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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

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About Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

What is Ezy Rokad Software?

“मारवारी स्टाइल के इस एकाउंटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर की मदद से आप 5 मिनट में रोकड़ पाना छाप सकते है, GST बिलिंग कर सकते है ,तकादा /फरदी लिस्ट निकल सकते है , होलायती व् उच्चंती , गोदाम वार  स्टॉक आदि का हिसाब रख सकते है और GST Return भी लगा सकते है.”

Ezy Rokad is a simple and easy to use accounting software, which gives you 100 percent confidence in your accounting practices. It’s easy features and the flexibility to manage accounts in your own manual style are the major reasons behind its success. An easy & uncomplicated Indian approach is what makes Ezy different from other accounting software.

  1. User Friendly Features - Ezy Rokad is designed keeping in mind the requirements of those businessmen who will buy laptop for the first time in their life and have no idea about DR/CR accounting & GST. They can operate this software easily without any learning and training required. Even housewives can use this software easily and help their family business by managing accounting functions.
  2. Flexibility - Ezy Rokad is an advanced and flexible accounting software as you can customize it according to your business needs. It is already customized to serve 25+ trades.
  3. Simple Services - Ezy is a simple and customizable accounting software (3-page software), thereby minimizing the necessity of after sales support. Number of appreciation letters that we have received from our clients in this regard bears a testimony to the same.
  4. Free Support

Ezy Rokad Pricing

Ezy Rokad accounting software is available at 30% discount, (offer valid till the lockdown ends). For more details, you can request a callback. Our product expects will get back to you at the earliest.

Ezy Rokad Accounting Software In Hindi Is a Best Alternative of 

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  • Busy software in Hindi

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Sold By : Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

Get Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) support 29 Chatting right now

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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Features

Ezy is just a 3- Page software-Purchase, Sale & Cashbook (रोकड़ पाना-जमा नाम).
Ezy is Just a Copy of a handwritten cash book. Single page cash book having two side-jama /receipt & naam/payment side
You can print daybook (purchase, sale, bank, etc.) in रोकड़ पाना style (Hindi/English).
The software generates slip to slip फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट with due days (available in 2-5 columns)
You can maintain cash details in Ezy Rokad easily.
You will easily get Ezy Rokad software in a pen drive.
Just import digital bank statements & get auto reconciled with your bank entries in seconds.
No need to go to the government portal. You can generate e-way bill directly from Ezy software.
You can generate the interest after temporarily adding/editing/deleting entries in party’s ledger but not effecting the original ledger in the Mahajani method.
It supports auto calculation and posting of TDS (by auto-deleting previous TDS entries facility).
This accounting software facilitates the auto production of finished goods and bi products.
It helps generate salaries on time, including bonus, shift, overtime, hourly basis, etc.
You will get auto-created GST/RCM masters, auto posting of RCM & GST payable in a month, auto calculation of GST & expenses, etc.
You can generate bills faster with less use of the enter key.
The software supports multi sale window on a single computer for easy and fast billing.
Users can track the loose items sold by them. They can later convert those challans into bills.
It helps track all your orders and convert sales orders partially or fully into the bill automatically.
The software helps generate quotation & estimates with ease.
For example: 2 PKT = 98.5 KGs & Charge rate as per quintal.
The software has four dedicated buttons to issue professional invoices in A4, A5 size, and mini slip.
Ezy Rokad allows you to set party wise/item wise rates & discount.
You can view the last 3 rates of buyer/seller while billing. (inclusive/exclusive taxes).
It provides cash receiving /advance receiving facility while billing along with the cash returner facility. (For ex: customer give Rs 4000, bill value is Rs 3652 and return cash is Rs 348)
The software supports Talpati /Dalal /Meter/godown/MRP /imei /part no./item code/salesman wise billing facility.
With Ezy Rokad software, you can also create barcodes.
Ezy Rokad auto calculates GST while billing. You don’t need to select any tax rate & CGST/SGST/IGST. And, Ezy Rokad auto calculates taxes as per the item’s rate (for ex: 0-1000=5%, 1001 & above=18%).
The software supports sale items in any unit and provides the total weight of goods in print automatically for transporting goods in a vehicle.
You can generate area/city/staff/head wise फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट. It also helps generate that party’s balance which crosses the set limit. (Day & amount wise)
In Ezy Rokad, you can search any entry by many ways (amount, cheque no., narration, GSTIN, city-wise, etc.)
You can track the closing stock in double units, negative stock, item critical levels (reorder/minimum), and stock valuation on multiple method.
 It helps maintain the stock according to size, colour, style, etc. & godown wise too.
Businessmen can analyze the month-wise sale in terms of customers and items, and day wise sorting of items sold. This way, you can easily analyze fast- and slow-moving items.
You can analyse all registers in various combinations in English & Hindi.
Unlike other software, it ensures that the data is auto-deleted after transferred to/merged with another pen drive's data.
The software provides user-wise powers & limitations, data freezing, etc. to ensure complete information security.
It creates an auto backup of your critical business data in a pen drive or a predefined drive.
You can send bills through SMS & email along with the outstanding, receiving, offers, and greeting messages.
It helps scan any bill, receiving, docs, etc. faster.
Users can export data with the bill & inventory. (Tally to Ezy/Ezy to Tally)
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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Specifications


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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) FAQs

A. Ezy Rokad uses on-premise based data storage system.
A. Ezy Rokad is available for an online demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
A. As of now, Ezy Rokad is not available in the form of mobile apps.
A. Ezy Rokad offers various features to protect the data from counterfeiting and unauthorized access. It uses data freezing, external storage auto backup, passwords, etc.
A. Yes, Ezy Rokad can be used for seamless management of the manufacturing plants.

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