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Royal TS

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About Royal TS

What is Royal TS?

Royal TS is a robustly designed remote access software. It is predominantly used by system engineers, server administrators, IT departments, and developers who are required to work constantly with a remote access system under different protocols. Here are some remote access protocols that Royal TS supports:

  1. RDP
  2. VNC
  3. SSH
  4. HTTP/S, among many others.

Royal TS is a cross-platform remote management solution that can help monitor devices like Mac, Android and iOS phones and Windows PC. It is a comprehensive remote management solution that facilitates handling of documents opened by multiple users at the same time. While simultaneously enabling them to synchronize the changes in the document without utilizing the SQL database on the backend. Plus, the software centralizes the flow of tasks as it uses the replacement tokens to access credential information or connection properties. 

How Does Royal TS Help with Connection Management? 

Royal TS offers a feature-rich remote access solution for office usage. The software provides a powerful connection management system that is compatible with different connectivity terminals. Royal TS provides a completely secure and in-built gateway support based on SSH tunnelling. It enables companies to work through an industry standard system for secure communication. The gateway support is tightly integrated into the Royal TS, and it does not require any type of third-party integration for making connection enhancements. 

How Does Royal TS Ensure Credential Management?

Royal TS application ensures the safety of your data with the robust encryption technology. It comes with the built-in credential management feature, which helps with better credential management.

What are the features offered by Royal TS?

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Royal TS: 

  1. Remote desktop 
  2. VNC – TightVNC and UltraVNC 
  3. VMWare support 
  4. File transfer
  5. RAM Viewer 
  6. Windows Processes
  7. Dynamic folders and RaoyalJSON support
  8. Automate repetitive Tasks 
  9. Key sequencing tasks 
  10. Protection through encryption 

What is the price of Royal TS? 

The price of Royal TS is based on your business requirements. Please request a call to get more information from our sales experts.

Sold By : Royal Applications

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Royal TS Features

Royal TS provides remote access control to desktops and mobile apps through internet.
Users can transfer file with the help of SCP, FTP, and SFTP protocols.
Users can add external applications to Royal TS and use them like a plugin connection.
The software offers VMWare management connections that enable users to handle several VMWare hosts through a single page.
All the files and documents in Royal TS are transferred through an SSL-encrypted communication system.
Royal TS offers a self-service portal with login credentials to ensure safe and secure connection.
Royal TS users are provided with their personal credential to login the application and work seamlessly on any supported browser.
This remote access software provides a folder dashboard for users to effectively search and access information on the server.
Users are enabled to create their own tasks to start and disconnect VPN connections automatically.

Get Royal TS support25 Chatting right now

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Royal TS Specifications


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Royal TS FAQs

A. Royal TS 5.2 is the latest version of the remote access software available for now.
A. Royal TS can be downloaded and used in the shareware mode but with limited functions. It is limited to 10 connections, 10 credentials and one Royal TS application per application.
A. As long as your license for Royal TS is valid, all the minor patch releases for the version you are using will be provided for free.
A. Yes, Royal TS updates are charged separately. To know more, please connect with our sales experts.
A. Royal TS is available for an online demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.

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