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About Aarvi Society Management System

What is Aarvi Society Management System?

Society Management System developed by Aarvi Technologies simplifies all tasks related to managing big and small housing societies. It also manages other amenities available within them including clubs, gyms, banquets and halls. You can manage online transactions and make the entire society digitized through the apartment management software. 

Furthermore, you can build a website for your own society to manage online bookings, get feedback, maintain a central photo gallery and list out the vacant plots within your society as well. This apartment society management software also maintains a detailed database of all the residents living within a society which includes contact numbers, blood groups, marital status and more. 

How is Aarvi Housing Society Management app helpful?

This housing society management software provides you with a mobile app helping you to facilitate better and effective communication among all the members residing in your society. Most of the operations present on the website are integrated within the mobile application. 

Here is a list features offered by the mobile application:

  1. You get access to an intuitive photo gallery.
  2. You can send online complaints and suggestions.
  3. Check the availability of common properties.
  4. View sponsors for a particular event.
  5. Manage all membership-related information.
  6. View upcoming events and the latest news related to your society.
  7. Manage the registration of members.

Pricing of Aarvi Society Management Software

Pricing of Aarvi Society Management System is available on request. You can send in a callback request, our experts will connect with you in real-time. 

Compatible Platforms for Aarvi Society Management System

Aarvi society management software is a web-based solution accessible from any compatible web browser through any device with an internet connection. This housing society software has a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of Aarvi Society Management System

  1. Photo gallery - By using Society Management System, you get access to a central photo gallery where you can create event wise categories and upload photos of specific events, enabling the entire society to get a view of those photos.
  2. Our Team - Our Team section contains detailed information about all the committee members, along with their contact details and social media accounts.
  3. Send complaints and suggestions - If any member of the society has any concern or complaint, this apartment society management software enables them to send an online request for it. You also get to check the status of your complaints with this society maintenance software.
  4. Sponsors -In case an event gets organised within the society and it is sponsored by any external authorities or brands, society admins can manage the entire sponsorship using the sponsors section offered by Aarvi Society Management System. You can also put out logos and details about the sponsors within this section.

Sold By : Aarvi Technology

Get Aarvi Society Management System support 37 Chatting right now

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Aarvi Society Management System Features

You get to manage photos on your websites home page, videos, content pages, news, gallery, committee and events.
The property module offered by this housing management software helps you to manage assets such as wings, flats, and bungalows in the society and track their owners as well.
This society management system takes care of the booking related issues concerning the common properties. Residents can check for availability and send in booking requests.
The society management system stores detailed information about all residents living within a society. The information can be accessed during the times of emergency.
You can register all commits and receive donations. you can also register payments in parts and give acknowledgment for a particular payment as well.
The auditing committee of a housing society can maintain expenses on electricity and renovation and can also track the incomes in an efficient manner.
Housing societies can create multiple types of membership and allow its residents to subscribe to them by paying their membership fees.
The software allows the organizations to manage documents such as membership certificates and Id cards. Members can also request for a duplicate ID card.
All members are entitled to make complaints or suggestions so that the society’s president can view the issues and resolve them.
Society admins can create groups and add members within the groups. They can send important information within the group to facilitate effective communication among all.
Admins can keep track of all the generated letterheads within your society and make remarks about each of them through the housing society software.
The Society Management System allows the admin to customize the theme of their website as per their preference.
Society admins can create accounts for multiple users and restrict access to certain sensitive information as per the role assigned to them.
The society management system offers a wide variety of analytical tools and services enabling the residents to manage their society in an intuitive manner.
Admins can send and receive notifications from other residents of a society via email and SMS.
The admin can store all the important data on the cloud and gain access to them without any complication.
The housing society management software features a friendly user interface that makes it an easy and productive platform.

Get Aarvi Society Management System support37 Chatting right now

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Aarvi Society Management System Specifications


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Aarvi Society Management System FAQs

This housing society software provides detailed charts on expenses, incomes, type wise expenses, donations, and type-wise incomes as well.
The apartment society management software provides detailed reports on expense, income, donation, blood group of the residents, family wise total number of members along with their marital status.
Yes, you can request an online demo of Aarvi housing society management system. Our product experts will get back to you as per your mentioned time and date.
You can gain access to important news and announcements or some general information concerning your society through the latest news section offered by Society Management System.
Yes, there is Aarvi Society Management app for Android and iOS platforms.

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