9 Amazing Mobile Apps to Create Spectacular Animated Videos

| June 13, 2019
animated mobile apps


Hiring a professional animation company is evidently going to cost a lot. On the other hand, creating some dazzling video animations internally for posting them on social media or website or sharing with friends using complex animation software is another challenging task. In order this resolve, many professional mobile app development companies have come up with mobile applications that are easy to use.

List of 9 Amazing Mobile Apps to Create Animated Videos

Conferred below are some notable best video animation apps that anyone can download on their smartphones to develop the best video animations for any determination they had in mind.

Let's get started.

  • Animation Creator HD

animation creator HD

Animation Creator HD is one of the best mobile apps that you can download from your play store or iTunes as well. It offers a very smart platform for the beginner animators as well as for the professionals to create an impressive animated video. It has so many advanced tools that include improved brushes, tools for drawing lines, audio manager, easy navigation, and quickly jump to another frame.

  • StopMotion Recorder

stopmotion animation software

StopMotion Recorder is a perfect tool for your iOS. It is a handy animation application that allows you to create stop motion videos in the highest quality. Although the entire process of creating the stop-motion may seem complicated, this application will help you create outstanding animation quickly and easily.

  • LookSee Animator

looksee animatior software

There was a time when organizations had to contact an animation video production company to get the perfect video animation or a slow-motion video in high quality. LookSee Animator mobile application has made it really convenient for the animators or any random person to develop a perfect animated video on their smartphones. It has an intuitive interface that helps the users get hold of the tool efficiently and start working on their animated video.

  • Toontastic

toontastic animation software

Toontastic provides an exciting platform for the users to create spectacular cartoons. Making cartoon animations is extremely easy in this application as one only has to press the “record” button and the characters on the screen will start performing actions.

  • StickDraw – Animation Maker

stickdraw animation software

StickDraw is believed to be a friendly mobile apps that helps beginners create animated cartoons easily. It offers an intuitive platform for everyone, and you do not need extensive training to create animated videos or cartoons with this tool. Although it is free of cost but some of its advanced features are only available with the paid versions. So, if you want to get any of the advanced features to create some good cartoons, then you purchase the paid application from the Google play store.

  • GifBoom

gifboom animation software

GIF videos are the most trending thing that has been going on wildly all over the internet. For social media platforms and business websites, people are usually hiring the best animation video production company to get themselves a nicely developed GIF video. Now, creating a perfect GIF video is not a troubling task as with the help of Gif boom mobile apps, anyone can create and edit videos and photos in the GIF format. One can easily create the best content within seconds and then further share it wherever they want. It also allows users to capture videos and pictures using their phone camera and then convert them into a GIF video or image.

This amazing application is available on both Google Play and iTunes, so the Android users and iPhone users can benefit from this application.

  • Plastic Animation Studio

plastic animation software

Plastic Animation Studio is another platform that allows users to create a ravishing animated video using their personal pictures and illustrations. Also, this amazing mobile application enables users to share their work with their friends and others using the application itself. The toolkit this application also permits users to make an alteration in the pictures, such as removing unnecessary details from the image.

  • FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation

flipaclip animation software

One does not have to hire a professional animation production company to get a perfectly designed flipbook style video. FlipaClip is one of the best mobile application that is available for smartphone users to install and create spectacular flipbook style animation in the perfect quality.

  • Animation Desk – Sketch & Draw

animation desk animation software

Animation Desk is a superficial mobile application that allows the artists to make brilliant sketches and then convert them into the animation. The interface is very intuitive, so it is not at all difficult for beginner designers to develop incredible videos. It offers advanced tools that help animators apply various effects on the images in the animation like adjusting size, rigidity, and transparency. The assortment of tools includes various types of pens, brushes, pencil, fountain pens, ad eraser as well.


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