boris Sapphire is available in two plans, they are:

  1. Sapphire and Mocha Pro Bundle (Annual Subscription) 
  2. Sapphire (Annual Subscription)

Sapphire and Mocha Pro Bundle is available in six packages, these are:

  1. Adobe, Avid, & OFX (AS) – Rs. 78,804/- per year
  2. Adobe & OFX (AS) – Rs. 55,044/- per year
  3. Adobe (AS) – Rs. 47,124/- per year
  4. Adobe, Avid, & OFX (PL) – Rs. 2,60,964/- per year
  5. Adobe & OFX (PL) – Rs. 1,73,844/- per year
  6. Adobe (PL) – Rs. 1,58,004/- per year

While Sapphire is available in seven packages, they are: 

  1. Multi-Host: Adobe and OFX – Rs. 39,204/- per year
  2. Multi-Host: Adobe, OFX, Avid, and Autodesk – Rs. 70,884/- per year
  3. Multi-Host: Adobe, OFX, and Avid (Schools and Faculty) – Rs. 15,444/- per year
  4. Multi-Host: Adobe and OFX (F) – Rs. 55,044/- per year
  5. Multi-Host: Adobe, OFX, Avid, and Autodesk (F) – Rs. 94,644/- per year
  6. All Host: Adobe, OFX, Avid, and Autodesk (PL) – Rs. 2,21,364/- per year
  7. Adobe and OFX (PL) – Rs. 1,34,244/- per year

For more information, please request a call and our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : BORIS FX

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Boris Sapphire Features

The software provides dynamic special effects that integrate with the video clips organically to make the animation look authentic. 
 Designers can add different type of lens flares and create unique lighting effects. 
Boris Sapphire offers ‘blur’ and ‘glitch’ special effects for better aesthetic appeal and visualization in the videos.
Animators, Editors, and Designers get access to wide variety of Pre-sets. 
Boris Sapphire renders all the projects at a breakneck pace. It is preferred by a wide number of media organizations for its high pace working.
The software allows users to create distortion effect on videos for special effects. 
Video Editors can create smooth transition slides that looks organic.
 Boris Sapphire provides plugins to various video editing software for quick integration of features and seamless working.  
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Boris Sapphire Specifications


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Boris Sapphire FAQs

Boris Sapphire uses on-premise data storage solutions for working.
Here is a list of hosts supported by Sapphire Plugins: - Adobe - Avid - Resolve - Foundry’s NUKE - All OFX hosts except Baselight and Resolve for Linux
Yes, Boris Sapphire enables users to use the same licensed plugin on multiple hosts in the same device as well. It makes editing related work very convenient.
No, Boris Sapphire does not need internet for operation. However, it requires internet installation, licensing, and updating purposes.
No, you have to purchase the updates for Boris Sapphire Video editing software separately.

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